The Great Milky Way War

May 5, 2011
By Anonymous

It was April 23rd, 3128. The War had been going on for almost ten years, and Dan Jacobsen knew it was going to end soon. The war had started when emperor Dzrch of the Byzos Empire was assassinated while on a trip to the Republic of Earth to negotiate the renewal the antimatter weapons peace treaty. The Byzos army then manually invaded the Republic of Earth (which consisted of the states of Earthea, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Far Reaches, and the colony of Pluto. The Byzos destroyed the Earthling antimatter warhead factories, before being pushed back to central Milky Way by the Earthling forces. Since the war began in June 3118 the two sides have been fighting back and forth to try to reach each other’s territories. Surprisingly, not one single antimatter missile has been launched from either side. One antimatter missile can sometimes destroy an entire planet, and send residue from the explosion to other planets and infect inhabitants.

Dan Jacobsen was drafted by the Earthling Space Force in 3121 and was put to work as a tactical space raid pilot. He has seen a lot of the battlefield in his seven years experience, and he knew the side that pressed the launch button first would win the war and completely destroy the other side.

On that morning on April 23rd, Dan was called into General Jones’s office on the Earthling base on the planet of Rzurgh, a planet previously occupied by the Byzosians before being taken over by the Earthlings. General Jones had the look on his face he only showed when he had important news. Dan took a seat and General Jones gave him the news. “Sergeant Jacobsen, last night I received news from President Collins back on Earthea. He says its time to end the war now. We have suffered over twenty million casualties trying to fight our way in to Byzos manually. He wants an antimatter bomb dropped on the capital city of Cjklck, on the planet of Kilderhv. It will destroy Kilderhv, and the leaders and military officials of the Byzos Empire will be no more. Soon after we will follow with other bombings of the other planets in their territory. You are the most experienced and highest ranking pilot we have, for the others are just corporals and privates. So I’m asking you to be pilot who ends this brutal, gruesome war.”
This new was completely shocking to Dan. The hero who ended the war, but also the murderer who took millions of innocent lives. He fainted on the floor of General Jones’s office. He woke up in his bunk at his barracks. He went to the bathroom and threw up a few times. This was an extremely tough decision for him to make. He then went through his normal duties of filling out paperwork in the flight plan office. In the evening he was called once again into General Jones’s office.

“Have you made your decision yet, Jacobsen?” He said. “The fate of the entire Republic is in your hands.” “I’ll do it.” Said Dan.

The date for his bombing of Cjklck was set for May 11th, 3128. He would fly his B-1257 Bomber spacecraft off of a radar hidden spacecraft carrier sitting approximately 12 million miles away from Kilderhv. He would be accompanied by four Nighthawk fighter spacecraft to take out and defenses trying to shoot him down. The bombings of the other planets would take place exactly one hour apart from each other, beginning with Dan, and then following with the destruction of the other 49 planets in the Byzos Empire.
Dan went through hard, rigorous training and flight practice, including simulators of the bombing. Their were numerous air raids with regular bombs leading up to May 11th, because if the raids suddenly stopped, the Byzosians would know something was going to happen.

On the night before the bombing, news came in from Earthea City, on Earthea, the capital city of all the Republic of Earth. President Collins had been assassinated by a Byzos spy, disguised as a Secret Service agent. He escorted Mr. Collins out to his flying stretch limousine, and when the door closed, he pulled out his plasma pistol and melted the president into a pile of ashes. He was immediately shot and killed by the other Secret Service agents in the limo. This made the bombing of the Byzos Empire even more important.

Finally the morning of the bombing came. Dan got up bright and early, and enjoyed the best breakfast he had had in all is time in the Earth military. Every other person in the mess hall avoided him, staying at least two tables away. After breakfast he got in his pilot uniform and prepared to board the spacecraft carrier. He boarded the carrier and the voyage began to then location where he and hid flanks would depart for Kilderhv, which was referred to as coordinate X. All of the other pilots who were going to drop antimatter bombs on other planets in the Empire were on board too.
Coordinate X was reached in less than four hours. It was time. Dan’s B-1257 was prepared for take off. One antimatter bomb was placed in the bomb compartment, and the plasma fuel rod was placed in the holder. Dan climbed in the cockpit and prepared for takeoff. His four flanks took off first, and hen circled the ship as Dan took off. It would only be a short 30 minute flight to the planet of Kilderhv. Dan was so nervous as he was flying that his uniform was soaked with sweat.
In 25 minutes Kilderhv was in sight. The end of the Byzos Empire would begin in minutes. But, the Byzos Empire noticed something was up when Dan’s plane got within 4 million miles of Kilderhv.
The negative super magnetic charge from the antimatter destroyed all radio and satellite signals on the entire planet of Kilderhv. The antimatter magnetic charge is so strong that all electronic devices are destroyed, all radio and satellite signals are destroyed, and electricity is lost in any place within the range of the antimatter. The only way to keep this from happening is to lock the antimatter in an airtight chamber, where it floats in a tall clear cylinder with no matter whatsoever in it, because touching other matter is what triggers the explosion.
When all communications were lost and power was lost, everyone on Kilderhv knew what was happening; they were all going to die in an antimatter explosion. With no power, orders could not be sent by Byzos military leaders to launch all antimatter missiles at the Republic of Earth. Kilderhv as completely helpless, they could do nothing but wait to die.
Finally, the moment of truth had arrived. Dan and his flanks had reached the bomb drop range, 455 miles above the surface of Kilderhv. “Dan was ready to press the bomb door button, and end it. This is for the 20 million Earthling lives lost in the last ten years. This is for President Collins, this is for the Republic of Earth!” shouted Dan as he pushed the button. A beep sounded and Dan felt the ship shake as the bomb doors opened and the antimatter bomb fell out, towards the city of Cjklck.
The explosion was so bright the men back at the spacecraft carrier saw it. It was a huge bright white ball in the sky. Dan and his party returned to the spacecraft carrier unharmed. The next bombing missions were successful, and the spacecraft returned to the base on Rzurgh. When Dan walked down the gangplank he was met by General Jones and all of the other lieutenants and generals at the base. Dan was given a special dinner, attended by all of the generals and high ranking officials.
The war officially ended on June 2nd, 3128 when the Byzos generals on the main front in central Milky Way, got together and decided to surrender. They returned to what was left of the Byzos territory, which wasn’t much, and stayed there, not coming back to fight the Republic of Earth again for a long, long time. But that’s another story.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for Honor's English.

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