Discovering a Story

May 13, 2011
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Ancient wood groaned under the pressure of my hand and I pushed the old door open to reveal a relatively empty room; the only contents were three items laying on a glass table. Carefully, I walked into the dimly lit space after checking to make sure the door would not lock me inside, and crossed to the table. Laying on its top were a set of funny eye-glasses, a beautifully engraved book, and a quill made of pure gold. Eyebrows furrowed in confusion, I thought back to the journey that had led me to the strange room.

I had chanced upon a wide river that seemed to flow in a large circle, and at its center was a peculiar arrangement of trees, those of which, I was now at the center. These trees were all perfectly spread out so that no one could see through to the center, and it went from the youngest trees on the outer perimeter to some hundreds of years old at the core. The only clue to who had put them there, was the top of a tower that peeked in between the oldest of trees. It had taken quite a bit off thought to figure out how to get past the mote, but I was successful at last. After wondering in between the trees, I had at last come upon a small castle with one breathtaking tower at its center.

The strange thing about this castle, aside from its tower, was the lack of windows and doors. The one door I had entered was not attached to the castle at all but was, in fact, the entrance to an old shed that lay outside the castle walls. I picked up the book and turned to the first page. Again, a puzzled look came across my face as I drank in the blank page. I quickly turned through the book expecting some form of explanation, but only more emptiness stared up at me. I turned my attention to the eye-glasses, which were not to magnify as I had anticipated, but to make everything blurry. When I turned them over I found an engraving that read Binoculars, but I had never heard of anything like this. The quill was even further puzzling as it held no ink.

Heaving a great sigh, I set everything back as I had found it. What was the purpose of all this? Suddenly an idea came to me. I set the book open to its first page and picked up the binoculars. Fixing them to my eyes, I focused on the book. To my shear amazement, blobs of ink appeared upon the previously blank page. I became frustrated that the words were unreadable and I wrung my hands around the binoculars. The words shimmered before the glasses as they came together in logical order and then fell apart again. I couldn't believe what I had stumbled upon! Again I twisted my hands over the dials, more slowly this time, and put the words back together in my gaze.

It was the most glorious discovery I had ever made! A reoccurring letter between two lovers played out along the page before my eyes. The dates traveled back several hundred years to knights, princes, and princesses locked in high towers. The princess in this particular book was named Rapunzel and her real story was kept safe in the secret book. It was a magical book that could only be seen through glass eyes and it was written upon by the quill with no ink. This book had been the key to Rapunzel's escape.

In all of her free time, Rapunzel had crafted the quill and binoculars from the crown of her golden hair. She had lowered the items along with a beautiful blank book to the ground with her long hair and a prince had found them. She and he could write back and forth by sending the invisible book up and down by her hair. Whenever the witch who looked after her found the book, it was unreadable to her. Eventually, however, the witch discovered the prince and made it impossible for him to receive the book. He then climbed up Rapunzel's hair and the story lines up with the ancient tale.

The castle and the tower had been the home of Rapunzel! That explained the work that had gone into hiding her. I spent the whole afternoon reading the words of the lovers, but finally decided to go home when the light refused to allow any more. I put everything back as I had found and left anticipating coming back the next day. When I came back, all evidence of Rapunzel vanished along with her tower.

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