Chapter 2: A typical Day part 4

May 21, 2011
By Vixie_Chu SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
Vixie_Chu SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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“She touched me…I told her not to.” I informed him and he replied with a soft chuckle.
“Don’t be so harsh next time.” He then returned to her. I couldn’t really make most out most of the conversation they had. I did hear a “Don’t do that again,” and “Punishment.” She walked over to me with a slight hint of tears in her eyes.
“What is wrong?” I pretended to be the most sympathetic the law would allow me to be.
“Nothing.” She spoke in an obliviously troubled voice and whipped away any sign of distress replacing it with the same sickly sweet smile.
“Where to now?” I regrettably asked her. She turned her head to look up to me.
“Well, I have some where to go…But you would go to recreation. Don’t you know that?” She looked slightly confused at my question but I just shrugged in reply.
“Shall we?” I opened up the hallway for her to walk. She walked forward and I followed her. We walked until the hallway split off. She took the right hallway and I took the left.
I began to walk up the left hallway but stopped when I heard the familiar shrill voice of Zellia crying out for my help.
“Zyphron..Zyphron” Her cries were abruptly cut short and for some reason this worried me. She was annoying and I couldn’t stand her, but I would help any one that was in trouble. I quickly turned around and made my way down the hallway that was to the right. I stopped just before a white colored door where I now heard sobbing coming from behind the door.
“Should I do this?” I thought out loud as I silently weighed the pros and the cons of coming to the young girl’s rescue. I pulled open the door quickly to see a glance of a naked blond woman and a clothed Zellia. Before I could make any sense of what was going on I was unconscious.

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