New World

May 1, 2011
By Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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One of the most dangerous men known to the universe sits silently in the ruins of his home on Blackbytes. Troops from nearby planets have finally cleared this world as inhabitable, now that the radiation has finally settled. It is said to be that no man could live her after the battle some fifty years ago because of the amounts of radiation released caused an entire race to die. Now that it is up for the taking troops have come to claim it as theirs, but every race wants it for themselves.

Now with so many years of unmoved, untouched land, this world has become a battlefield once again and with it this man lives on, oblivious to everything around him, lost and unaware that he can do something. These other races have now reawakened him bringing him back into his feared form, and he won’t be so keen to giving up his world again.

Hearing the desperate cries of nearby battles, blood began to pulse in his ears and images of his home as it once was. The surroundings have cast his mind back to the beginning of his homeland’s destruction. This war was defiantly bringing him back to reality. Silently he questions himself asking how he could have once been so savage, and that’s including the fact that he was once the most feared men in the universe, and could still rise to be feared again. He contradicts himself saying he had something noble to fight for, a noble race that was pure of heart and only feared because they brought change, and order. These savage beasts fought for power and greed. His race, the Stalons fought for glory, honor, loyalty, and the sheer determination to protect and preserve their superior race.

The man was now beginning to rejuvenate, and mold back into his old ways. The war was fueling his anger; it was pushing the thoughts of blood and the adrenaline of battle. He was an elder now though, fifty years past his prime. That didn’t seem to matter however, only his mind has aged. His body stayed in its prime, strangely un-aged. Now he began to walk out of the darkness slowly. Each step caused another memory to rush into his mind, each one of a fallen comrade. Each screaming for his help and all seemed to be blaming him for their deaths. He hated to bare it but he couldn’t place the blame on anyone else. He has led them into this battle, he was their leader and he had failed them.

Torn with guilt he tells himself that this battle has to end. He didn’t know what to do think; his race was gone, destroyed. There was still a chance though. The men were the only ones who stayed on this world to fight the final battle. The women and children must have survived somehow. In the instant these discoveries came to him he knew there was hope to restore his race.

He couldn’t think of anything that could help him locate his descendants however. He had to find them somehow though before his world was history. So he honed all his powers that have been stored for fifty years and located them, to his surprise they were together on another world. They were broken apart though unaware of what they are all a part of. This world was very similar to his, except ten times smaller. He has finally located them, and so he vanished into space appearing on a world of weak humans called earth.

His quest has begun and he was going to achieve what he has come to do. He had no other options, he had to bring them back to preserve, protect, and re-announce the Stalons and their world.

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Jess2525 said...
on May. 21 2011 at 2:45 pm
Jess2525, Briscoe, Texas
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This is so interesting, I absolutely loved it!  You are great and I hope that you continue this story.  :)

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