Rage's Transformation

May 1, 2011
By Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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“Make it stop! Make it stop! Auuuuugh the pain.” The pain was unbearable; my spine was cracking, increasing its size. Muscles were ripping, my body stretching, jaws snapping into another shape, and the blood in my veins changing; boiling. Terrified of what my body was doing. I ran deeper and deeper away from my enemies who might meet the end of their lives. It wasn’t right for me to kill in a moment like this; I planned to hunt tonight, but things have changed. I wasn‘t thinking straight; I couldn‘t carry on.
As I ran, raindrops began to splash across my face, and then a terrifying clash of thunder rippled through the air. Tonight was a night of war, and the skies were in agreement. With every pace that I took the rain grew heavier, blurring my vision. Then I started to hear people, people who were closing in. Why couldn’t they leave? They were going to die if they didn’t run. No one can defeat me, even in this rare moment of weakness. I’ve given them their chance why won’t they take it? They are a stubborn people
As I continued on, another flash of lightning flashed above my head. It caused me to stop, and I looked up, seeing the light dance to the edges of the sky. It was quick but effective, aiding the people that surrounded me with more than enough light to see everything. Everybody in the clearing was motionless; they were all holding their breath not knowing what to do. I knew they were scared, and I knew they should be. These stubborn men were still trying to hunt me down even when I was no longer in pursuit of them. They honestly though I was running in fear of them. They soon discovered how wrong they were. Even though I was happy they finally got the picture, the way they looked at me tonight gave me chills.
Still these men stood before me and did nothing, and it seemed for once in their life I’d given them something to fear, something to dread. Although I didn’t know what I looked like, I felt like I represented death in a new and transformed way. These men were scared. Never have I been viewed this way from a distance, only in my victim’s last minutes have they ever feared me. This though, this was different. My body was a monster. I wanted it to stop but there was nothing I could do, there was nothing anyone could ever do for me now. Something even more terrifying was foreshadowing here, and its presence almost stopped my heart.
Still time continued on, and with every heartbeat my heart dropped lower and lower making me shake and tremble, my soul was being torn apart. My eyes began to swell from the pain; all the emotions were happing to fast. Yet this eerie feeling remained prevalent, telling me there was more to come, something that I was to control but couldn’t, a horror that was indescribable. As the power of this force slowly revealed itself to me, I felt that all was lost and my strength was being washed away. All of this caused me to become numb, and then my mind snapped back to reality. As I looked around I was stunned, I hadn‘t even realized what was happening. There were still people standing around me, and the same questioned repeated itself again and again deep within my head leaving me petrified. “What am I suppose to do now? Do they live? Or Die”
Forced down by the limited strength within me, I felt more burning, and the opening of my flesh wounds, and my skin changing into some type of scaly, hard skin.
“Why is this happening to me?” I thought as I began shaking from the pain that continued without any signs of letting up. People still surrounded me, wondering what move to make next. They knew if they had any chance of getting away they had to get out of there quickly. Gradually and silently they moved away ready to run at any moment’s notice. Anger and pain continued to swell up inside me like a stab in an already infected wound, and then I froze, surprisingly seeing the irony in the situation, “Now they decide to run?” The pain was now consuming every square inch of my body, I didn’t know if I was living or dying. My body was shutting down; it felt as if the fluid in my body was being drained. Still, time waged on and more pain was inflicted upon my body, seeping into my bones making me suffer from the inside out. My body was beginning to make noticeable efforts to control the pain. I didn’t try to fight with what my body was doing, but I soon learned I had no control over its actions. I became trapped; I was my body’s prisoner.
Then when I felt it couldn’t get any more confusing. There was something taking over my mentality, I wasn‘t myself. Everything that I thought I was disappeared. I was now watching from the sideline. Something was going on; it was some internal battle that I was losing. As my body continued to go in and out of shock, I knew that there was still nothing I could do. No help and no answers; complete uncertainty of what was going to happen next. This was the one thing that tears a mind apart.
My body finally submitted and I blacked out, but my mind continued erasing everything that I was thinking, and focusing on one thing. Paralyzed once again, my mind was making me watch what it wanted to show. The images, the voices, everything hit me so fast. It was horrific, after trying time after time I started to gain back a hold of my mind. When I could finally control myself all the images, and voices vanished. Sadly, it was too late the damage had been done. My mind revealed a bloodthirsty battle for information. What I discovered was petrifying. Everything involved, power, strength, and race. It showed me how weak and vulnerable they were; how weak their entire race was. It showed me how weak numerous races were, and there was one targeted race at the top of the list. Something had invaded my mind, and it had every intention of causing pain.
Pressure squeezed my head tighter and tighter, I didn‘t know what to do, and again I tried to figure out what was going on. My mind was being stretched well beyond its limit. I fought and fought but the longer I waited, the more I wanted to end it, With every gasp of air I took, I kept thinking of how sweet it sounded, no more pain, just nothing. How sweet death sounded, all I had to do was give in. So I did, surrendering myself to the pain, and as I was letting go I was grateful for the pain starting to ease; I knew I was dying.
Then when I thought I was ready, right as my last efforts disintegrated, everything changed. I could hear the click in my mind: I can win, I know I can win; just hold on, just a bit longer. I pulled myself back in reality, and everything came in line. Power, it was power that was slowly making its way to the core of my body. Trying to inflict its evil ideas of destruction, and battle upon me. It made sense; I understood everything, and it’s trying to make me into a nonstop killing machine. This time though, I was ready to fight back; I was ready to win. I began to try and form some type of wall in my mind to prevent this power. The power just accelerated and easily broke through the wall. I created another, and the power rushed through just as easily as the previous. Wall after wall was shattered under its force until it finally reached the core of my body. It has reached full control of me, but as I thought I wondered why I haven’t died from this if it is now in control. Was I really this strong, I thought? No I wasn’t strong, the only thing that kept me from dying was the will to keep on fighting. So far this power has been working on my mind, and now that it’s done that. It was starting to take its toll on my body. I became weaker and weaker. I couldn’t defeat it, but I knew I would live. My body completely collapsed to the ground and I could feel the mud suffocating me. Then the power slowly washed away from my mind, bringing with it fabrics of my mind. That power has destroyed multiple parts of my mind; it was sure to take its effect. With so much damage done to my mind, anything could penetrate it; I’ve never felt so vulnerable. My mind has been ripped apart so many times in mere minutes. It was astonishing; I never thought so much could change in that short a time frame. As I lay sprawled across the ground, I heard some people scream. There’s people still here, I couldn’t believe it. As I looked up, I began to notice a group of about nine or twelve people. Instantly something shot through my mind like a bullet: temptation. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t resist it. What I went through during the transformation was more than I expected, something was born inside of me. What I saw in that small group of people was something I needed, something that kept me living. I have no other choice; I could not ignore what now makes me whole. Without it I would die, and I was not ready to die. No never again, I thought. With what strength I had left, I crawled over to the nearest tree. Going insane I dragged my nails down the side of the trunk, trying to block out what my mind was trying to tell me to do. My mind refused to let go of the thought, instantly my body reacted. I began to feel unimaginable power. My sight cleared, my hearing increased, and the temptation overwhelmed me. I couldn’t take it; I can’t control what my mind and body craves so much. Crying still not being able to handle the pain, I laughed, and said, “Well let’s hope this isn’t too far from the plan as long as it gets done.”
Not even knowing what I was capable of I moved towards my target. Faster than the speed of sound, my body lunged. A split second later I caught the figure in my hands, and moved my face to his right ear and whispered
“Everything you’ve done in this world will be accounted for right now; I hope this will send a message to your men.” Before I planned to destroy him, he flinched and tried to say something. I loosened my grip to allow it.
“Trust Me,” he croaked “You don’t want to do this, not now, Control yourself”
“Ha, these last words to defend your life are useless- pitiful really. Do you honestly think I’m not going to kill you? You don’t know what I crave, what I require.” He laughed and made a sinister remark that made me freeze on the spot.
“Oh yes I do. I know exactly what this is, and I’ve known for a lot longer too.” At that moment something changed, my control shattered to pieces, anger swelled from my body. Something clicked and a realized who this person was vaguely familiar. All I knew then was I wanted him dead. Except I couldn’t bring myself to take these savage urges upon him. Instead my right hand stretched across his face, and with tremendous force I bashed his skull through a nearby tree feeling his head crumble within my hands. After that I felt I wasn’t done and moved to the next target. Although I resisted those horrible temptations, no longer could I do it with someone else so near. Again I lurched, this time though it was silent and quick. Slowly I moved away starring at what I’ve done. I’ve killed many but never brutalized them to test my strengths. At least it was over and done; I felt weak. Though I still wanted to find the identity of the first victim of my strength. So I bolted back over to him and knelt down beside the first victim. I was shaking when I reached for the mast, slowly I pulled it off and my panic grew into utter shock. The man I was starring in the face was indeed my enemy, but not one of which I expected.
Before I could do anything else light materialized out of thin air. Then as the light disappeared it left a thin sleek figure in it’s place. I was shocked at who stood in sight, I recognized this figure, and the anger for this person was vaguely recognizable. I just wanted to injure the figure though; the urge to kill had vanished for the moment. As I moved my body forward, the figure waved it’s armed and bound me to the tree near my first dead victim. Immediately I tried to break free, but the force that restrained me was far too strong.
The figure began to walk over towards me, with a purpose. It was far angrier than I had expected to be; it was not happy about what has happened. Surprisingly however, the figure spoke in an even calm and controlling voice.
“Its useless brother. You don’t hold the strength to break free; all the anger has made you blind. It’s useless to try right now. I’m taking our brother with me, I don’t understand how you could do this, and you’re the first who hasn’t been able to resist the temptation before help arrived. I’m mostly surprised that we thought you were one who would take our powers to the next level, but you’ve shown us you’re somehow corrupt. We’ve made a bad judgment indeed.” My ears took in the words, but it only raised confusion. My family knew this was coming?
I watched in anger, disappointment, and despair. Every emotion I could ever feel except happiness as I watched my sister place her hand on my brother’s chest and vanish.
I stood there stunned, but then my feet carried me into the middle of the clearing. I began to release all my anger. I howled into the night, every time I howled it got harder to breathe, and the noise that escaped my mouth started to sound more and more like a sob. A few moments past, and my knees began to wobble. My legs gave way, and I felt my knees slam hard against the soaked ground. Grief had finally hit me, and I knew I was back to my mental self.
Trying to warm my body I curled up into a ball, I’ve lost most of my clothing from the transformation, and this fur wasn’t helping at all, and to make matters worse I was shedding. I thought I might die tonight from the cold, but I didn’t care. I could finally sleep. I didn’t think I could however; the more and more I went over the night’s events, the harder it was to accept. I didn’t expect it but the grief was destroying me more than anything else tonight. I pressed my faced to the ground an in effort to help, knowing it did nothing. Then slowly tears finally escaped my eyes, and I continued to cry until I became numb. I wanted to keep crying, I wanted to let the emotions flow out of me, but I couldn‘t. The rain started to slow as well, and slowly I became weary and laid down in the blood soaked muddy ground and waited for darkness to cover my sight.

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