The Cold Seekers:The Suicide Mission

May 14, 2011
By J_Heath BRONZE, DeSoto, Iowa
J_Heath BRONZE, DeSoto, Iowa
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My name is Sean Harvey of the 453rd Marine Brigade. We are currently fighting war with aliens known as the Cold Seekers. We are also loosing terribly, due to the amount of armed forces we have lost. For all I know, they may have exterminated us all by now and I am the last human being live on the planet. It's a terrible thought, I know, but you have no idea what kind of brutal mongers these creatures are.

Before this terrible happening came about, there was World War III, the most catastrophic in the history of he world. Nations attacked each other with waves f nuclear missiles. The fallout from the missiles caused a cloud cover over the Earth, locking it from the sun. Over the course of 200 years, we reach modern day. Without he sun, Earth's crust cannot stay warm, so a layer of ice and snow form over the ground. That was one of the few reasons that the Cold Seekers came here in the first place.

First of all, they need the cold that is present on Earth. The average temperature on Earth is around five degrees if you're lucky. Secondly, I think they plan to harvest us. They've been on Earth for around three years and they've been setting up colonies. With the satellites, before the Cold Seekers destroyed each and every one of them, we were able to see inside of these colonies. They have set up small containment camps for humans. And I have no doubt in my mind that they are taking humans back to their home planet.

My job was to destroy a mechanism that they placed in the middle of New York City, or what's left of it anyway. During World War III, it was one of the prime targets America and was hit really hard. The mechanism, what the leaders call a 'drill', is a tool that the Cold Seekers se to kill the population for hundreds of miles. Since it is bigger than others, they believe this will wipe out all life in the North Eastern States. I needed to go into the apparatus, figure out how to destroy it without it setting off the bomb inside of it, and make it back to the base Washington D.C. alive. With all of the swarms of Cold Seekers in New York and in the air, that job is a lot harder said then done.

Another thing you should know about the Cold Seekers is that their technology is supreme compared to ours. They have mastered plasma technology and have created ion cells that give their machines power. They have ships that can take them galaxies way, from planet to planet. We still run around with gasoline in our tanks and metal bullets in our guns. I sometimes wondered to myself, 'How are we so far behind? They are only brute creatures with a higher intellect than most species that we have encountered. We consider ourselves smarter than them, but are we really? They are so far ahead of us that it's terrible to think that we can win a war against them.'

My team and I were en route to the great NYC when we encountered the famous technology. We weren't very far from the drill, maybe five miles at most, and w were sot down. We landed where the ice was thin and the crevasse was deep. Some of the troops managed to jump from the helicopter and onto the ice while others fell into the abyss with the chopper. I was one of the fortunate few who were able to make it out alive. When I rounded up the troops, I only counted twelve. That's bad when you started with three times that many.

"Team, this is where the chaffed break from the strong. We were given a mission. To get to New York City and destroy that drill, saving countless lives. I say we follow through with the plan and go down with a fight. Who's with me?" I had yelled.

All of them agreed to go along with me. And so began the long march to New York...

The author's comments:
This idea came from Shutdown. I read his article and I thought it could greatly be improved.

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