The Deer and The Squirrel

May 16, 2011
By W.Morgan511 BRONZE, Bedford, New York
W.Morgan511 BRONZE, Bedford, New York
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A long time ago there lived a deer and this stubborn animal was raised to sit back and watch others do his work. Ironically, his closest friend, the squirrel, was one of the hardest workers known to man. He was always the first one to be motivated and do his job properly. Deer never understood why anyone would want to freely decide to take on strenuous, tiring work, with no incentive. Rooster, the local weatherman, had warned the town of a powerful storm coming their way to their tiny village. Squirrel, along with the rest of the village, was proactive in getting property protected and covered for the brutal storm ahead. But deer just sat there, staring at the sunset where a thick pink shade of sky surrounded the horizon.

By morning the hurricane had long passed through the village. And villagers woke up to the devastation, with a feeling of pride in the fact that they were well prepared for the effects of the storm. However, when they looked over at deer, his hut was in shambles, and furniture and clothing were floating in the stream. He was crying, and though people wanted to feel sorry for him, they couldn’t because he had been lazy. He was in tears; he knew that how he acted had beendim-witted and unwise. So the village, being helpful, went to work on the reconstruction of deer’s house. In no time it was done and deer could move back into his house. Deer knew he had learned his lesson, and would never let it happen to him again.

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