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May 10, 2011
By Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
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“Where is it? Where is it?” cried a voice. I was hiding under the table, hoping they won’t find me. After a moment, there was silence, except for the sound of the television. It was on a cooking channel, where a giant was inserting large pieces of vegetables into a weird-looking chicken. Finally, I turn away and look around. The coast was clear so I zipped from under the table to under a chair, and I kept doing this until I reached the kitchen. At last, I had reached heaven.

The smell of food was overpowering. It’s like this thing I was watching on the huge television where the smell of cheese persuaded the mouse to follow its scent, except it was me following the smell of food. Unfortunately, if I got caught anywhere near that food, the fat lady would kill me. She was pacing back and forth, from the table to the oven. I had a chance to rush under the table before the lady saw me, so I took it. I ran as fast as my little, short legs can take me, but I ducked under the chair, sp that she won’t see me. She kept moving back and forth, just like before, so I analyzed the pattern and began moving from chair to chair until I reach the oven. I hid behind it, in the shadows, so she couldn’t notice me. Good thing I was black, and not brown like others. I looked to my left and saw some of my black comrades, who signaled me to go to the Huge Bucket.

The Huge Bucket was our hangout, where we would form ideas on how to get to the Bedroom without getting caught by a giant or an adult. I am only 3 months old and I always want to go to the Bedroom. Apparently, lots of really bad stuff happens there according to my mom. Other things we do at the Huge Bucket were gnawing at fresh tomato peels or chips and playing some games like Hide-and-seek. There was a lot of trash there, so we always had something to do.

Anyways, I ran like the wind, and almost flew, to the Huge Bucket. My comrades didn’t follow me and nodded sorrowfully. I felt bad about them, but I wasn’t about to back and go them for I would be seen by those giants, so I continued. I was almost there, but then I tripped on a stair leading to it. I picked myself and tried again and succeed; I was there.

I looked around. What was everyone doing? Why are they lying on floor? I ran to them, asking them what happened, but none of them answered. “William, over here, at the back of the Huge Bucket!”said an unknown, yet familiar voice. I ran to the Huge Bucket and looked behind it. It was Danny, who was shaking in fear. “What happened?” I asked, looking into his eyes. “A giant came and sprayed the whole area with some kind of poisonous gas, so I think everyone’s dead.” “EVERYONE?!” I yelled, but then I checked around see if anybody heard us. Danny answered, “Yeah, except for anyone who wasn’t here, like me.” After saying so, he just stopped talking, as he had nothing else to say.

I decided to push the bodies out of the Huge Bucket grounds, so that they could get caught by the giants. I moved body after body to the outside, where everyone can see them. “Oh my God, what is that? It’s so disgusting!” yelled one of the giant girls. “I’ll get it,” said a giant man. He got up, got a white sheet, and wrapped the body in it. After that, he threw it away and I started mourning each body after that.
Finally, after all the bodies where ‘buried’, I told Danny that we were going to the Bedroom. Danny shook his head and told me that we might get caught. The Bedroom, fortunately, was close to the Bathroom, which was our gym. We always get there without getting attacked by anyone, so we can just turn to the other direction and get to the Bedroom.

Seeing my logic, Danny nodded and agreed, but we had another problem: we weren’t adults. We thought about getting one of the bodies to get into the Bedroom and we decided to use that idea, because there weren’t any other choices. We got our best friend, Chris, to be our undercover body. He was very big, but he helped a lot in this case. We carefully dragged him from the Huge Bucket to the Bedroom, walking through the shadows so that we were almost invisible.

When we got there, we hid under Chris and began moving him to enter the Bedroom. “Can I see some ID?” asked a huge bouncer, who was apparently not going to let us in. “Well, I… forgot my ID card at home, so…” I paused, and waited for him to complete my sentence. “So you want to get into the Bedroom without at least telling me your age, isn’t that right?” he said in a not-so-friendly tone. I shook a bit and then said, “No. My age is 1 year.” I was hoping he would buy it, but he didn’t look convinced.

As a few seconds passed, he sighed and said, “Whatever. Just enter.” I thanked him and we were on our way. Finally, I understood why it was for adults only. It was disturbing, but I will tell you what I saw. I do care about your childhood, but I just can’t keep this in. It was… it was… EGGS! Everywhere, there were white, slimy eggs.

I bet you don’t understand and think, Why were there eggs in the Bedroom? I thought it was something else. This is because you don’t live in my world, the world of the cockroach. Never forget our names, Danny and William, for my friend and I were the survivors of this adventure. Don’t feel sorry about the other guys, they aren’t actually dead.

The author's comments:
This was inspried by the many little 'guys' I find in my grandma's house.

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i loved that. it was hilarious. the only thing is the last paragraph is a bit confusing.

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