Red Moon

May 22, 2011
By Grace Fischley BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
Grace Fischley BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
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"The Mookhar is a hunter at night and thirsts for human blood; which is why it is feared by all. So no one ever went outside when it was night unless they wanted to die. They knew that the Mookhar could be defeated by one other creature, Rhetrevar. One brave mortal decided to let Rhetrevar out from the Liveon, the cages where all God's creatures were held, to get rid of the Mookhar. The devil abhorred the idea of having one of his prized creatures set in the Mekirham, his own 'Liveon'; so he decided to let him go."

"Wow, this is lame. Why did I choose Tacian mythology for my history project," Dave said.

"What the hell are you asking me for? I just tagged along for the grade," Corey snorts.

"Don't get up all in my face. I was more talking to myself than you."

"Sor-ry, don't have to be so defensive. You can be such a girl at times; man up."

"Now I'm about to hit you."

"That sounds better."

"What ever. Let's get out here."

They walk out the vast bronze doors leaving the book-covered walls in the background. Brutal red and shimmering gold echo around their eyes, the big game is tonight. Everyone was stoked for it. Dave spotted the new girl, Tatiana, sitting under a tree not caring for her surroundings. Her long golden-brown hair framed the book covering her face. Tatiana is the dark angel that sent him to heaven; (he was hoping to return to her world, so he could do the same to her). Dave thought that this could happen at the GMC game tonight.

As hundreds of people stuffed the stands for the big game, the players gathered around for their coach to lecture them of how important this game is for them to win. Dave looks up and searches for Tatiana. She's here; time to show her what you're made of. The first half ends as quickly as it started with the two teams at a tie. With the second half only a minute left, the other team is up by three points. The ball gets snapped; the quarterback throws it in Dave's direction. Rowdy cheers resonate in the background as Dave sprints for his life as the final countdown starts to tick away by the second then millisecond. 30 yards. Touchdown, yes!
Dave looks up to where Tatiana is sitting; she wants to smile and mouth good job at him, but with her necklace humming at her all she can do is scowl. He notices her necklace fidgeting against her collar bone and her intense stare out into the beyond. She senses that there is danger around the field, she gets up and leaves the stadium. Dave seems confused and ignores it as he and his team celebrates their great victory. Hours pass by and Dave returns to the field to let the inert silence ricochet around him.

"It's really quiet out here. I just love it like this." Shuuuuuuuu. Crunch. Crunch. "Who's there?" Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. "Ok, if someone is trying to scare me it's working. So come out where ever you are. Hello? Who's out there?" Sfffff. Crunch. Crunch.

"Raaah," Corey shouts as he hurdles out of the jade bushes.

"Dude, so not cool you scared me half to death," Dave wheezes.

"Oh just relax; it's a little fun."

"You can be such a douche bag."

"What ever."
Corey walks out of Dave's sight only to climb up the maple tree just to scare him again. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
"Corey, I know it's you. You're not scaring me."
Dave notices a glimmer of sapphire blue eyes peering out of the bush Corey was in earlier. His first instinct was to run but he knew that if he did it would just chase after him. He stays still for a moment then, the eyes disappear; he starts to get nervous and starts to walk back to his house. As Dave turns around he notices a big cat standing on its hind legs barring its teeth with drool dripping on the side of its mouth. Dave takes a few steps back to get away. The animal takes one leap and sounds its prey. Rrrraaaooo. Thud. When Dave arose from the ground his hair is even browner. He realizes that the same sapphire blue eyes replaced his sea green eyes he used to have when he saw his reflection in a small puddle of rain. He remembered something that he read in the book about Tacian Mythology: "As a way to get back at Rhetrevar the Mookhar started to take form in mortal bodies, since it was not strong enough to stand on its own. The only way for the Mookhar to take a host is when the moon is in its crescent and gibbous stages."
That's ridiculous, it's only mythology. It's only a legend to scare people. Where's the proof to show that it was true? He hears a rustle come from the trees; his vision became keener. Dave sees Corey in the tree crouched up like he was a cat getting ready to pounce. This is going to make Dave wet his pants. I love doing this to him.
How is it that I can read Corey's thoughts? Within a second, Dave is up in the tree, a branch up from Corey's. However, Dave's senses felt different, like Corey is more of a snack to him than just his friend. Dave feels his whole body go rigid and tense even more. He cocks his head to the side and pounces onto Corey. Crack.
"Ahhhhhhhh," Corey screeches. Silence creeps into Dave's ears besides the rubbing of the crickets' legs. As Dave took another bite of his human snack, claret blood drips from his mouth and intestines hang from his teeth. Crunch. His head flinches towards the noise and sees this girl holding her necklace in front of her; a chant whispers out of her mouth. Dave runs away before he can find out what could happen next.
The next day at school Dave can't remember anything from the previous night. He feels more aggressive with everything; more powerful than he has ever been. As he pushes his way through the crowd to ask Tatiana out he notices the school T.V. announcements.
<<Tragic news with in Jefferson High today; sophomore, Corey Taylor, was killed last night. We do not know how it happened; all we know is that he was last with his friend, Dave Draiman, on the football field. So let us all take a moment of silence to honor him. (Pause). Thank you. >>
"Dave, what happened to Corey," Ron asks him. Dave takes a moment to stare at Ron's freckles to try to remember what happened last night. He couldn't muster up an answer for him without his eyes turning red. "I just thought I would ask you since you were with him last." Dave takes one more look at Ron; his bushy red hair needs to be combed. Rubbing his eyes and taking one more breath he gives him an answer.
"I don't know what happened. I remember Corey coming out of the bushes and scaring me, then the next thing I know I'm standing over his body."
"Ok," Ron starts messing up his hair even more. "Do you remember anything else from last night?"
"I saw a pair of glowing blue eyes, then heard a cat growl."
"Oh. Did you now? Ok, question for you. What type of animal lives near football field and eats humans?"
"Well I remember reading something about an animal in Tacian mythology."
"Yeah, ok. Let's talk more realistically here."
"I’m serious."
"You're insane. There's no such thing as an animal that eats humans that roamed the lands thousands of years ago. Get a grip on yourself, you're losing it!"
"I'll prove it to you; after school meet me in the library and I'll show you the book."
"Ok, but I'm telling you none of it is true."
Dave continues on towards the tree where Tatiana is sitting. He approaches her; with no hesitation he opens his mouth.
"Do you want to go with me tonight?" She looks up from her book. Her tanned face twitches. All she does is stare at him with a blank look on her face. Why does her necklace keep fidgeting like that? Her blue eyes focus on his.
"I thought you had green eyes," she says.
"You're eyes, they're blue. Last time I saw you, you had green eyes."
"Oh, I think the sun does that to them sometimes."
"Hmm. Ok. I'll go out with you tonight."
"Alrighty then, I'll pick you up around 7:00?"
"Can't wait," she says. As Dave walks away she bites her lip and smiles. Tatiana has never felt this happy before. Don't get too happy now. I still have to deal with him myself. Uh, I'm allowed to like anyone that I want to. You can't control that, besides you've got nothing on him. Yes I do. He's the-- I don't want to hear it. You've been doing that ever since the football game. Just shut up!
After school Dave meets up with Ron at the library to look for the book. An hour passed by and they haven't found anything yet. Ron starts to get annoyed with Dave. "We've seen tons of books and found nothing. Dave I'm beginning to think that you're going crazy because I don't think this book exists."
"Ron I'm 100% sure that this book exists because I read it earlier this week. So don't give up on me yet. It's here somewhere."
"Ok sorry, I'm just getting tired because it's getting late."
"What time is it?"
"It's almost four."
"Is it really?"
"Yeah. Why do you have a hot date with your pillow tonight?"
"NO. I have a date with Tatiana at seven. We have to hurry and find this goddamn book because I'm not going to miss this date with her."
"Go on. I'll try to find this ridiculous book. You go get ready for your date with Tatiana. I've got nothing better to do tonight. I'll text you when I find the book. So go!"
"Thanks Ron."
Dave heads home to freshen up for his date; he knew this was going to have to be perfect because she was very picky about the guys she dates. They never got a second date with her and Dave wanted to change that. So he thought it would be cool to take her out on a walk underneath the moonlight. When they reach the mulch path her necklace starts to fidget like always when he was around her.
"Why does your necklace keep doing that," Dave asks.
"Oh uh, it does that all the time. It's old," Tatiana responds. Who are you calling old honey? Excuse me; last I checked you were not allowed to make fun of my age. So zip it Skippy. Skippy, my name is Rhetrevar and last I checked I had more authority over you, so you should be the one zipping it. Skippy is an expression, you wouldn't know that because you're ancient.
"You alright," Dave interposes.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just…go off in my own little world at times. You know how it is."
"Oh, I see I'm boring you. I didn't realize you could be cruel."
"What, no. I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry if you took it a different way."
"Oh, so now you're making me look like the bad guy here for not abiding to your orders or the way you mean things. Why did I ask you out?"
"Uh, I don't remember you ever being like this. Why are you being so mean to me?"
"Me, mean to you? You're being mean to me." Dave's temper rises into full anger. His nostrils flare, his teeth bare, eyes glare wickedly; his muscles flare out more than usual. What's going on with him? He's the Mookhar, I tried telling you that earlier but you didn't want to listen. We have to help him Rhetrevar. Oh so now you want my help. What's the magic word? Please, before the clouds show the moon.
Ring. Ring. Dave answers his phone, "What!" "Dave I found the book I know what's going on with you. You've been possessed by the Mookhar. The book says, 'for a host to exonerate the Mookhar is to exterminate themselves; but it does not stop the Mookhar from roving the lands to take more innocent people. Mortals do not realize that the Mookhar is trying to take over his/her body until it is sufficiently powerful enough to be on its own to roam the land. Once it is powerful enough to do that it disintegrates the host's body in the fourth month--"
Ok I'll help him but it's not going to be the way you want it to be. What do you mean? I'm going to have to kill the boy. You can't I like him. It doesn't matter and besides your kind can't be with a mere human. You're an angel it won't work out. Fine, do what you have to do to help him.
Dave drops his phone; the clouds presented the full moon. Rrrraaaooo. "Dave, are you still there? Dave!"
Her necklace out shines the moon's reflected light and a ten foot tall dog-like figure stood in front of Tatiana. As she steps out of Rhetrevar's shadow, she catches a glimpse of Dave, who was now the same height as Rhetrevar. The Mookhar showed its outline from its host's body; Dave gets down on all fours and starts to act cat-like.
The Mookhar and Rhetrevar are enclosed by a never ending circle just staring intensely. Waiting for the other to strike, a fake to the right then to the left; Rhetrevar moves in on his prey. The Mookhar is faster though and jumps into the trees; it lurks through the branches. Rrrraaaooo. Ahrooooooo. Another car pulls up to the path of blood; Ron came to help his friend out, but he is too late as he sees the battle has begun. Slaying, scratching, clawing, biting beneath bloody coats; gnawing away at each others eyes; it is full on war. Ron notices that Tatiana isn't doing anything to help Dave out.
"Why aren't you doing anything," Ron questions. "He is YOUR date."
"I can't, I'm not allowed to get in Rhetrevar's way when he is working," she replies.
"What? You are no help." Ron walks towards the fight; blood spatters everywhere, both creatures are drenched and dilapidated but neither can they give up. "Dave you have to listen to me. The Mookhar is trying to take over you to be on its own again. Today is the fourth month of the first night in the full moon phase. You have to stop and take control before you--."
With one ardent bite from Rhetrevar and everything is over with. Dave lays there on the black blood ground face down. An eclipse-like hole appears on a rock; with the Mookhar in Rhetrevar's mouth, he tosses the devil-some creature back into the Mekirham where the Mookhar would stay forever, that's if no one let him out again.
The job is done. The Mookhar will never harm anyone again. Thank you Rhetrevar. You seem sad child. Is everything ok? No. I didn't want to lose Dave like this. I know but it was the only way to save him. I know. Is there a possibility that we can take his soul back to heaven with us, instead of it going to hell? Yes, God will see in plain sight that Dave was not aware of any of this and will give him the chance to be born again in his sight. Tatiana reveals her true self in front of Ron.
"You're an angel," he stammers. "All this time you knew?"
"Yes and no. I knew about the legend, but I didn't realize that Dave was the Mookhar until an hour ago. If I'd known sooner I would have helped him sooner."
Dazzling golden light opens up in the middle of a cloud. It reproduces off of Ron's eyes and sees Dave be lifted up into the sky in Tatiana's arms and it is going to be the last he sees of him. If only I got here sooner then maybe I could've warned Dave sooner about the Mookhar. Ron looks down at the book and reads the last few lines that he wanted to warn Dave about. "An annotation to all mortals, once the Mookhar possesses your body there is no sense to control it. The Mookhar is stronger than you could possibly think. And for them to understand is that once the Mookhar is on its own there is no way to stop it, unless Rhetrevar comes out of the Liveon to kill it and the host."

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