May 13, 2011
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Growing up in California, Lilly thought she was the typical, everyday average girl. Nothing in her life stood out. But one day something amazing happened, something that would change her life. At the age of 16 she discovered she could control nature, but not the best of ways. During a pool party one of the girls taunted Lilly’s fear of water. Lilly grew angry. An aqua a towering wave arose then crashed down, splashing the girl, leaving her drenched and stunned at the situation. Lilly ran home more confused than ever. Later that night she had a dream, her powers were out of control, then appeared a woman that told her she could help her discover the purpose of her powers. Lilly was to go to Zeplo Island to find this woman who could help her understand her destiny.

During the middle of the night, Lilly woke up. She noticed a golden ring on her finger, one that she has never seen before. In the center was a green emerald that sparkled in the moonlight. Lilly examined the ring closely and discovered an engraved hourglass figure on one side of the emerald. To her surprise, the hourglass twisted until the arrows corresponded, then turned a glowing pink that lit up her room. Before her eyes, the room started spinning so fast everything was a blur. When it all stopped, she was no longer in her room, but on the coast of an ocean; sand beneath her feet. By squinting her eyes just right she could see a speck that appeared to be an island far in the distance. She looked down at the waves crashing into the beach to find they had ceased to move. A voice echoed in her head, telling her she must go to Zeplo Island to discover her true destiny. As the voice fainted, Lilly knew she had to cross the ocean and get to the island. The question how pondered her. She looked back to the land, bit there were no people, just her. Sitting along the coast, Lilly was thinking of a strategy. Another voice rang through her ears, this time it was a man. He said not to be afraid of her powers. Inspired, Lilly stood up and concentrated. She thought of something that could float and keep her out of the water. In plain daylight a lily pad grew on the surface of the water. Lilly climbed onto the magical plant and floated to Zeplo Island.

As a result from recent events, Lilly fell asleep. The next morning, Lilly woke up on the coast of Zeplo Island. She stared into the island’s jungle and imagined the trees pointing her in the right direction. Lilly got up and started walking through the path.
Finally she reached the home of the woman she saw in her dream. Her name was Selena. For the next several days Selena taught Lilly about her powers. Lilly practiced every day until she could control them. She grew breath taking flowers and other greenery. Selena also told her she could restore dead plants and make them bloom again. Lilly could also mover water like the day she made the pool water rise up. In desperate cases, Lilly could make it rain or bring out the sun. But Selena warned her only to use her powers when she needed to.
Later that night while Lilly was asleep she had another dream. People form a country far away was suffering from a terrible drought, only Lilly could help them. She woke up from her dream and told Selena all about it. Selena recommended that she go and help the people. Lilly questioned Selena about how long she had been gone. Selena laughed and assuringly answered her that in her time, she was still sound asleep in her room. Selena urged her to go to the people who suffer from the drought. Lilly ran back to the coast and grew and another giant lily pad, this time one with an elegant fuchsia flower in the center, shaped like a chair. She got on the lily, not noticing her fears of water. Because she can now control water, she is not bothered by it. When Lilly finally reached her destination she made the rain fall from the sky. Water droplets pounded the ground, transforming into green vegetation. Crops sprouted, producing food for the people. Fresh, pure water began flowing through the dusty, dry riverbeds. All of the animals and people came out of their housed to play in the rain. Many jumped up and down, shouting in disbelief and thanks. Others danced and laughed. Young children looked up to the sky and stretched out their tongues to catch the rain. Lilly knew she had to get back home and end her journey. She looked down at her ring to see it glowing bright pink again.
Afterwards, Lilly awoke in her room. The sun rose, leaving a cast of golden warmth through the window. Lilly was convinced everything that happened was a dream, until she looked at her finger. The golden, emerald ring was still there and so were her supernatural powers.

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