May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Our time is running out, we must find somewhere safe to move to before it’s too late! The earth has been threatened by too many disasters, Halley’s Comet, Yellowstone, Viruses, and Halley’s Comet is coming back around with one last target… Earth. We have recently discovered a new planet that formed just recently, or three years ago. We hope dearly that it can support life.
1 year later,

Step one is a success, the planet has an atmosphere with oxygen and an ozone layer. We discovered this about two months ago. We will begin the search for any food or water.
1 year later,

We are one step closer to complete success. The planet does have a large source of edible food. They resemble apples, oranges, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. This discovery has proved that water may be on the planet.
1 year later,

Success! We discovered water on this strange planet. To honor it we shall call it… Salvation. We began moving there immediately. We must hurry; Halley’s Comet is only one year away!
117 days later,

Planet Log 25: I was moved here twenty-five days ago. Earth is still being evacuated as I speak. Those who are here have begun planting new trees, grasses, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The planet has proved fruitful in almost every way. The only complaints are having to rebuild our buildings, even though it only takes a few minutes to rebuild one. [End of Log]
248 days later,

Planet Log 273: The oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and all other masses of water and land have been placed on a map. According to scientists, the planet’s surface is fifty percent water and fifty percent land. Most life forms on Earth (other than insects and plants) have been brought to this new planet safely. We predict that Earth will be hit any day now by the comet. [End of Log]
3 days later,

Planet Log 276: Earth has remained for three more; Slam! Crash! Bang! Errrrrrrrr! Fwwwooosh! Our scanners have picked up that Earth has been destroyed, but… that can’t be right, our shields have gone down! Boosh! Bang! Arrrrggggggghhhhhh! Smash! All the debris is raining down on us. Arrrgghhhhh! This is not good, not good at all. Eeeeerrrrreeewwww! Bang! Arrrrggggghhhhh! [End of Log]
32 hours later,

Planet log 277: (scratchy, strangled, hoarse voice) the buildings we built have all collapsed and it seems as though no one survived. This will be the last log. The building that landed on this facility has nearly cut me in half. I will not last long. (Voice dimming) this is the last recording of how life on Salvation ended. Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (static) [End of Log]

Ghksud and Oifie descended on the mysterious planet, wondering what it might hold. They stepped out and scoured its surface, looking for treasure or valuable minerals. They called to their home planet of Zekddie and reported discovery of life, all deceased. Oifie walked into a building and discovered the body of a strange creature lying next to a machine. He walked over and pressed a few buttons. Then the recordings started to play…

Ghksud heard the sudden outburst of speech. The foreign, high-pitched voice was unlike anything he'd ever heard.
Oifie asked “chak bak yak?” (What are they?)
“ah wok ca” (I know not.)
They left the planet and did not return, never knowing that they had discovered the last remnants of human life...Salvation.

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wisebear2 said...
on May. 30 2011 at 11:55 am
Great imagination!


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