Just a Dream part 1

May 16, 2011
By LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
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Death, no matter what you think, will always be a part of life. There will always be that moment where it hits you, dead on, and pulls you into its depths. You struggle and fight but it’s just like quick sand, the more you wrestle with it the more you are dragged under. But how else do you survive? You spend the time trying to get out while it watches you from the sideline, waiting to pull you under again.

My life was a victim. It succumbed to the abuse that it was given every day. Finally, I was dragged by my throat to where death resides. You would think since I’m young, it wouldn’t happen to me. Wrong. In fact, my name was written all over this fate since the day I was born.

My death brought grief, and with grief came destruction. My family crumbled down. I was the rock that held us together, but without the rock, my family was torn apart. Bits and pieces scattered throughout places unreachable. Places like memories and thoughts. Places where you reach them only if you had a time machine of some kind to get back to the past. Untouchable.

The night I died will forever haunt me. I never thought anyone would want to hurt me. It was my senior year in high school, just a week away from graduation. A girl no older than me walked into school. I was walking to my class first period, talking to my friend Kayla about nothing in particular, just the usual things, like boys and dating and school. She walked in front of me, pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. Before I could say anything, she pulled the trigger and all I could see was darkness. I haven’t even told you the strange part. She only shot me, no one else. Not Kayla or anybody around us, just me. I had never seen this girl before today.
Chapter 1
When I wake up, I realize I’m not at some hospital. I’m at my house and the tears started raining at what I saw. My dad sat in the chair next to the wall, watching the news with teardrops on his face. I look at the TV and notice a picture of me from my senior photos, so I decide to listen.

“Local girl Lacey Ricardo was shot at Amder Central School yesterday morning. Sources say that the girl who shot her is now awaiting trial. Her name has not been released. Lacey’s funeral will be held Saturday at noon.”

Silence. I was speechless. I’m dead and there’s no changing it. The words just hung in the air and threatened to expose me, but I was already in the open. But how can I be dead when I’m here, in the normal world.

I never realized how much I actually enjoyed life, no matter how much I denied it. Being dead made me invisible, alone; or rather a one-way mirror. I could see you, but you couldn’t see me. I could kick and yell and scream as much as I wanted to but all to no a veil.

The author's comments:
This was actually a dream I had about 2 years ago

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