Sea Storm Stowaway

May 22, 2011
By Pen-to-Paper BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Pen-to-Paper BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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"As authors, it is our duty to create lovable, enticing Characters And do horrible, evil things to Them."- Sheree Rehema.

The roaring sound of such a calming storm, only the sea life has ever seen echoed about. Thunder rumbled and lighting pierced the sky leaving nothing but the brilliant white hot fury of king god Zeus. The waters churned with the unexpected fury, just as she thought, of Poseidon answering the incompetent king with his own white hot anger. She could hear the clash of waves against the jagged rock echo through the dark, damp cavern in which she waited.

Oh she craved this time of the year; nothing seemed to be better than the newly brewing storm. Travelers- warriors who believe they could tame the gods- foolishly entered and off they went into the den of the lion. Kyra let out a giddy laugh as she prepared to meet the fresh meat.

“Oh hush! They’re bound to hear you,” her sister Nerissa snapped treading her way toward Kyra.

“Just imagine the horrors and the treasure!” Kyra squealed, her slipper fin splashing the water onto the pebble beach.

Nerissa rolled her sky blue orbs and pulled herself onto the beach, tail coiling about her as she waited for the timely event. She stretched and began pulling her delicate fingers through her pale golden hair.

Kyra let out a sigh, feeling the salty water bubble around her. Again lighting split the sky sending Kyra’s heart into a frenzy of fear and anticipation. Her glassy emerald eyes searched franticly for any sign of foolish fishermen. Nothing, the thought left a pang of disappoint ringing through her.

“Might as well sleep,” Nerissa mumbled relaxing in the tide of the pebbles.

Kyra huffed out a breath but nonetheless climb onto the smooth beach. Fastening herself in her usual spot she stared at the stalactites. The repetitive drip of the water lulled her to sleep after a rough fight of nervous siren verse the natural need for sleep. With heavy eyelids, that dropped over her gem like eyes Kyra found herself drifting into a peaceful sleep.

The morning sun trickled in through the mouth of cavern. Blinking the newly found sleep from her eyes, Kyra slowly propped herself upon elbows as she woke. The raging storm of the night lingered in the distant. Perfect time to brew a little trouble Kyra smiled inward.

Silently she led her body into the water once again and took off in a heated whirl. The water dispersed about her as her massive fin pushed the particles about. Silently she ducked her head watching her red curls float ever so gently blinding her fore vision. The aquamarine water caressed her skin, her scales, and her curves as she propelled through the currents. Without a hesitation Kyra slide herself onto the slick granite rock at the base of the rising cliffs.

It was here, Kyra spotted her prey. Not far off by the horizon a vessel approached. A sly grin appeared on her face. She could hear the screams already. Her heart hammered with excitement. This is what she lived for- no this is what she was born for. By the powers of Poseidon and some sea nymph to stop trespassers she was made. That’s what she and her sisters did, with much pleasure.

The craft of the soldiers crept closer, wavering on the waves as it tittered between life and death. Kyra smiled and hummed her soothing lullaby. Bound to be the first to catch the males, she propped herself onto the tip of the rock waiting.

The ship drew closer, feet away from her drifting closer to its doom.

“You’re impatient!” Nerissa scolded sliding her damp body near her sister. “And Zeus help you Kyra, one day you’re going to wish you weren’t so egger to send a man to his doom.”

Kyra laughed, her lyrical voice sounded off the cliffs. That idea was rather ludicrous. Who had ever heard of a siren falling in love? Before Kyra could find a remark to say, the ship entered the danger zone. Nerissa began in a soft lulling tone; a gentle whisper on the wind. Kyra soon joined in and closed her eyes with the rhythmic sound pounding through her.

Crash. Cracking wood sounded as it spilt against the sharp rock. A laugh escaped Nerissa as she slid her body into the water. Another echoing spilt sounded and Kyra slithered down back into the water. Her hypnotic song continued into the waves, sounding in the water. A sailor’s death led the way as Kyra dodged and ducked the sinking wood.

“Look at the gold!” Nerissa giggled slipping on a jeweled necklace of gold and rubies. Around her waist hung the saturated, silk fabric with small, round drachmas dangling from the edge. Kyra blinked.

“Beautiful. Let’s go. Damage is done.” Kyra grinned swimming in a circle about her. There was a mumbled scream within the water drawing both girls attention. No need to dally any longer, Kyra sped away racing with the gold and jewels in her arms toward the cave.

Dripping wet she tossed the prizes of her victory onto the pebble beach. The victorious sound of gold hitting stone pulled the corners of Kyra’s mouth up. With that, she slid gracefully on the beach, coiling her sea green tail about her. Straighten up she sighed and ran her fingers through her messy hair.

The sound of footsteps echoed in the darkened portion of the caves. Kyra’s attention snapped to the area in which the sound had been coming from. Pitch black greeted her.

“Nerissa, not funny, come out.” She snapped her voice wavering on the uneasy nervousness of fear.

It sounded again, only closer. Kyra’s heart labored in her chest giving way to uneven breaths.

“Really, it’s not funny!” She snapped, lashing out toward the unknown voice.

Again the sound came, again it was closer. Continuing her rhythmic combing of her hair, Kyra swallowed her uneasiness. Her emerald orbs darted toward the continuous noise as her fingers drifted through the silky, ocean cleaned hair.

Before her eyes a murky shadow emerged from the darkening depths of the cave. Water dripped from the image, casting droplets onto the pebbled beach. The faint outline of a man stood before the siren pale with fear.

“Who…Who is there?” Kyra stuttered with terror and anger.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the famous picture by John William Waterhouse. Part of my art project was to color the picture: "A mermaid" and write her story and why she's in her final pose.

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