The Tale of Michael, Prince of Doves: Chapter 4: The Battle

May 20, 2011
By JessicaR SILVER, HSV, Arkansas
JessicaR SILVER, HSV, Arkansas
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After Lilith left, I decided to go back to my room. I was deep in thought. Why was Lucifer here after all these years? What did he want from me? I came into my room to find a terrible sight.
“My dear nephew, I believe we need to finish our talk.”

“Why are you here,” I asked angrily, closing the door.
“I only want to talk, Michael.”
“I don’t want to listen, Lucifer. You ruined my life when you killed my family! You are nothing to me,” I screamed.

I took my sword from its sheath and prepared for a fight, but he just sat there.
“What have you done with Amelinda,” I growled.
“Oh, you mean your little fairy,” he said holding up a cage with Amelinda, passed out, inside.
“You monster,” I screamed and charged.

Lucifer merely stood and dodged.
“What do you want to talk to me about,” I growled.
“Well, my dear nephew, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to kill you,” he said with an evil smile on his lips, “It seems that you have taken a certain interest in Lilith and I cannot allow it. She is mine.”

He started to come near me, but I stood my ground. As he began chanting something, I became very tired all of a sudden. The room was starting to go dark and I lost all my strength. I fell to my knees, and a bright light shown through the window of my room. The glass shattered with a high, ear piercing tone. I covered my ears. Then I saw a beautiful woman fly in through the window. She had chocolate brown hair that fell down her shoulders in a mess of curls. Her eyes were as blue as the sea itself. Her lips were full and as red as a rose. Her skin was like the color of the sand on the beach. She was wearing a magnificent white gown that hugged tight and cut low at her breasts, then flowed around her. The hems of the gown were sewn with gold lace. But the most surprising part about this woman was that her wings were the same as mine.
“Ah, Gabriel, I see you haven’t changed at all,” Lucifer said.
“Leave this kingdom my brother. You are no longer welcome here. Leave now and I will spare your life. If you do not, I will be forced to kill you. You know I am stronger than you, Lucifer,” Gabriel said in a confident voice with her head held high.

Lucifer looked angry. He stared at Gabriel for a short time, and then turned to look at me. “Don’t go anywhere, my dear nephew. I’ll be back for you soon enough,” he said with a smirk.

And with that he took to the sky. I turned to look at the woman who had just saved me. “Who are y-”

But I couldn’t get my words out. I fell forwards as the darkness took over my vision.

The author's comments:
Finally, Lucifer has shown his face and is now a new threat to Michael. What will he do? And who is this new and mysterious woman?

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