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Black Rose, Devil's Never Cry on the Dark Side, Samael and Lillith, A Tale

May 6, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Ashgard and black rose, conceptions of a bleeding cross, faith shredded to ribbons, by untimely premature loss

Decorate your linguistics like curtains over light, scalding on your memory like shadows in the night

The hunter and the hunted, bonded through hatred, pain is their unity, destruction and serenity

Midnight gallows describe such ramifications of the lost, soldiers running mad yielding rampant dreadnoughts

Icy core inside your heart, must feel good to know it's true, work I so divided, really meant nothing to you

Gothic romance in the fire, of hell's nine spires, rivers of magma and snow, all meant to conspire

Predetermined psychic twist, in the air raised angry fist, all meant to subdue and detain, resistant to shame

Shackles are crushed, freedom is thrust, upon the rust, revenge is a must, scimitar or blunderbuss?

Primrose on mantle, candles immaculate your desire, to play with the hand of the devil, atrocity lust so vile

That luscious black rose, grows in maple tree grove, where graveyard is my home, where memories we wove

Panther and nightingale, tigeress and raven, sabretooth and eagle, plot of greater evil

Dragon and mamba, shark and scorpion, maidens are scheming of a tempest worth dreaming

Palace draped in shadow's wake doors are never open, never closing, revealed only to the chosen

Under basement seething in air, singed with the dead and looming atmosphere, cause your sanity to dissappear

I arraign my emotions to be detained, it is not rain from my face that falls so heavy upon this page

It is blood stained like ancient ink pained from link to unborn jinx, makes you think, you're on the brink

Of wicked sphinx make you shrink from quicksand lynx jackals pranks and jester's fakes

<span>Inside the wind, clouds will enshroud your feelings of sin, never read aloud, nothing to fear, not to be proud</span>

Let me hate, once again, let me feel so vilified, let the sun never shine, let the heavens, terrify

Let Hades wrath be brought forth, to asunder haunted shores, a phantom of yourself in red, repress what you so dread

I see in white and black and grim wolfpacks, I am not bound by insane ideals or your own plans to attack

Sing me a song of gilded hero, champion of the people, inside a zero, feels nothing, sees nothing, but knows it all

Waiting on the one, the special one to call, I do not act like I am martyr divine to be enshrined

I am simply waiting on the vine, the one in purple blood, soaked up by red heart of the red feline's burning sun

I want this hatred, I want this rage, I want it to multiply in spades and allured shades before I rest in aura grave

Is it ok if I cry and feel so lost inside? to isolate my own mind where I can never ever die?

I wan't my pride is that alright? To be a demon of quiet night, a vampire under blood moonlight?

What am I, what are we? how is this all misanthropy? I dabble in withcraft ashcraft and occult path

Devil in red better of dead lycan instead created the bed that I lie in, do you like the black rose in it?

Samael and Lillith created my hands, now in chaos is where I must stand, tribulations and trials, start up the band

Time pours through sand, and into my hair, burns my snare and egotistical flair

But I do not care for you are not there so bring your worst to the devil may you dare?

The author's comments:
Religious mysticism

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