Immortal Fire

May 11, 2011
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My head pounded in my head. The pain was excruciating. And then as soon as it came it was gone. What had happend. I don't remember. My name is Jason. I'm 15. My birthday is January 24. As to what happend to me....I was oblivious. I opened my eyes and shut them immediately. Everything was so sharp and bright. There must be a light in my eyes. Yeah, thats it. Just a light. A new pain came then so fast I screamed. My throat felt like it was on fire. The searing in my throat grew to my chest and mouth. I opened my eyes agian and saw a man standing over my bed. I had to squint from the power of the light. He looked solemn and depressed.
"Goodmorning Jason. Ignore all the pain listen. I am so sorry it came down to this. You were the perfect fit for Adara's position. She wanted a boy that would be a useful tool in here army. You are now stronger, faster, and smarter. But first drink this. It will get rid of the pain. I'm sorry that this life was forced apon you."
Jason took a hasty drink from the bottle. Warmth flowed through his body.
"Whatever that stuff was it sure worked. What is it? What do you mean you didn't want this life for me? What life?"
" Your drink was actually fresh deer's blood. I'm sorry but you are a vampire now. You will fight in the vampire and magician war coming up in a week. You will be our Leader."

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