Lunch part 2

May 22, 2011
By Anonymous

The mooch ceased to bother me about my lunch and its contents. As I thought over my uneventful lunch period I strolled my way past the lunch monitor to see the tennis board. I saw that there was nothing new as usual and walked back to my English class hoping that I could beat the bell and the mob of students that would follow. As I reached the English door I turned the shiny gray knob and noticed that it would not budge. I was not going to stand around to be trampled by large seniors and other students who would soon storm the hall. I only had one option. It was either I snuck into the teachers’ lounge to retrieve the classroom keys or wait for my inevitable doom by other students. With little thought I grabbed the red and white Fox Chapel trashcan outside of the classroom door and pried open the air vent with my bare hands. After signing several autographs I slowly and quietly crept above the teachers’ lounge. To my surprise there was no one there. Not a person was to be seen in the medium sized gray room. There were all of the teachers’ food and some keys. I searched some time until I finally came upon my teacher’s set of keys. I noticed something particularly strange when I picked up the keys to find red goo hanging off of it. I was startled and fell backwards into the refrigerator. The refrigerator tipped and kept tipping until it opened and revealed a set of steel stairs. I cautiously proceeded down the steps until I reached a door. I heard familiar voices but I couldn’t make out the words they were saying. I leaned ever so slightly so that my ear was pressed firmly against the door. I could now make out a series of ones and zeros said aloud I knew to be Binary Code. Luckily, I was in Calc BC which is short for Calculating Binary Code which is one of the courses I took first semester. I barely heard four or five sentences that stated that the familiar voices were going to tear down the school to create a blood bank. They were scheming to burn it tomorrow night. They all laughed and drooled at the idea of unlimited blood. I then knew at that moment that they were not the teachers that I had known. After I had had enough of their conversation I knew something had to be done. If not me then who would do it? I unhinged the door with one powerful kick and was startled at what I had seen. There were several dark figures gathered around a table with a bowl in the center filled with the same goo as on the keys upstairs. After a seconds thought I found this goo to be blood. To my surprise they were vampires who wanted the land for their own. The skins that I recognized as my teachers were sitting on the floor as a disguise they had just zipped off. The teachers had been hoodwinking us for all of these years. I could no longer let it proceed. They quickly rose from their seats and jumped on me all at the same time. I fought all of the pale skinned dark haired teachers at once covering all angles and blocking all attacks. There were too many of them and they advanced on me and had me pinned down. Once I was no longer a threat they said that I could not be trusted to keep it a secret. I begged for mercy and pleaded for my life. But it was too late. They had already started piercing my neck with their sharp fangs. I shrieked as I felt my sanity and consciousness seep away from me with every ounce of blood showering from my neck. I felt my sweatshirt turn into a collared shirt. My jeans morphed into pressed dress pants. Then a black pair of glasses appeared on my face. The vampires got off of me. But I did not struggle because the transformation was complete. I was to start on Monday as the new substitute teacher.

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a good read for all

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