The First Rainbow

April 28, 2011
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Once upon a time, animals lived in groups by color. They each ruled their own empire in different parts of the world, only mixing once a year during the summer solstice.

One day, before the solstice took place, the Sun called a gathering of all of the groups. (Only the Sun and the Rain had the power to call a gathering of the animals because they were considered to be the two gods of the Earth) All of the groups were surprised and curious as to why the Sun had called a gathering. The next day, the animals had all gathered and were mingling among themselves.

Suddenly, a loud, booming voice cried out from the sky. “Quiet! Everyone listen up.” The powerful Sun demanded. “Rain and I agreed that something spectacular must take place when both of us are in the same place at once. We have come to an agreement that a something called a rainbow will light up the sky after our meeting. Since I get to choose the order of the colors in the rainbow, Rain got to pick the name. It will be called a rainbow because it will arc or bow through the sky, hence the word bow, and Rain wanted to have his name put into the title.
There are seven colors the rainbow will be made of. Our only problem is choosing the order of the colors of the rainbow. All of your colors will be used in the rainbow. It is now up to all of you. Each group will send one animal to try and impress me. I will then choose the order. Meet me back here in one hour. Now, be gone!”

Back at their homes, each animal group had decided that they were the best animal group, so therefore, their group should be the first color. All but the red group…

One hour later

“Your time is up,” exclaimed the Sun, “send me your chosen animal. Who wants to go first…? You there, the blue elephant, you will be the first to try to impress me.”

The blue elephant was escorted to the Sun’s palace in the sky.

“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” the Sun questioned.

“Why, isn’t it obvious? We elephants are the strongest on the planet. Surely, we are the right choice,” he answered.

The blue elephant was sent down from the sky. It was now the yellow owls turn.

“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” the Sun inquired.

“Well, our group is the wisest of them all. It would be a wise decision to choose us,” replied the yellow owl.

Once the yellow owl’s turn was over, the green snake was next to go.

“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” the Sun implored.

“Why wouldn’t we be? We are definitely the mossst clever of all. We are amazzzing,” retorted the green snake.

The green snake was followed by the violet honey creep.

“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” the Sun asked.
“I would like to start by giving you a present. Hopefully, you will think of the violet gem we gave to you when you make your decision. Maybe you will decide that because of our great gift, we will get to go first,” explained the violet honey creep.

The violet honey creep left just as the orange kangaroo appeared.

“How are you doing today Mr. Sun?” the orange kangaroo asked.

“Very well, thank you.” said the Sun, sounding surprised.
“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” the inquisitive Sun asked.

“Our animal group tries to be the most caring and hospitable. We think that is a good character trait to have. Have a nice day,” responded the orange kangaroo.

The indigo Indian frog came after the orange kangaroo.

“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” The Sun interrogated.

“We are the oldest and far more superior to all of the groups. It’s just natural that we are put first,” snapped the indigo Indian frog.

The indigo Indian frog disappeared from the sky. The red cardinal was the last animal of them all to be called up.

“Why should you be the first ccolorthe rainbow?” the Sun wondered.

“Oh, Mr. Sun. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. But we red cardinals don’t have anything special about us. We aren’t the strongest, or the wisest, or even the oldest. We have nothing to brag about. My group is just honored to be a part of the rainbow,” the red cardinal said with feeling.

The red cardinal then left, leaving the Sun to ponder on all of the groups’ responses.

“I have come to my decision,” announced the Sun. “The order of the rainbow will be: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.”

Murmurs shot through the crowd of animals.
“Why do the red cardinals get to go first?”
“Ya! What do they have that we don’t?”

“Quiet!” the Sun demanded, “The red cardinals were the most unselfish and modest group of animals. To me, that shines more than anything. The way that the violet honey creeps bribed me is one of the lowest ways to getting what you want. For the rest of you, I don’t care how strong you are, how wise, how clever, or even how old you are. What’s important to me is how kind you are to others. Being a courteous animal, like the red cardinals and the orange kangaroos showed me, is more important to attain in life.”

So, that is how the rainbow came to be.

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