April 29, 2011
By molly lenhoff BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
molly lenhoff BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
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Run for your life.
It was raining. Like cold slippery tears streaking down my body. Darkness loomed in the night, cold and unforgiving. Every shadow passing me by looked dark and sinister like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. I was the prey. He was the lion. Darkness overwhelmed me, surrondened me, took me. I flew up the stairs to the one place I knew I would be safe.

‘’Maddy wake up! Earth to Madison!’’
‘’That’s the problem”, I thought,” I’m not on earth.’’
Whoa! Where did that come from?
Finally I snapped out of it and found I had a very irked looking Isabella staring at me as if I had just stripped naked in front of the whole school. I wish I had, that would’ve been better than that last memory. Funny thing is I don’t recall having these things happen to me, but there they are just as sharp and bright as sunlight hitting your eyes for the first time when you walk out of your house at eleven o’clock after sleeping the whole day.

‘’Maddy what’s going on? You’ve been acting really weird lately’’, said a very pretty yet annoyed Meradith.

All three of us were sitting in a small dingy classroom in the middle of a small town in Michigan. My dilapidated and written on desk was a sure sign that I was in school. But not only just school- the best school. High Oak High School. Yayyy! We all love High Oaks etc.,etc. Why people got so excited about this school I have no clue. All I knew was to keep my head down and to only talk to my other two friends and teachers. Isabella and Meradith are like sisters to me but sometimes I can’t talk to them about stuff. Stuff like the memories. I have these memories flash back at me randomly. It’s like I’m sleeping and I can’t wake up till someone breaks me out of my shell coated wall of a head. So here I am about to tell another lie to my best friends.(hint: I’m bad at lying.)I feel faint.

‘’I know, I know. I’ve just been day dreaming a lot that’s all”, I said,” Nothing to worry about. You know me the daydreamer.”

My friends glanced at each other with an angry sort of look which meant they knew I was lying. Why, oh, why could I not come up with a plausible sounding excuse? Maybe it was time to fess up. No, definitely not. I think I’m going to be sick!

“Maddy we’ve been your friends for how many years now? We know when something’s wrong and-”, said Izzy.

“-and also the fact that you turn green and get sick when you’re lying. It’s kind of a weird reaction truthfully but still true.”, said Meredith finishing it off for Izzy.

Oh boy! Why did I think I could lie to them? I’m so busted! Well I might as well keep trying anyway. They might just pass it off as a hormonal thing or something.

“Guys I’m fine I’ve just been feeling a little off lately. You know how often I get sick.” I said. It was true that if I didn’t puke once in every 1-2 weeks then my mom would probably take me to the doctor for not being sick. They looked at each other worriedly trying to figure out my lie/truth.Wow, I might actually be getting better at this! Or not.

“No you definitely have that look on your face like your lying. No offense but your just bad at lying,” stated Merry firmly.

Now I understood what that worried look on their faces was for. They must think it’s something serious because usually I cave by now.

Stay strong Madison.

Whoa, that’s not my usual memory voice thingy! Holy crap someone else is in my head. Breathe, Madison, breathe. Hey voice memory thing what was that voice, huh? Please tell me! Come on! I think I’ll take a bathroom break and ‘’think” more about this.

“Excuse me but I need to use the bathroom”, I muttered hurriedly.

I flew out the door so quickly that I just had to run into someone. You’d think you would know the thing that comes next. I bump into a guy we “accidentally “touch hands or switch papers and have to meet again but no- none of that happens. We both fall to the ground papers, books, and swear words flying everywhere. As we stand up he glares at me. Great. Just Great. Sometimes I think the world just hates me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you-“, my words are cut short by his snarky response.

“Whatever, just watch where your-“, he stopped abruptly for some reason. Just then he took the full of me in and his face softened greatly while mine hardened. He had sharp blue eyes, almost piercing and slightly scary. His blonde hair was neatly combed back almost like my grandpa’s, but he it still made him look gorgeous. He was tall and lean, almost skin and bones. I remember him from somewhere”, I thought to myself,”Hmmmm……” Though the thought of him only dreaded up dark memories I had to be polite. It was the way I was raised and I wasn’t about to lose my politeness over just the thought of a boy I didn’t even know. Yet. Now you talk!

“Hello my name is Alexander”, he said holding out his hand for me to shake.

“I’m Maddy”, I said taking his rough hand into mine and shaking it meekly.

“Nice to meet you.” he said.

Really because frankly I think this is kind of akward. Though I couldn’t say that so instead I said, “Nice to meet you too, though it was kind of a clumsy way to meet.” He chuckled in response.

Wow, what a dork I am.Your not supposed to tell a boy your clumsy! Alex’s eyes met mine and I got one of his piercing looks. It was almost hard to look at. I stood strong though it was almost painful.Get away then! I know weird memory voice I’m working on it.I saw my friends coming toward me and I was stuck. Talk to painful/gorgeous looking guy or lie to my friends? At the moment i don’t exactly love my life.

I chose my friends.
“Well nice talking to you but…..i need to go a…..to the a……”his gaze was making me stutter and my friends were slowly but surely making their way to the door to come gather me.

“To the bathroom. I understand that you no longer want to talk to me and I tire of talking to you as well. Have fun avoiding your friends”, he said with a smug looking smile like he had just won a battle of some kind.

“Nice talking to you too!” With that I stomped away. I glanced back and he had a sort of smug grin on his face.

And so it began.

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