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April 29, 2011
By DarkPandaAngel GOLD, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
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These words are written down from the lost recordings of the famous scientist James, Bonbush and his time spent in a tropical rain forest.

May 21 1:00pm

Today is my first day of research. I am in a tropical rain forest just north of Gabon, Africa. So far the weather has been humid and hot. Really, really hot. There are so many green plants and trees and branches hanging that you have to watch your step or you might hit your head. It rains a lot and I am constantly trying to find a dry place to stay. I have only been in the rain forest for five hours and I already know that staying for a week will be tough.

I am starting my search for new animals. So far my luck has been inevitable. I haven’t seen any new animals, but I have seen some species of bugs and have gotten to study them more. I have made notes of my research gained from that in my writing journal.

There are new plants that I have discovered. One of them scarcely resembles the Fern plant only it is a tad different. In my journal I have written down info about the plant and drew a surprisingly good picture. I will show you more on that on my return. Also I have found a new species of carnivorous plants. The plant hides in hidden locations and surprise attacks its victims. Although I haven’t figured out how it knows where the bugs are, I do know that they will attack anything that moves. I almost lost my hand today.

May 22 3:00pm
For food today I did what some natives do. I ate some beetles and I even found a nest of mealworms. They were both hiding under one of the many rocks in the rain forest. Apart from my disgust at first for even thinking about eating bugs, they weren’t actually that bad. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.
While eating this meal I noticed a tiger watching me from a tree. I thought for sure that I was going to be dead but the tiger didn’t attack. It got close to me though. It jumped out of the tree and lazily walked over to me. It sniffed me and right when I thought my life was going to end, a noise came from the brush and the tiger ran away.
Curious at what had saved me, I went to look through the brush. I saw a glimmer of pink eyes, but as soon as I blinked they disappeared. I’m not sure if I actually saw the or not. My brain runs fast as I try to find a scientific reason for this.

May 23 12:00pm
I spent the morning searching for the thing with the bright pink eyes. I went through trees with moss and almost got poisoned by a poison dart frog. It was a good thing that I noticed the frog before I put my hand on the area of the log it was sitting on.
I am almost certain that the pink-eyed thing existed. There is no doubt in my mind that I didn’t see it. I had no luck in finding it though. My mind is going crazy. I only have four and a half more days in the rain forest and I have this need to find her. Yes, I have decided to call the pink eyes thing a her. It only seems fitting.
While searching this morning my foot stepped on an egg. Only it is not like any egg in our knowledge. It is bigger then an ostrich egg and from the broken shell pieces, the egg has more protective coating. The egg let out an ooze of red and purple liquid. It was something I have never seen before. I touched some of this liquid. It was thick and squishy. Something weird is in this forest.

May 24 8:00pm
A rash has formed on my right hand. It is the same hand that I touched the egg insides with. I have tried many medical techniques that are in my first aid kit, but nothing works. I have a worry in my mind about it but it has not taken much of my time.
I saw the pink-eyed girl again. Only this time I saw her face. She is indeed a girl, but the question is a girl to what species? She was black, African American, but she wore purple spots on her face. I tried to think back on my research of African tribes and their cultures, but I can’t remember one that put purple spots all over their faces. Maybe she is part of a culture we scientist haven’t heard of before.

May 25 6:00am
A bird woke me up this morning. It was one I have never seen before. It was small with green feathers. Its belly was a tint of yellow. It was quite beautiful and I took a picture of it and put it in my journal. Alas, it flew away before I could study it further.
I also woke up this morning to find that my rash had grown. It now covers my whole right arm. It is extremely itchy but scratching it breaks the skin. I have put more worry into it and I am hoping that it will not travel to any more spots in my body until I can get it checked in a hospital.
Today I will go back to the place where I saw the pink eyed girl again in hopes that maybe she will lead me to her tribe.

May 25 6:00pm
The rash has grown in the last twelve hours. It has now covered my whole right torso and the right side of my neck. It is starting to pain me. I went to the bathroom and my urine was mixed with blood. I am starting to think that maybe this rash is more than a rash. I can’t contact any humans until my trip is over.
I am staying in one place now. It hurts too much to move. Every time I move my right arm I break open parts of the rash and I start to bleed. I am frightened.
A loud growl keeps coming from in front of me. It seems something is waiting...waiting for me to die. As I speak now I can feel myself losing consciousness. I--

May 26 6:30am
I woke up in the worst pain of my life. The rash had spread throughout my whole body. It burned like the fiery passion of ten thousand suns. The rash has stopped breaking through my skin, but I believe that is because there is no skin to break through. I keep seeing illusions. There are people who are around me yet not there.
They talk so loud and I try to shout at them to stop but they don’t hear me. They’re not there. The pink-eyed girl has returned. She stares at me with a smile. It’s as if she has planned this whole thing. She’s waiting. I think she’s waiting for me to die. I think the whole egg thing was a trap. I think she knew I would touch the liquid that came out of the egg. She has poisoned me.
The rash is eating me up. My muscles are weak and I can barely breathe. This is my last video entry. I won’t make it to the hospital. I won’t make it anywhere. I can already feel parts of my body giving up hope and shutting down. It’s exactly what the pink-eyed girl wanted. She wanted me to die and now her wish is granted.
Before I die though I would like to formally thank my family. For even though this tape may never be found and never be heard, I just need to know that my wife knows that I love her and the undetermined child inside her. I wish I had listened to you when you told me not to go.
After all I guess I haven’t really found any new scientific discoveries but I have given you guys more question that need to be answered. As my dying wish, I want you to find this pink-eyed girl and whoever else may have been part of this whole experience and bring out the truth of my death. Please don’t just say it was a wild jungle animal. Please find the truth and find my murderer.
So this is it for my last video entry. Goodbye to everyone listening. I hope that one day we will meet again and hopefully we meet in a better place. Goodb--

So concludes the words written from the video recordings of the famous scientist, James Bonbush. May he and his soul rest in peace.

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