Everyone Deserves a Friend

May 19, 2011
By KaylaKoala95 SILVER, Ashville, Ohio
KaylaKoala95 SILVER, Ashville, Ohio
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In the forest, Rin hopped out of her little rabbit hole, feeling the need to make a new friend. She hopped through the berry bushes that were outside her burrow until she found a trail. She finally found a little path, so she followed it.

The sun was shining, and Rin viewed the flowers and water. The sun made the water of the river shine so beautifully, and it made her feel warm and fuzzy. Rin followed the path for awhile, and then heard a roaring cry. She followed the cry until she found what it was. There was a huge dragon, and his wing and foot were stuck under a bunch of rocks. It was a very sad sight for Rin, and she wanted to help the poor creature.

“Hello, do you need help?” Rin said softly.

“Go away, I don't want any help,” the dragon said very angrily .

“My name is Rin. I know you don't want help, but you look like you need it.”

“Why would you want to help me? If you're trying to be friends with me, give it up. I'm Vergil, one of the only dragons left here. I really don't like anyone. I suggest you leave, please”

She thought for a moment, and she decided that since the dragon was stuck, he couldn't do any damage to her. She hopped a little closer and said,

“Okay, listen, when I want to make a new friend I try my hardest. That means sharing secrets about myself with a total stranger like yourself. Now this might change your mind about being friends with me. I used to be a princess and someone, a wizard actually, thought it would be funny to turn me into a rabbit. I used to have powers to heal and many other things. I'm able to turn back into a human if I do a lot of good deeds, like helping a dragon who needs help, but refuses. So think twice before you turn down your only source of help that will come around these parts in ages. Hardly anyone comes back here anymore.”

The dragon just stared with his jaw hanging, speechless. He looked at Rin and wondered how and why someone would want to turn this nice girl into a rabbit.

“Okay, okay, here's something I haven't told anyone. I used to be a pet but I wasn't a happy pet. The person that owned me treated me and the other dragons like dirt. But he treated every other pet like royalty. He was also a wizard. His name was Owen, I believe.”

Rin's eyes got wide with fear and shock...

“That was the guy that turned me into a rabbit. He's a cold heartless man...I'm so sorry he treated you like that... I'm ashamed to say this, but he was my uncle...”

They talked for a few hours, then Vergil decided that Rin could help him.

“You're not going to eat me are you?” Rin said smiling.

“No Rin, I'm not going to eat you.” Vergil laughed.

Rin hopped over towards the rocks and pushed on the rocks while Vergil pulled his foot and wing out. His wing came out from under the rocks, he looked amazing beautiful.

Rin's body started lighting up, and she started rising up in the air. The light surrounded Rin, and got even brighter until it covered her entire body. She started coming down, and feet touched the ground.

Rin had done such a good deed, she broke the spell that was on her, and turned back into a human. She had long, dark, golden brown hair. She had emerald green eyes, just like Vergil, she had a beautiful smile. Vergil just looked at her in amazement. She was beautiful.

“Vergil, thank you for letting me help you. You helped me break the spell, thank you so much.” Rin said smiling. Her beautiful teeth were shining in the moonlight.

“Rin, you're so beautiful. Thank you so much for talking with me, and helping me.” Vergil said smiling back. He had a tear in his eye.

“How would you feel about staying with me as my new pet?”

“Hmmm.. I'd love that.”

Vergil stood up, and the light from the full moon made his entire body glow. The blue on his scales and wings, the black in his wings, and those emerald green eyes, everything was glowing. It was so fascinating and beautiful.

Rin and Vergil stayed by each other sides since that day, they were so happy. They spent many years together, as owner and pet.

“You know Rin, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here?” Vergil said in a very soft voice.

“You know when I saw you I thought, everyone deserves a friend.” Rin said smiling, a tear streaming down her cheek.

“You're right Rin, everyone deserves a friend. Here, get on my back.”

Rin got on his back and he flew up into the moonlight, just as beautiful as the day him and Rin met...

The End

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