May 2, 2011
The morning sun felt good on my skin. It cradled me in its warm rays. I was starting to sweat and feel a bit hot under the blanket I was wrapped in. I opened my eyes a tiny bit to remove the covers and slightly pushed them off of me. They wouldn’t budge. I sat straight up and opened my eyes all the way. “Ahhhh” I yawned as I put my arms up over my head and stretched falling back onto the bed. I rubbed my eyes and looked down onto my nightstand at my alarm clock it was eight o’clock. I sat up once again and turned my self to get out of bed. I looked around and all I could see were my striped sheets. It was like I was still dreaming. I panicked “MOOOOOMMMMMMMMM”. I waited and heard nothing in reply so I tried again. Louder this time “MOOOMMMMMMMMM”….still nothing. I stood up and walked to the edge of my bed. I looked down, I felt like I was standing on the worlds tallest cliff looking down. I sat down and started to cry. I had no idea what I was going to do. I started to think. I couldn’t jump, but I did have wings on my back to fly. I tried to flutter them and started to lift. I slowly fluttered my way to the edge. I looked down, and decided to go for it. I slowly floated down towards the ground. I landed softly on my rug. I sat down, that whole fluttering business was tiring. I lay down on the rug, stretching out and then curling into a ball. “Maybe if I go back to sleep I will wake up normal again”.

I awoke once more to find I still had wings and was still petite. “Arghh” I grunted and sat up. I had no way to leave my room. I looked over at my door and seen there was a small crack underneath the door. I started walking towards it, walking was even starting to take more effort than usual. I felt like I was dragging my feet just to take a couple steps. I crawled underneath the crack of the door, and sat down against it. “Ugh, this is getting quite ridiculous” I sighed. I was already tired of being tired. I saw a light on in the kitchen. The kitchen looked so far away. I wasn’t sure if I could make it but I was going to try. I mean it couldn’t be that hard. I started fluttering my wings and went in the air. This was easier than walking by far. I started fluttering my wings really fast. I’m not sure if I want to change back I kind of like the wings. I wondered if there were others like me as I ventured to the kitchen. There has to be, it can’t just be me. I mean those stories have to come from somewhere. People don’t just make this stuff up on there own. Someone somewhere has either turned into the same thing as me or has seen one. Finally, I was in the kitchen, I landed on the counter. My mom was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bagel. I could smell it, it smelled delicious. The smell swirled around me making my stomach suddenly notice it was hungry. It growled loudly, well loudly to me, my mom didn’t hear it. I attempted once more to get my mom’s attention “MOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” She turned towards the counter and dropped her bagel. Her hands flew to her mouth as she made a very shocked face. “Courtney? Is that you sweetheart?” she stuttered slowly getting up from her chair. She was walking towards me I said yes but I was too little she couldn’t hear me. I fluttered up to her shoulder. “Do I have to go to school today mom?” I asked her slightly giggling. She started laughing “Honey, you’re a FAIRY for peat’s sake you can’t go to school”.

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