Cold Fight

May 1, 2011
By Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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The temperatures were dropping rapidly, but he took no notice. Continually he attacked blow after blow he seemed to get stronger. Still he fought on, but even he must know the seriousness of the situation. As I continued to deflect his attacks with ease, it seemed the rage in his attack has blocked him from thinking clearly. I didn’t understand how anyone wouldn’t have notice the temperature drop.

So we continued to fight he grew stronger, he began to advance managing to get the upper hand. Then I received a callous blow to the face, a flash blocked my vision and I began to taste blood in my mouth. I also felt something warm above my lips, but I couldn’t take the time to check. I got my answer soon enough the, there was blood on his hands. That wasn’t it though; his skin was hardening and changing. I didn’t know what it could be. Smack... Smack!! SMACK! Blows left and right, I lost my focus and took another blow to the side of the head, then to the gut. The final blow almost knocked me to the ground, he reached behind my head, and brought my face down to his knee breaking my nose and blurring my vision. He let up on his attack for a second to catch his breath, seeing that I was in a bad state, even though he didn’t know what I could really do. Honestly I feared for him more than me at this moment, no human can survive this cold that was coming. Then I felt like I was frozen, but it was the deathly white eyes that I saw in my opponent. Everything flooded into my mind I understood it all, why he wasn’t noticing the temperature drop, why snow was his terrain, everything. I knew I couldn’t waste any time then the situation was a lot more serious than temperature. I placed my feet and launched after him, he jumped as high as I did prepared for the attack, but I knew he wouldn’t overpower me. As he reached out his arms trying to bind me, my body smacked into his bringing both of us to the ground. He landed on his hands, and manages to flip backwards onto his feet creating distance between us. I landed on my feet with no problem at all. He defiantly was new at this. He was panting hard still trying to catch his breath from the unexpected blow he received. Anger formed in his face and he called across the distance.

“What the hell was that, who are you? “ His voice revealed his fear.

“I’m like you, a little different, but like you none the less. You need answer, your uncontrollable; you anger needs to be suppressed immediately.”
“My anger needs to be suppressed huh? Who do you think you’re talking to? Your strength was unexpected, but no more than a surprise you can’t defeat someone as powerful as me!” I sensed the pride in his voice; he wasn’t going to admit anything to anybody.
“Your arrogant, do you honestly think you’re all powerful?” I saw his anger beginning to escape. He widened his stance, and launched at me calling out his reply, leaving two small craters where his feet stood a moment ago. The power of the jump was another unexpected twist; I guessed the anger in his body was so great it’s allowed him to unleash a little more power.

“Wait and see you fool, I’m superior to you in every way!!” As he flew through the air, he reached me in seconds, but I only needed milliseconds. As his head came into reached, I dodge his attack and grasped my arms around his body and tossed him to the side like a dish towel. He smashed hard into the ground, making an unearthed trail behind. He moaned while he lay on the ground. He looked over at me, and I saw the anger grow, I needed to stop this quickly before he was somehow able to release his stored powers. He began to stand up, and I acted quickly. I withdrew a black, red-trimmed blade from within my cloak, and ten times faster than he was able to launch at me, I moved towards him, faster than anything he has ever seen, I stopped behind him without making a sound. Astonished he began to tremble I knew what he was thinking; I have just disappeared right before his eyes. He began to call out after me,

“Coward, why run? Where ARE YOOOUUU!!!?” Slowly I raised my right arm, armed with the blade and it appeared in front of him centimeters from his neck. Ready to release the blood that ran through his veins.

“Behind you…..” I whispered satisfied now that I got his attention. Before he could take recognition of me I bound his arms behind his back, and broke his knee caps by crushing them with the force of my kick making him fall to his knees wailing to the sky.

“Am I a coward now?” He tried to speak, but it looked as if he was worried to.

“I told you, your anger needed to be suppressed, don’t worry you’ll live. Sadly though since you resisted I can’t take any chances of that happening again. So well this is gona hurt like hell, but it’s for the best.”

I took my blade and brought the tip of it to the bottom of his back and stuck it in, his screaming was earsplitting and my blood roared in my ears. Still I continued and carved the knife all the way up to the bottom of his shoulder blade. His body began to tremble, and then he fell silently into the snow. He lay there, and I waited for the wound to heal but it didn’t. He could die now.

“IDIOT!!” I said silently, “How could you of taken a risk like that, you shouldn’t have assumed he had all the powers. I had to act fast I knew the wound would cause a lot more damage if I didn’t hurry. So I placed my hand on his back and teleported back home- barely. The bitter cold had almost prevented me from doing anything; the fight sure did drain a lot of my power.

Moments after we teleported the cliff we were on collapsed, and the surroundings of a battlefield as well. All sinking down to the depths of the ocean.

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