Fate Was Too Cruel

May 23, 2011
By AshleyAnn PLATINUM, Sanford, Florida
AshleyAnn PLATINUM, Sanford, Florida
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He saw her in the corner of the cell, curled up into a fetal position. Her body was shaking with sobs and the walls echoed with her cries.

He took a few steps closer to her, hoping both that she would see him and not see him. He just wanted to embrace her and cradle her like his dear child. He couldn’t kill her. He couldn’t, but he had to.

“Libby,” he whispered her name as he got on his knees. The moment she noticed him, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, almost crushing her small battered frame.

“I killed her! Dear God. Lydia. I killed her,” she cried, her hands burrowing into his jacket, ripping the fabric. “I killed her, Sebastian!”

He closed his eyes and couldn’t stop the tears from forming. The tears that he had been fighting for several hours now. Fighting since he’d found Lydia.

So many thoughts were running through his mind, each centering around Lydia and Libby. Lydia’s face came to mind, followed by the image of her dead, lying on the floor with Libby standing over her. “I know,” he said, managing to keep his voice from cracking.

“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, Sebastian. Please forgive me.”

“Ssh, I never blamed you,” he said softly as he reached his hand across her back, just below her left shoulder.

She turned her face to look up at him and her tear streaked face mirrored his own. “Do you… hate me?” she choked on her own tears.

He gave her a weak smile. One that was meant to comfort her, but he wasn’t sure how effective it was when he ws aching with grief. “I will always love you, my dear Libby.” He leaned forward to kill her lightly on the lips before moving to kiss her cheek. “I’m sorry,” he whispered and with a burst of strength, he punctured her back and grabbed ahold of her heart. “Goodbye, Libby.”

He could see the surprise and pain in her eyes in the few seconds before he tightened his fist, crushing her heart and effectively killing her. He watched the life fade from her eyes and for a moment, he just held her, repeatedly kissing her cheek and letting silent tears course down his cheeks.

His heart felt like it was constricting in his chest, like it had been his heart that was crushed and not hers. She had been his dearest companion for centuries. How would he go on, not only without her, but without Lydia as well? He felt as though the world around him had stopped and that he was now alone.

He contemplated staying there for another hour and letting the dawn consume him. He could burn in the sun and be with his dear progenies again. ‘Come back to me, Sebastian,’ Celeste’s voice came to him.

He knew she could feel his suicidal thoughts and she was trying to stop him. If he died, he would be leaving her behind in this barren world. He would be leaving behind her and his maker, Leon. He was all that Leon really had left. He couldn’t leave Leon to face the future alone. Nor could he leave his younger progenies. Johnny was under a year old as a vampire. He couldn’t fend for himself. His survival depended on Sebastian.

Sebastian was still needed in this world. As much as he wanted to join his dear Libby and Lydia, he couldn’t. “I’m sorry Libby,” he cradled her into a tight embrace and stood. He cradled her like a pieta; his mind couldn’t help but make the connection. He cradled his dead child, dear to his heart, close and never wanted to let go. Fate was too cruel.

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