The Vampire part I: Black Blood

April 29, 2011
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25 January 1834

Dear Journal,
Another person went missing today, Lucy Drew by name. She was a maid who often wore a white dress that made her look fatter than what she was. A single bonnet covered her brown wired looking hair. Her feet were flat and one could distinctly hear her walking at night for she trotted so loudly that many of the dear neighbors have awoken in night’s past with pains in their heads for her loud walking. But when the bell ringer tolled his golden bell this morning, he made notice that Ms. Drew was missing. Upon further inspection, there was found that the door was locked from the inside and that her windows were battened down and latched shut. Considering the facts, the bell ringer went about his way.
After assuming that Ms. Drew went about the lane and perhaps purchased her daily groceries as she use to do, every one in the village went about their business. Grasping hold of a book, I began to read. It was about midday when a strident scream echoed throughout the valley where our village was. Dashing over to the window, I threw open the sash and thrust my head out the window. Catching hold of a young boy, I hollered to him and begged for him to stop.
“You, boy!” I said, “Why was there such a scream in the distance?”
“I hardly wish that I knew, sir,” The boy replied, “For my mother has sent me to inquire of the same fact.”
Dashing off, the boy raced down the lane with his gray shirt and brown trousers. Grabbing my cape, I too ran down the stairs and exited out of my house and followed the boy to where the scream had came from.
It was not ten minutes from then did I discover my self in a graveyard which was a mile away from our village in the valley. A small horde of many people had formed and all gathered around one tombstone. Each person held his or her crucifix in their hands and mercilessly prayed for the love of God to protect them. Crossing themselves once they had completed their prayers, all the people stared ahead. Gliding my way through the mass multitude, I did soon see what was of the matter. Slumped forward with her back to a tombstone marked HOUSE, was Ms. Drew. Her eyes were wide open and resembled that of glass in the rain, wet and passing away from all knowledge of things. Her hands were shriveled and red and her black shoes were damp with mud. Moving aside a lock of hair, I soon discovered two small puncture wounds on her neck. It was then did I stand back and stared at the maid’s body.
“Vampire.” I muttered.
Reverend Paul soon arrived and disproved my diagnosis with a simple answer that Ms. Drew was the sign of God, that he would punish all the sinners who didn’t repent.
“I do not believe that to be so.” A young man spoke from among the crown.
The young man was pale. He wore a flowing black overcoat with black trousers and shoes. His pale snow white hair was not neatly combed and so, he made himself seem less than presentable in my eyes. With much caution, the young man stepped forward.
“I believe this to be a vampire.” The young man spoke, his accent was that of a far off land, Italian I presumed.
“Young master,” Reverend Paul told the young man, “This is a sign of God, do you deny God?”
“I do not.”
“They what say you about this matter of Vampire or God?”
“It is a vampire.”
“It is a sign of God. If one says the word Vampire over the word of God, then he has denied God. Do you deny God?”
“I do not.”
“Then, what have you to say about this matter?”
“It is of God.”
Nodding, Reverend Paul smiled and held up his Bible to the air. The Young Man left. It was later that day that I did see that young man again. His face was paler and he distinctly avoided the windows and mirrors that he could see. He held a cup in his right hand and was frequently sipping from it after raising it to his lips. Black liquid fell from his lips as he drank from the eternal filled cup.
Soon, supper fell upon the village. I had gone down to the local pub, owned by Angus McFlay, after closing my windows and locking my doors at home. Eating a rather insipid bowl of beef stew, I returned to my dwelling and soon fell asleep.
I awoke in the middle of the night and peered out the window by my bedside. Staring straight at my sanctuary, was a girl that looked similar to Ms. Drew. She tiled her head to one side before doing the same with the next. Closing my eyes, I hasten to open them; only to discover that Ms. Drew was gone.

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