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May 18, 2011
By Holly. SILVER, Exline, Iowa
Holly. SILVER, Exline, Iowa
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My name is Kara. I have long black hair, black eyes, short and slender. I'm very shy but I have a huge imagination and I'm very creative. I have an issue that I have to learn and get smarter constantly and I'm never satisfied with how much I know.

I have two very good friends named Hank and John. We usually ride around I their big rusty truck. It might seem like no big deal, but in this world, there are no laws. Most people have sense not to go around shooting people.

However, some do not. I think I am pretty fortunate though, even though I’m an orphan. My parents died when I was about 10 years old. I am now 16 and live with Hank and John back in the woods where there’s peace and quiet. Around our house, we have a big wire fence. We also have three dogs. A German Shepard named Daisy, a mastiff named Duke, and a Dalmatian named Misty.

Hardly anybody comes out in the woods this far, but that is still not enough to escape all the chaos. I would be sleeping and be woken up by my dogs barking and screaming off in the distance. We all have a plan of how we’re going to escape all of this. I came up with the plan to move to an island. An island would be so much safer than living on land.

Allen, one of my other good friends, always comes over to my house. He is very jumpy and scared of just about anything that moves.

In the Beginning…

I was sitting down on our large sectional couch just sitting there drawing. I tend to space off and think a lot about other things when I’m drawing. I heard a knock on the door so I got up, unlocked it, and sat back down. Allen walked in and sat beside me on the couch. “Whatcha doin?”

“Oh nothing,” I said bored.

“Where’s Hank and John?” he asked looking around. Usually you could tell if Hank and John were home. There would be tables and lamps getting knocked over ad wrestling all over the place.

“They’re not home yet but they should be any minute,” I said. Just then, we heard a big noisy truck roll up the driveway.

“Oh crap, here they come,” Allen said. I could here they’re big boots clunk against the deck and I could tell that one of them tripped because there was a big pound against the wall followed by some fake punches. They walked in and as soon as they got through the door I said, “Don’t slam the door.”

They slammed the door, of course, and plopped down on both sides of Allen and me. Hank looked at Allen and asked, “What are you doin here, kid?” as he ruffled his hair.

“Oh, ya know, just hangin out,” he said.

“So how has your guys’ day been?” Hank and John both looked down at the same time. The dreaded “How’s it going?” or “how are you?” questions are always understatements. They were both fine until I asked them that particular question.

“Not good,” John said blankly. I don’t even want to know what all they seen today. Killing and shooting was all in a daily basis. I spared myself the pictures in my head by not asking them what all happened today. I was so sick of this daily routine of experiencing something traumatizing or having to hear about it from my best friends so I brought up our plan again. The feeling of hope was always reassuring. Knowing that someday all our problems and worries were going to be gone.

In the End...

A couple minutes passed of just sitting there thinking when it started to thunder and turn very dark outside. I stepped out and the leaves on the trees were flipped over. My hair blew straight back and I could hardly keep my balance from all the wind. It felt like somebody had a hold of my hair and tugging it. Six O’clock and already dark was not normal. I went back inside. “Hank, flip to the weather channel!” I yelled. He grabs the remote and changes the channel to the weather center. All kinds of alerts were running across the screen.

“We better take cover,” John said. I quickly ran outside and forced my three dogs to the basement. I ran down the stairs and turned on the light. Our basement was large and it had a musty smell to it from all the floods we had over the summer last year. I sat down there on an old couch until Hank, John, and Allen all came down the stairs while Hank desperately tried to shut the door and lock it. He then came down and sat beside me. He put his arm around me and said, “It’s going to be alright lil sis.” He always called me that even though I wasn’t his sister. Allen and John were both sitting against the wall when the windows started to crack. The ceiling started to give in. “Hank!” I screamed. We just sat there in horror as our whole house started to cave in on us. We could see straight up into the funnel of the tornado as it picked us up.
That’s all I could remember that night. I woke up beside everybody. They were not hurt and neither was I. I was lying in a bed of flowers and tried to remember what all happened. Then a wave of memory washed over me. I sprang up on my feet and quickly woke John and Hank up. Then I woke Allen up. Somebody was walking over to us. It was a girl with giant wings. She had long blond flowing hair and a long white gown on.
I thought I was dead or at least in a dream. I looked at her while she smiled at me.

“Am I dead?” I asked.

“No,” the angel said. “You are in Utopia, the place where nothing exists but peace.”
“Utopia?” I asked. I was so confused.
“You and your friends are very lucky to get here, you must have had somebody watching over you.”
“Ya I guess,” I said. I looked around at Hank, John and Allen and they were just laying there looking around confused. I ran back to them and said, “Guys we're safe now!”
“Where are we?” asked Allen.
“We're in Utopia,” I said. “All our dreams came true and we're finally safe now.”

The author's comments:
This was actually a project for English but then decided to post it on here..

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