Flying With "Angels" (excerpt)

May 5, 2011
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“Eeeeeep!!!!” That annoying bat bell is really getting on my nerves! I thought. I was so stupid to be glad that I had installed it onto my bedroom gate so that those d*mn messengers would quit popping in. “Enter,” I commanded, and the guardian to our home stumbled into my room. “Stop! Don’t come any closer.” I demanded, already knowing he wouldn’t dare get his disgusting feet on my human skin threaded carpet. “What do you want?”

“S-sire would like to speak to you.” He mumbled, eyes wide from the ruby glow of everything that surrounded us. Servants rarely got the opportunity to even witness such a rich surrounding.

“Tell him I’m busy.” I snapped. “I’m in no mood to be irritated.”

“Psh,” he scoffed. “Like that won’t ever happen”

“What did you say?!” I yelled, my eyes holding h*ll’s reflection and my hair beginning to sizzle.

“Th-That he says right now it has to happen.”

Can it be? I wondered, disregarding his obvious lie. I couldn’t destroy another servant this week. Can he truly be ready to begin the hunt for Pure Ones? Ugh, just their name lights my hair on fire. “Tell him on my way.”

“Yes, my queen” he responded, making sure to bow before he left.

“And throw away that annoying doorbell!” I yelled. “It’s not worth the indignation.”

“Yes, my queen.” he replied, and muttered something inaudible before pulling away the live bat that hung directly next to my gate as he rushed out the room. The thing screeched for a second thinking it was going to be tortured, but quickly flew away in relief for mercifully being taken down after being agonized for so long. Please, I thought, it’s only been 2 weeks since it’s been tied up there. I sighed, swiftly grabbing hold of my golden scepter, and banging it onto the floor twice, sending a mini tornado to surround my body and transport me to my master’s training spot. Looking up I see my husband torturing a former colleague.

“Uggh!” He grunted “And this is why you never go against me!!” He swung his fiery whip onto the bare back of our backstabbing ally.

“AAAAGGHHHH!!!” he yelled, hunching over as if to sink away from the pain. Master gives one last whip, and suddenly he’s lying on the rough terrain, unconscious.

“D*mn traitors…” He mumbled. I cleared my throat to inform him that I had arrived, and so he responded “Take the b****rd away and leave me with my wife. Save the traitor’s body for tomorrow.” The two guards at the mouth of the cave walked over and grabbed the nearly dead demons’ arms and dragged him away through the coarse ground. They bowed to the both of us before leaving us to our privacy.

“Geryon said you sent for me.” I mentioned as nonchalantly as possible, attempting to casually graze my hand above his bare, heated arm. “What for?” I ask.

“I think you know why, Lilith.” he smiled “Your eyes have that violet tint to it, a clear sign of your nervousness.”

I blushed. D*mn it! I thought. I knew I would give myself away!! “So it’s true?” I asked, attempting to push away this whole ordeal. “You’re ready to begin The Mission?”

“Yesss.” he hissed in that low whisper that can drown mortals into sleep until death. Slowly raising one of his clawed hands, he snapped it, bringing a puff of smoke to appear, and a scroll of paper fading into view soon after the air had cleared. He laid it down onto a small table next to a gypsy’s crystal ball and tapped the first lettering there was on the list. Smoke began forming inside of the glass ball and human forms began to show through the fading grey.

“Daddy, wake up!” a little girl was shaking her father to wake up.

“It’s time…” Satan sneered, his naturally blood stained teeth peering through his thinly lipped mouth.

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Jess2525 said...
May 18, 2011 at 6:14 pm
Wow this is great!  I was immediately hooked and I can't wait for the full book.  Keep writing you are fantastic!
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