The Tale of Michael, Prince of Doves- Chapter 3: The Enemy Appers

May 17, 2011
By JessicaR SILVER, HSV, Arkansas
JessicaR SILVER, HSV, Arkansas
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I left the ball ten minutes before midnight to meet Lilith in the courtyard. The moon was very full and bright tonight, so it guided my way in the darkness. Upon entering the courtyard, I felt a presence. Someone was here. Someone I did not recognize. It was not Lilith, I knew that for sure. I saw them in the shadows and snuck up on whoever was in my courtyard. When I reached them, I took out my dagger and put it to their throat only to hear the most horrifying voice I had heard since my child hood.
“Ah, my dear nephew, you have become much stronger.”
“I knew I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw you in the crowd,” I growled putting the knife closer to his throat.

He chuckled.
“My dear Michael, aren’t you going to give your Uncle Lucifer a nicer welcome than this?”
“You killed my mother and father,” I growled, “What do you believe?”
“King Michael,” I heard Lilith call.
“I believe, my dear nephew, that it is time for me to bid you a fond farewell,” he said with a demonic grin on his lips, then he simply disappeared.

Damn him! Damn him to hell, I thought.
“King Michael,” I heard Lilith call again.

I turned the corner to find her wandering around the courtyard smelling the roses and the cherry blossoms.
“Princess,” I called.

She turned.
“My king,” she said curtseying, “I am very flattered that you would invite me to such a beautiful place.”
“Well, Princess, a beautiful girl deserves to be in a beautiful place,” I said walking to her, taking her delicate hand, and kissing it.

I heard her giggle and I took her hand and led her to the swing in the garden.
“Princess, where did you disappear to earlier,” I asked.
“I had to prepare to see you, my king. I wished to see you alone tonight and my wish came true,” she said looking at me with those beautiful, green eyes.
“Please, my king, call me Lilith.”
“Alright, but as long as you call me Michael,” I said smiling.
“Of course. Michael, I know about your Uncle. Why is he here after all these years? Is he trying to attack your kingdom again?”

I stood and paced.
“I’m really not sure at this moment. I believe he is trying to taunt me. I am very worried. I caught him in the courtyard before you came,” I said worried.

She stood and walked over to me.
“Michael, my king, you should not worry. I am sure you will stop him. I believe in you,” she said and kissed me lightly on my lips. She tasted sweet, like strawberries and I never wanted it to end.

Before I could speak, Lilith’s phoenix bird flew down from the night sky. The moonlight caught its wings just right to where they glittered like fire. It had a parchment attached to its leg. It landed on Lilith’s shoulder and she took the parchment from the bird, opened it, and read it. She looked worried.
“My king, I am very sorry, but I must leave. I cannot tell you why. I am very sorry,” she said.

She kissed my one last time, then she took to the sky and left.

Now, I must find Lucifer…

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