May 17, 2011
By Kahlie Peterson BRONZE, Sturgis, South Dakota
Kahlie Peterson BRONZE, Sturgis, South Dakota
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One day on the planet of Glicore a little Martiff or a thing that lives on Glicore. His name was Poco and he wanted to go for a ride in his space rocket, but he had to ask his mom first. Whenn he asked his mom his mom warned him not to talk to any strangers or and strange creatures that are unknown of. Then she gave him the keys to their rocket. Poco took off running because his mom had never let him drive their nice rocket before. Whenn Poco got to the rocket he decided that he was hungry, but he was just going to wait till he found some food instead of going home and grabbing some.
Glicore decided he was going to go to different planets and explore. Poco even knew that it was dangerous and was always told not to do so. Whenn Poco saw his first planet he circled it a few times to make sure it wasn’t owned by any of their enemys, when he saw that it was deserted he landed on the planet of what he thought should be called Zocon. Poco thought it would be fun to build a fort or find a fort and act like the king of Zocon. Poco walked around for a while and didn’t find anything and was about to give up when finally he found a rock like castle. The castle was made of purple because the entire planet of Zocon was a purple planet. He walked into the castle looking rock and found out that it was somebody’s home, but he was so hungry that he decided that he would go and raid the fridge and eat some food. Whenn Poco found the fridge he ate as much food as possible, he ate until his stomach was bulging. After he did that he went and took a nap on the owner’s bed, once Poco woke up he decided to see if he could find another planet even better than Zocon.
Poco was riding around in his rocket again and found another planet called Glurcall except this time it was even bigger! He decided that there was no point in even checking to see if the planet was populated. So Poco went and landed in a wide open area this planet was much different than the other planet that just had a ton of rocks that you could play with, this planet had green fuzzy stuff on that ground that was exotic to him, but very common to people like us he was standing on grass and the planet had many colors on it! It was a beautifully decorated planet. Even though Poco was unused to this kind of a planet he decided to go ahead and explore and see if he could find another, and better for t to play in. He only waked around for a half hour when he found a huge fort. Whenn Poco went inside he realized that this fort was extremely girly! Terribly, horribly, girly! Poco was hungry again though so he decided that he would just go and find the fridge. Once Poco found the fridge he dug in, he realized this food was amazing this alien knew how to cook! Even though some of the food was moving and looked different he still ate it. He ate and ate and ate until he went in to a food coma. And collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Poco again woke up and realized how much of a mess he made. Poco just shrugged it off and went back to his rocket to fly to the next planet.
Whenn he saw the perfect planet to land on he decided to just sit for a while and marvel at it. It was huge the biggest of all the planets. It was a green and blue tie died planet, and it had rocks and some of that fuzzy green stuff. It was the perfect planet he had to give it the most perfect name. Zinineon, his very own planet that he was going to own and claim as his own! Poco was extremely excited to go and land on his planet. Whenn he landed he ran around the planet and his mouth dropped when he saw the biggest the coolest looking for t he has ever seen. He ran in to his new castle that was supposedly his. He ran to the fridge and raided it for him it wasn’t the most gourmet food but it was exactly what he was craving. Then he decided that he had to go and check out the bed. Whenn he walked into the bedroom he almost collapsed from the shock. It was his dream bedroom! He obviously fell asleep again, but this time when he woke up he heard footsteps coming from outside the door. Poco jumped to the floor and hid under the bed. Then the alien came in! The aliens name was Kango the general. Whenn he came in he was furious he came home to his house trashed and his bed slept in! He was going nuts; he stormed out of the room trying to find the culprit. That’s when Poco made his move and ran for the door but he heard Kango coming for him. He was hot on Poco’s trail. Poco made it to his rocket just in time and got away he was sure that he was safe then he saw another rocket coming after him. Poco decided that he would go to the planet Glurcall to get away and to hide from Kango, also to have some descent sleep. He lost Kango and made it safely to the fort on Glurcall. He fell asleep again on the bed and awoke to two aliens talking. He heard Kango and another alien but this alien was a woman alien. Kango kept calling her Rova. They were talking about how both of their houses had been attacked. Then he heard Kango running to the bed room in a steaming rage. Once again Poco hit the floor and ran to the closet to hide. Whenn Rova and Kango came in Kango face had become red with anger and ran outside to search for the rocket that had just eluded him. Poco again made a run for it to his rocket that he had well hidden in bushes and behind rocks.
Poco was off again to his first planet Zocon. Poco was starting to become scared. He ran to the kitchen this time and started to eat again. He was starting to calm down when he heard the door open. Rova ran in screaming Bongy, Bongy, huny are you ok? This time Poco was trapped! Kango came into the kitchen and said I got you now! Then Rova and supposedly Bongy came in right after Kango. Rova told Kango to calm down. Rova then came over to Poco and asked why he had been to all of their different houses. Poco was silent at first because he was just figuring out that they were a family that lived on three different planets. Poco then told them about how he thought that it would be fun to fly around and then how he became extremely hungry and just wanted to find a good get away place. Rova just kept nodding her head threw the entire talk. Then when Poco finally finished Rova came over to him and gave him a hug. She told him how it wasn’t right to go into other people’s homes and eat their food and lay in their bed. Poco told her how he understood and told all of them that he was sorry. Then he started to leave when Kango asked him where he was going. Then Kango said you’re going to at least help and clean up. Poco smiled and said that was the least he could do. Whenn they were done Poco headed home and ran straight into his house and hugged his mom. He told her about his trip and how he felt to be home. Then his mom started to lecture him about how he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers. Then that’s when Poco woke up in his own bed in the middle of the night and started to laugh.

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