Trapped Like a Rat

May 2, 2011
By Dylan Conroy BRONZE, Commack, New York
Dylan Conroy BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Cel woke up with a bad headache and no idea of where she was. In fact, she had no idea WHO she was. Feeling around in the dark, dank room she was in, she lifted up what felt like a wool blanket and sat up on what was probably a stone bed. She managed to find what she thought was a candle, and lighted it with what she thought was a match. Filling the room with a orange-red light, Cel was greeted with an ominous voice coming out of thin air. “Hello there, new being. You have been lucky enough to wind up here instead of being out there. Now let’s get down to business.” Suddenly, a glowing orange hole appeared on the wall, and Cel slowly walked through it. She could see herself sticking her hand out the wall outside the bars that made one of the walls. Cel then quickly realized, she was in a prison cell and that she was dealing with some crazy magic.

Cel slowly through the hole in the wall, looking behind her and saw that it was blue, the hole was. With a puzzled look, Cel continued down the hallway with her candle, only to come to a stop in a small room. The body-less voice returned. “In this place, you will find these various large stones. Using them will allow you to progress.” Cel picked up the stone, and found it to be surprisingly light, and proceeded to wander around the room with it. She had no idea of what to do with the stone, although she suddenly stepped on a tile on the ground that sunk into the ground with her pressure. With that, a section of the wall began to open. She proceeded to walk over to the doorway, but it slowly closed back to its original state. Cel looked behind her, and saw that the stone had to be left there on the tile. By doing this simple act, Cel managed to continue on throughout the doorway.

A small staircase greeted Cel after that small puzzle, and she continued up them until coming to another room. In this room, a faint blue glow could be seen from across the room. The voice returned. “In this chamber, you will receive the magic that you had witnessed when escaping from your pris- I mean bedroom. You will be able to make holes through space and time, although with some restrictions.” Cel walked along throughout the room, only to find the entrance that she came in to be completely sealed. “You must use the blue magic to make your own escape out of here. The blue holes you make are connected to any orange holes that I make for you. You can male as many blue holes as you wish, as you can make the blue magic return to you at your command.” The voice disappeared and from beyond some bars on the wall, an orange hole not yet opened appeared. Cel pondered the logic for a second, and decided just to throw the magic blue orb at the wall; although it wasn’t a strong enough throw. The blue orb landed on the floor, yet the blue hole still formed. Cel decided to roll with it, and stepped through the hole, and fell onto the floor opposite the bars on the wall. With a small bump of her head, Cel slowly stood up and looked back behind her through the orange hole. She could see the ceiling from the previous room behind her, and was extremely confused on how this occurred, but decided not to ponder it anymore. She continued on, finding another set of stairs leading her downward.

As she progressed, Cel began to encounter even more challenging puzzles and traps. She eventually gained control of the orange magic, allowing her to manipulate the space time holes at her own will. Although the feeling of being trapped began to escalate, as various rooms with bars for walls were observed to more like prison cells, as her original room may have been. Also, as time went on, the ominous voice became even stranger with its sentences and its organization of speech, as well as certain actions that she was requiring Cel to make. At one point, Cel came across another stone that was oddly colored pink and had to be used to solve other various puzzles, although, at the end, the voice made said something that quickly struck terror into Cels heart. “You must take your Friendship Rock and place it on this switch. Although, there is a catch. The rock must die in order for you to progress. Keeping the rock on the switch will keep the door open for you, but the room will fill with lava in five minutes time. So, you can decide to leave and live, or stay with the rock and burn together for your last few minutes.” Cel was horrified with this explanation. Reluctantly, Cel forced herself to leave behind rock, the closest thing to a companion she had in this prison. She slowly walked up the next set of stirs with some slight tears in her eyes.

Cel wanted revenge. The only thing she had to love, gone. She also came to the conclusion that the voice was the reason that she was trapped in this dungeon. Cel continued on, with a slight escape plan. Later on, Cel’s plan came to fruition. As soon as she could, Cel threw her magic down through a sewage pipe within one of the cells. “Wait! Where are you going?” the voice exclaimed. “You’re not going the right way! This is not the way you’re meant to be going!” Cel found herself in the slush that was the sewage waste of the entire building. With haste, she ran through the disgusting slop on the ground and eventually found a light protruding from beyond a sewage drain. Throwing the orange magic though the sewage drain, Cel came through the hole and was inside a brightly candle lit cell. Cel stared at a glass casing on the wall, containing a pitch black orb similar to the magic that Cel wielded. The voice suddenly returned, but this time was completely audible and louder than before. “You have found me, much to your misfortune. I am this dark being before you. I am the entity controlling this entire building. I cannot be killed. You cannot kill me, as I am not alive, nor dead. I exist to protect the beings within the building from the horrors of the outside world.” Cel began to walk toward the dark being’s glass case, but a quick sound wave caused Cel to have an extreme headache. “Step away from me. You cannot hurt me; I will only bring you death. Step away so I may protect you. The magic you have acquired was meant as a way to entertain yourself and contact the others within the building. You just haven’t seen them yet. They are still testing.” Cel continued to walk towards the source of the voice. Seeing a large metal rod on the ground, Cel picked it up and pondered upon what use she should put it to. “You will not kill me. I cannot be killed. You will die instead. Nothing can pierce my shell. It protects me from all outside horrors, including you.” Cel raised the metal bar high above her head. With much force, she struck the glass casing and made a small crack. “You can’t get through it. That crack is so small and insignificant.” A second strike. More cracks. “It is pointless. Even if you do manage to break through, you will die.” A third smash. One huge crack forms from all of the smaller ones. “I will kill you. My force will be unleashed. I am the greatest horror that you will face. Do not cross me.” A fourth strike. The casing shatters open. “No… No… NOOOOO!” The dark orb slowly expanded with nothing to keep it contained. Cel found herself being dragged into it with much force. “I WILL KILL YOU! YOU HAVE KILLED ME! YOU DENIED MY OFFERINGS AND KILLED ME! YOU WILL PAY!” Cel found it futile to try and resist. The room itself was being pulled apart. Concrete sections flying off walls, drainage pipes being pulled from the ground. Cel was swept off of the ground and flew into the dark mass, being swallowed as she could hear the screams of the voice echo all around her.

Cel opened her eyes on the soft dirt of a forest. Unable to move, Cel just laid there thinking about her past adventure. However, after not too long, Cel was being dragged backwards across the soft dirt to what looked like a cave an unknown, unseen force. Cel, realizing what was truly going on, let out a shrill, silence piercing scream. “Screaming will solve nothing. You have killed me. And I’ll soon be repaying the favor.”

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