Vampire's Cove [Chapter 1: The Hunt]

May 13, 2011
By TheBananaKing SILVER, Convoy, Ohio
TheBananaKing SILVER, Convoy, Ohio
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His ivory skin shone brightly in the moonlight. His back pressed up against a willow tree. His red eyes pierced through the human's soul. He smiled at him showing his white fangs,swishing his silver hair to the side.
He walked up to the human laying his stone cold hand on his shoulder.
"Their coming. We got to go Andi" He whispered through his teeth.
Andi nodded and the two ran north. They could hear the howls from the werewolves getting closer.
"Preston. Where are we planning on going?" Andi asked while running along side Preston.
Andi stopped in his tracks and fell to his knees in pain. He held his head and yelled out loud. Preston knelt down and covered his mouth. Preston's blood red eyes where filled with worry and concern for his best friend of 7 years.
Andi was undergoing the finial stages of his transformation. The most painful part. His muscles ached and his head hurt almost all the time. He clutched his head harder as the pain increased. Then after a minute of agony it sub-sited.
Preston helped Andi to his feet, but just as he had became eye level with Preston a werewolf jumped out from the forest. Two more followed.
They growled at Preston and he growled back. The first one leaped towards him, it's honey colored coat made a whistling sound through the cold night wind. Acting fast, Preston grabbed a near by broken limb of a tree and swung it at the wolf's face. It impacted with a thud and the wolf fell of the ground.
"Down Puppy." Preston whistled while chuckling.
Preston bent down and snapped the werewolf's neck with out any struggle with his vampiric speed.
The other two wolves growled and charged. One towards Preston one towards Andi. They moved with unbelievable speed. One Preston had never seen in all of his 400 years. The second one slashed his chest, ripping his shirt. The cut was deep enough where it took some time to heal. Preston was flung back about 300 yards into a sturdy oak tree. Cracking it's surface.
The third one ran towards Andi. He jumped on him and slashed through his skin. He screamed for Preston to help. But Preston was fighting off the second one. The wolf slashed through layers of Andi's skin at once. Causing a lot of blood shed. Making Preston on-edge. The smell of Andi's blood was almost to much for him to handle. The second wolf pounced for Preston again. But Preston grabbed it's neck and bit right into the vain. Draining the blood from it's body. He threw it's lifeless body down and ran towards Andi.
He pushed the wolf with all his might. And bit it's neck too. Draining the blood from this one too. Once the wolves where all dead he knelt beside Andi.
"Andi Are you ok?" He asked. An irrelevant question considering Andi is a human with a giant hole in his chest.
Andi's half lifeless eyes glared at Preston.
"Andi you can't die!" Preston pleaded.
Andi shook his head with the little strength he had left. Blood still flowing from his body, he patted Preston's hand.
"There's nothing you can do." He said calmly as he slowly slipped into the deep deep lonely darkness of what humans call. Death.

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