Aftermath in Xenon

May 22, 2011
By Robert777 BRONZE, KELSEYVILLE, California
Robert777 BRONZE, KELSEYVILLE, California
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~ The two best friends Robert and Keven, after completing a robbery stealing twenty ~

billion dollars in cash from a gold mine, escaped and have lived in happiness all

winter. How long will that last?

One morning, while Robert Salvatore lay sleeping in his capsule, he was awakened by

his good friend Keven Smith because he had promised to be awake five hours earlier.

Robert’s sleeping capsule lurched forward and tilted forward so he could come out.

However, he was still asleep. Robert flew out of his capsule like a speeding rocket,

smacking face-first into the padded wall several feet overhead. What a great way to start

a Saturday!

Robert stood up, brushing some dust from his shimmering ice blue gown. “Not funny.”

He said scowling. Keven didn’t notice, he was too busy rolling all over the floor laughing

hysterically. “You should have seen your face!” Keven shouted; almost bringing tears to

his eyes from laughing so hard.

Robert and Keven were rich now. Ever since they succeeded with the robbery almost one

month before and now they had sleeping gowns spun from pale silk, differing in fancy

colors. They had new weaponry and other tools nobody else had even heard of, and new

knowledge from the classes they had taken that winter.

Robert scowled while rubbing his bruised arm. “I’m going to pretend like all of this never

happened. Let’s go get some breakfast.” While the two were eating a breakfast roll, the

mail android rolled over to the table and dropped a black, red trimmed envelope on the

table. The envelope had a battered look to it; it had definitely seen better days, that’s

for sure. But that didn’t matter to them. All that mattered to them was that the envelope

read “URGENT” on the front label.

Robert and Keven waited for a moment, and then Robert picked up the envelope and

inspected it. “Aren’t you going to open it?” Keven said grumpily, waiting for the moment

he could see what was inside. “It’s just a letter. There’s no nuclear bomb or anything

inside, Robert.” Robert opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. Robert and Keven

both read aloud together; “URGENT. We need immediate assistance in the Xenon Army

division. You have been chosen for your knowledge of weaponry and special tactics,

and you are urgently needed in a rescue squad for a very important mission.” Robert and

Keven both smiled. They would have never thought they would be invited into such a

powerful organization.

The two friends sat quietly for a moment, and then looked at each other.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Robert asked. “Road trip!” they both yelled in

unison, slapping each other a hi-five. Robert and Keven had always dreamt of being in

the army. They had special weapons unlike even the Xenon Police Elites could even

imagine. They would gather their belongings, program an android for housekeeping, and

head out the next day.

Robert and Keven didn’t need to pack much, but they braught watches, which can fire a

laser able to cut through solid steel, belts that could fire a grappling hook (a sharp object

that will stick into a floor or wall, and has a rope attached for climbing) that could lift

ten thousand pounds to the greatest heights, and concealed a Glock 18 pistol, which is

small, easy to control, and fires a 300 shot clip fully-automatic in less than five seconds

inside their belts. Then Robert and Keven contacted the sergeant that sent the message

to them by calling the phone number on the back on the letter. The sergeant informed

them that the airways were blocked, so they had to travel by foot. They agreed, due to the

opportunity they believed they had if they did go to the army facility.

Robert and Keven walked for what felt like a hundred years. They ate meal capsules

and H20 tablets like before to stay alive. After their second night of travel, they decided

they were in need of rest. They decided to set up camp in a clear patch between a few

trees and sleep for a while. They would have been a lot more restless that night, but they

remembered what it was like to sleep on the cold, hard rocks in the gold mine. Keven was

already asleep on the other side of the fire, but Robert was still awake; almost in a trance-

like state, but awake. Robert and Keven took turns keeping watch over the camp, just in

case bandits showed up, or large animals.

Robert lay daydreaming of what he would possibly obtain from becoming a part of the

Xenon Army. Would he get more money? Would he meet the wonderful girl he had

always dreamt of? What was there to have? Robert had just awakened Keven. It was his

turn to keep watch now. Robert was almost asleep; his eyes seemed to slowly droop as he

gradually became more tired. The earth beneath him was cool, and slightly damp. There

was a breeze in the air that washed over him like an ocean wave, making the trees around

him rustle like old parchment.

Robert was soon asleep. He had been for a few minutes. Keven sat silently on a hollow

log in the corner of two meeting trees. Moments later, he was startled by the faint scream

of a woman down the path. Keven woke Robert and told him what he had heard. They

both grabbed their fully-automatic Glock pistol, their watches, and their belts and began

rushing down the path. Soon they saw the figure of a woman being threatened by two

thieves. Robert hushed Keven and they both walked down the path a little more and hid

behind a tree. They loaded their pistols with a new clip, turned off the safety, and stepped

out onto the moonlit path, visible by the two thieves.

The thieves knew who Robert was, but not Keven. They had recognized Robert from a

raid years before, when he had ran into their gang’s hideout, fully armed, killing anyone

in his way. He was still a cop then, and he was pained to see he was going to harm two

people he actually knew. The thieves were frightened by Robert and turned to run, after

taking the woman’s money. Robert and Keven fired a grapple from each of their belts,

instantly trying the thieves’ feet together on impact, aimed their weapons, and fired. The

two thieves collapsed into a crumpled heap on the floor, a gunshot in either’s back.

Robert picked up the money for the girl, who was still frozen in fear. As he approached

her, he realized that she was more beautiful than he had thought. He introduced himself

and his best friend, and returned her money. Keven had gone to keep watch over the

camp, so Robert was alone now. Robert led the girl away from the thieves and began

talking to her. She told him her name was Anna. “What a beautiful name” Robert thought

aloud “Huh?” Anna said, walking a few feet ahead of him. “Oh, nothing…” Robert said.

Every once in a while on their way back to camp, they would stop for a break and talk

to each other. Robert kind of disliked it, due to him spacing out in mid sentence. But he

would cover it up with a sad attempt of an excuse. He knew he liked her, and he was sure

she knew it, too.

Anna was beautiful. She had beautiful white skin and shimmering copper brown hair. Her

eyes sparkled like precious stones in the sunlight. She was tall like Robert as well.

The longer Robert and Anna talked together, the more Robert saw how much they were

alike. Robert saw her as the most beautiful and amazing girl he had ever seen. If he were

to look into her amazing eyes during a conversation, he would instantly forget what it

was that he was talking about.

Robert brought her into the camp. He used a laser to ignite the fire once again, and

layed out a sleeping bag and pillow for her. The next morning, which seemed to take

an eternity to come, he planned to ask Anna to join them on their journey. He awoke

the next morning and after looking for some time, noticed she had just walked over to a

clear crystal spring for a drink. He asked her to join them, and she said yes. He was very

excited and asked her again about coming with them to the army facility, etc. just to make

sure it was what she wanted to do, and she still said she wanted to go.

They both walked over to the camp and began to pack up. Keven had already woke

up while they were gone, and yelled at them for not being there when he woke up and

claimed he almost had a heart attack. Robert and Anna just had to laugh at him.

They finished packing all of the supplies in about an hour and then headed out on the

road again. Robert supplied Anna with some meal capsules and H20 tablets, and gave her

a Glock of her own for protection.

It took days to get to the army institution. Long, tedious tasks such as climbing large

rocks, avoiding rock and mud slides, and occasionally a wild boar or a bear would come

across their path. But eventually, they were on the paved road that led to their destination.

At each mile checkpoint on the road, they had Xenon Army soldiers that would stop them

and ask for identification and to state their purpose being at the army base. They would

show them the black, red trimmed envelope and each soldier would nod, allowing them

to move further down the road. It took a very long time, and there were a lot of soldiers to

show the envelope to. They had to show officers for thirty miles, it felt like hundreds.

Finally they got to the entrance of the army base. They had to go through high-ranking

security here. They had to show the envelope, show their IDs, put their guns on a table at

the entrance (after showing each of their licenses) and then moved along into the base.

They were guided down a road to the general’s office by two army lieutenants. Robert’s

stomach felt uneasy when he saw a blue tourniquet around each soldiers arm. “It

must just be a coincidence…” Robert thought. He looked at Keven, and he looked

uncomfortable as well. He mumbled “the bands” under his breath and looked at them.

Robert and Keven both thought the tourniquets were suspicious, but they didn’t say

anything because they wouldn’t want to interrupt the two soldiers in front of them.

Robert wouldn’t care if he interrupted them anyway, instead of them “kindly greeting”

them and pointing them in the direction of the generals office, they grabbed their rifles

and walked down the path talking between themselves, just showing what way to walk.

Finally they got to the army general’s office. The lieutenants showed them inside and

they took a seat against the wall on a hard, cold metal couch. It was uncomfortable, but

it was better than nothing. They waited for the general to arrive and each had a meal

capsule and H20 tablet for dinner. Finally, after another long while of waiting, the

general stepped in the door. He was a tall, slender man. But you couldn’t see his face

because of the cloth wrapped around his mouth, and the beret covering his hair.

Robert recognized this mans eyes. They were cold and full of hate, staring directly at the

three friends. They almost spoke, but the man’s eyes were like a frozen spear. They were

unable to move, and unable to speak. “Hello, Mr. Salvatore…” the man said through his

bandana, muffling his voice slightly. “I’ve been expecting you… Who’s the new friend?”

Robert was sickened to hear the man’s voice. He should have left the moment he saw

the tourniquets. “Lord Arcus!” Robert said in a horrified voice. “I… I thought you were

dead!” he shouted. Keven told Anna who Lord Arcus was, and she nodded. Anyone can

instantly remember his description. He is tall, has cold, emotionless eyes, and anyone

working for him wears a blue tourniquet around their arm showing their loyalty to him.

Arcus smiled. Robert could tell from the wrinkles below his eyes. He was smiling.

“Well, well, well… Mr. Salvatore” Arcus said. “I’m glad to see you have come. Now

let’s get to business.” Robert hesitantly took a seat and waited for him to talk. “Now,

Robert… I hear you want to join the Xenon Army.” Robert jumped up, horrified.

“Never! I will never work for you again!” he shouted, backing away. “Ah, a shame…”

Arcus said in a muffled tone. “Then I have a proposition for you.” He said in a cold voice

“What is it?” Robert asked, still completely horrified. “I will let you leave… If you

prove yourself worthy with a task…” Arcus said while untying the bandana from his

face. “You escape from my facility, and I let you live. Simple as that.” He said with an

expressionless look. “You have to be kidding! You’re mad!” Robert yelled. “No, Robert.

I am completely sane. If you know what’s best of you, and your friends… You may take

my generous proposal here.” Arcus said. “Or else what? Scum.” Robert said, sickened.

“Or else I will not be so generous to you, little Keven, or the dame.” Lord Arcus said

cruelly, loading a berretta pistol. “Tell you what…” he said “Ill give you a head start.”

Robert, Keven, and Anna ran for the door. It was locked. “That’s not fair!” Keven

hissed “Oh… I don’t think so.” Anna said in an annoyed tone, kicking the center of the


The door made a crack that sounded like a gunshot itself. The door snapped from its

hinges, falling to the earth like a stone in water. “Go!” Robert yelled, urging the friends

out of the building. The entrance was blocked with soldiers. They had planned this, and

they all knew. The three friends ran for the training course, grabbing three Glocks and

some ammo from a stand near a target.

Robert ran to a near wall and crouched down. Keven flung himself over a shelf and used

his back as a boost to the ledge above and grabbed it. He hung there as a human ladder

and Robert jumped up, climbing him. He leaned down and pulled Keven up, and flung

Anna over the fence beside him. She kissed him on the cheek to show her appreciation

and he smiled. They all continued to run to the back gate, spitting bullets into the air as

they went. Soldiers dropped to the floor all around the base. It seemed an endless flood of

soldiers, rushing in to consume them. But they kept fighting until they ran out of bullets.

When they ran out of ammo, Robert signaled to Anna from across the battlefield. She

punched a soldier in the face, instantly knocking him out and tried to take his gun.

However, she was interrupted by another soldier attempting to grab her. Robert grabbed

his handgun and threw it as hard as he could. It pelted the soldier in the back of the head,

killing him instantly. Anna kicked a rifle across the ground and Robert caught it, spraying

bullets as he arose from the floor, and killing almost a hundred more soldiers.

They ran for the gate. No more soldiers were rushing onto the field. They had cleared the

entire base, or so they thought… Keven finished kicking one last soldier to the ground

and cursing at him. He yelled “Punch it!” from across the field, running towards them.

Robert hit the button opening the back gate, and waited for Keven to get to them. Keven

was almost to them, he had been chased across the field away from Robert and Anna but

he was still okay. He was about fifty feet away and was running straight to them. Keven

was exhausted; he stopped for a moment to take a breath, and suddenly dropped to the

floor, clutching his chest.

Robert was horrified. He began running for Keven to see what had happened. His hand

was over his heart. Kevens hand fell limp away from his chest, revealing a red spot on

his chest, slowly expanding in size. He had been shot. His best friend had no chance of

survival. Keven dropped to the floor, lifeless. He had been killed, and only at the age

of twenty eight. Robert was furious. Crystal tears were streaming down his face, as he

remembered all of the great times they had together. He was startled back into reality by

Anna’s desperate screams to get him to move. Robert stood up and looked back at Anna

for a moment, showing that he had one last thing to do before they left.

Robert turned to face Lord Arcus. He stared directly into his eyes, and Arcus slowly took

two steps back. He was frightened. Robert’s eyes had a look like they never had before.

They were completely full of hate, and there was no way to fix what had caused him this

much pain. “This one is for Keven, you worthless scum!” Robert screamed, firing the

whole clip of the rifle at Lord Arcus’s chest. Arcus didn’t move, he just dropped to his

knees, tears fell from his cold, expressionless eyes, and he fell to the floor, dead.

Robert walked up and kicked Arcus in wrist, causing a bulletproof vest to come off.

Arcus had really died. Blood trailed from his chest, tears still in his eyes. Robert began to

cry. He had killed this man out of anger. Not to survive. Arcus had walked up to talk to

him, and he had killed him. “Why!” Robert yelled “Why did you kill him!” Robert yelled

aloud at lord Arcus’s lifeless body. Tears streamed down Roberts eyes. His best friend

was dead. Robert threw his gun to the floor, and began to walk out of the institution.

As Robert walked out of the base, Anna put her arm around him and kissed him on the

cheek. For once, in years, Robert actually felt happy. Even though his best friend had

died, even though he had killed so many men just for the purpose of being loyal to Lord

Arcus, he was happy. Robert put his arm around Anna as well. Returning the kiss, they

got into a parked car outside of the gate, and drove back to Robert’s house in Xenon

Robert had over thirty billion dollars still, like he had before. But now he had billions of

dollars that had belonged to Keven, and nothing to do with all of it.

Robert and Anna ended up in living in the same home together. Robert purchased their

food, and other things that Anna wanted, such as certain school classes. Robert loved

Anna, more than she would ever know. Even after she had said she loved him too.

One night, Anna came home and Robert asked her to dinner. While they were out, Robert

got onto one knee, and pulled out a ring with the fanciest diamond anyone had ever

seen, and the metal crafted out of the finest gold on the face of the earth. “Anna…” he

said “Will you marry me?” he asked “Yes!” Anna said more excited than ever. Robert

had proposed to the love of his life, and she had accepted. They had a huge celebration

and soon the two were wed. Robert and Anna then lived their own happily ever after.

The End.

The author's comments:
Wrote this in the hospital as well... It is a sequel to "A Xenon Christmas". (Spell check did not work... but again, remember there may be a bit of grammatical errors because of what I was on in the hospital causing me to not focus as well)

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