The Moon

May 18, 2011
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This is the legend of how the moon came to be.

One upon a time, there was a great and terrible dragon. His name was Oppressive Night, and he was as dark as the night sky. He had an insatiable hunger. He would fly across the world eating all that he saw.

The extraterrestrial unicorns were very worried about this, so they formed a plan to put a stop to the dragon, and his barbaric ways.

The unicorns gathered the milk of the Milky Way and formed it into an enormous ball of cheese. Then, in order to attract the dragon’s attention, they made it shine brighter than the stars.

After a short while, the dragon noticed the brilliant ball of cheese in the sky. He suddenly flew up and headed straight at it.

The Oppressive Night’s worst enemies were the wolves. When they saw that the dragon had left, the wolves began to howl at this giant shining sphere in the sky. This is the time when the wolves and werewolves are empowered.

It took half a month for the unicorns to construct the ball of cheese, and it took half a month for the dragon to eat it. He named it Moon, because it was the “Meal Of Oppressive Night”.

After he had finished eating, he was finally full, and he went to sleep. However, the unicorns knew that when he woke up he would be hungry again. So every month from then on the unicorns have built the cheesy moon, and every month the dragon eats it. The End.

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