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May 6, 2011
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They were sauntering slowly, ever so slowly down the street towards the bus. It was the first day of school for all four kids. The teenagers moved with their families from the same dead end town and for the same reason- discipline. The four were juvenile kids that were removed from their old school because no one could handle them.

The school they are going to now was built in the 1920s as a prison. There were bars on the windows, doors were made with two inch steel, all doors had dead bolts, and the staff was assembled with prison guards and old mean teachers. Even the busses were eccentric. They were old prison transports with one kid per seat and the kids are shackled into their spots by wrist and ankles. You have to be tough to survive at this school.

Arnold, Beth, Erik, and Saige were the four new trouble makers going to the school. They were the only ones on the bus. Saige and Erik were two peas in a pod, they were together since they were kids and they both liked fire and defacing anything they could find. Beth was calm but had a wild side. She liked Arnold but he never gave her any signs. She was amazing at picking locks and knew how to make things go BOOM. Arnold is the calmest out of the four which is why he was the leader of the group. Arnold is six foot weighing 165 lbs. and was a true fighter. He had trained as a young boy with an MMA champion. His one problem is his temper. He has a temper that explodes and nobody wants to be around when he does flip out.

As the bus jerked up to the school a chill ran down Arnold’s spine. “We should not be here,” he said out the window. Erik spat angrily at the window and shouted, “They can’t handle us!” One of the guards un-cuffed Erik he said seriously, “More like you can’t handle this school.” As all four got off the bus and looked up towards the school they said in unison, “You gotta be jokin.”

Fixed on the top of the steps was a little old lady with a smile on her face that seemed almost creepy. She was wearing a pink wool sweater and a long bright pink skirt. As the befuddled teens stepped through the old Iron Gate all they could do was stare at the old lady standing up there. “And you are,” asked Saige in a snotty manner. The woman just smiled and pointed towards the big front doors. Then she vanished.

The door of the classroom slammed with a fury and the bolt slid into lock the door. The dingy room had one large desk for the teacher and four smaller desks for students. The walls were a dull gray with cracks and the floor was uneven in some places and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. One of the florescent light above flickered and the others were barely lit up. The kids sat down and just couldn’t believe how bad this place was. “This place is a major dump,” said Saige. “Ya I don’t deserve to be in a crap place like this!” shouted Beth. The lady just stood, smiled, and said “Well that’s just too bad isn’t it.” Her words were clear yet quiet and somewhat evil.

She rolled out an old creaky chalk board and stood intently while tapping her high heels. Arnold sat quiet but the others babbling about what they thought lunch was in a place like this. Screech! The teachers nails grinded across the chalk board with an agonizing sound. The din was so terrible it could make a deaf man cringe. The four covered their ears and contorted their faces at the inhuman sound. “Now,” she shouted, “pay attention!” Her voice seemed lower and scarier than normal.

Since there were no windows and no clocks the four didn’t know how long they had ben their and really weren’t paying attention to the lessons. Boom. A loud bang that sounded like a gong went off. Arnold lifted his head slowly as the others jumped in fright. The teacher was not there and they did not hear her leave. Out of the silence Beth says, “Bet I can pick the lock.” Before anyone said a word she scurried across the room and was at the lock. She was using pins that she hid in her hair to work at it. Right as the pins slid into the crevice the teacher appeared behind her. “Dear I would implore you to sit down now!” said the teacher in a harsh tone as she grabbed Beth’s shoulder. Beth whipped around in fury. “Don’t touch me you old bag of bones!” She shouted into the teachers face. The women raised her hand and in in a flash swiped it across Beth’s face.

Saige and Erik looked on in dismay, but not Arnold. Arnold flew out of his seat and charged towards the teacher. “Hey!” Arnold yelled as he made his way across the room. As he reached her she just disappeared without a trace. Moments later she appears behind him. “Sit down you little brats!” She yells in anger. While the teacher paid attention to Arnold, Beth worked on opening the door. There was a click then a slide and Beth opened the door. Erik, Saige, and Beth made their way out of the classroom. The teacher tried to grab Arnold but before she could he landed a left hook to her eye. She staggers back in bewilderment. When she looks up her eyes fog into black and her fingers grow sharp and deadly. There is a glint of evil in her black evil eyes. Her face wrinkles in anger and she looks like something out of a horror story. Arnold doesn’t know what to do so he dashes out of the room and meets the others at the end of the hall. “We need to go
NOW!” screams Arnold as he drags his friends down a flight of stairs. It seems like a dead end but Saige finds a door. It’s the gym and there is no way out. Erik runs to the storage room on the other side and busts the door open. He grabs golf clubs and as many balls as he can handle. Beth looks around and sees some chemicals. She finds a container and starts trying to make a bomb. Erik and Saige were ready to beam golf balls and Arnold puts on his brass knuckles that come off his belt.
Beth is frantically merged chemicals when… the far basketball court breaks open and flames arise from the pit. Through the flames arises the hideous Satan Teacher. Erik and Saige pelt golf balls at her but she seems to dodge them with incredible speed. Beth still wasn’t done with mixing the chemicals and the two ran out of balls. They were about to attack the ugly beast, but Arnold stopped them. “Go help Beth,” he tells them as he moves forward.
Arnold is now only a few feet away from the teacher. She rushes him but he jukes out of the way and lands a shot to her ribs. She winces in pain but attacks him again with more anger now than before. He slams two quick jabs to her face before she kicks him in the ribs. As Arnold grinds his teeth taking the pain he staggers back. He vaults with all the might he has in his body and manages a Wushu Butterfly kick to her jaw. She drops like a rock.

Beth shouts at Arnold, “I’m done!” He dashes back to the group and pops out a lighter. He ignites the homemade fuse on the bomb and slides it as close as he can towards the beast. All four huddle in the room with the doors closed waiting…BOOM!! There’s a thud in the ground and a sound like a cannon. They step out and see pieces of the once evil teacher all over the massive room.

A bell chimes and over the intercom comes a voice, “schools out.” The kids found their way out in front of the school and waited for the bus. “No cuffs for the ride home,” the guard said. The bus pulled up the stop and the kids were still stunned. As they rushed out of the bus the driver said, “Have a good one.” All four nodded and were walking away before they heard someone holler. It was the guard and he yelled, “Don’t worry kids she will be back tomorrow.”

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