Mystical Realms: The Fifth Dimention, Chapter 1

April 27, 2011
By lyokofan1 BRONZE, Palmyra, New York
lyokofan1 BRONZE, Palmyra, New York
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A bright blue sky filled the sky with no sign of clouds, which promised for a beautiful spring day. The bright sun rays and the chirping of birds awoke two young girls, about fourteen, that were sleeping under a tree. Their names were Lina and Luna, and these two were sisters, the only living members of their family, as far as they know at this point in time.

Lina covered her eyes from the bright sun rays. Wow… beautiful day, she thought happily. Lina stood up, with a slight pain in her back from sleeping outside, and began to walk through the woods to find something to eat. Her sister, Luna, had fallen back asleep. That’s okay, she thought, she needs her beauty sleep. She giggled to herself as she walked on.

Lina came back with some barriers: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and even some Loganberries, which were very rare around this forest. Lina also was able to get some apples, which are not very hard to find, and also found some walnuts. When she returned, Luna was gone. Must be on patrol duty, she thought.

Being alone living in a forest meant that you had to be careful. It was Luna’s idea to do daily patrols in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and it was Luna’s idea to do not stay in one place. “Which can be bad,” Lina had said, “Because bears and other creature can come and take our food.”

Lina set down the food she found on a tree stump and sat and waited for Luna.
After about ten minutes, Luna returned. Lina stood up, hugged her sister, and, as they sat around the tree stump to eat, Lina began to ask Luna about what she might have saw.

“Nothing really,” Luna told her, “The woods are awfully quiet these days. No bears, wolfs, people, nothing.” Luna smiled, and Lina smiled back as they began to eat the fruit Lina had found.

“Wow!” Luna shouted excitedly, “You found a lot of food today!” Lina smiled and nodded. “I even found Loganberries!”

“Loganberries are very rare and difficult to find in the forest.” Luna replied, “It’s my personal favorite berry.”

Lina listened to Luna ramble on about how good Loganberries are and how difficult they are to find. Lina just smiled. As they finished eating the fruit and berries she had collected, Luna stood up. “It’s time to do our scouting jobs.”

Along with patrol and food scavenger, there are also two other jobs: scout and shelter-finder. The scout travels on in the forest looking for anything that can be of use, mostly herbs and anything that can be used for medicine supplies. The scout also searches for water resource’s around there inhabited area.
The shelter-finder, obviously, looks for the best place for their shelter. This is where they will sleep for the night and then they will move on to a different area the next day. But, sometimes, they stay in one area for a few days for heath issues or just because of the good resource’s around their sheltered area.

Lina chose to go and find supplies while Luna went to find shelter for later that night. Lina was having a little trouble finding supplies, but was able to find some Comfrey and Aloe, with Comfrey being good for healing sores, bruises, and broken bones and Aloe being good for all kinds of wounds. These are good Lina thought to herself, we will definitely need these.

As Lina was looking for more hearing products, Luna ran past her, noticed she past Lina, then rocketed back, barely able to control her excitement. “Lina! You have to come with me! Quickly!” Lina opened her mouth to object, but didn’t say anything and quickly followed her sister, who wasn’t able to control her excitement. What’s got her all wiled up like this? Lina thought to herself, this had better be good.

When Lina and Luna finally showed up, Lina couldn’t believe her eyes. There was a small pond in which was glistening from the rays hitting it. The Sun’s rays lit up this little area, making the trees look brighter than ever and the grass a beautiful light green. Luna’s eyes were sparking and Lina’s eyes were wide with shock and beauty. But, strangely, the area is the only place that is really lit up at all because of the dense and large trees blocking nearly all of the sun’s rays.

Lina and Luna walked around the small area to see what was around. Lina found a few different kinds of bushes in which grew different berries. There were blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and loganberries. “Loganberries!” Lina exclaimed. Luna came rushing over to Lina’s side. “Where!” Luna squealed. Lina pointed to the Loganberry bush, and Luna jumped with excitement. Luna reached for a loganberry, but stopped. “Lina,” she began, “This would be a great place to live!”

Lina rolled her eyes. “Luna, just because there are loganberries here doesn’t mean…”

“It’s not for the loganberries!” Luna objected, “I mean, look around, this place, our place, is hidden, warm and dry, has food and water, and even has herbs!”

Lina opened her mouth to object, but stopped. Luna was right. This place was well hidden and had food and supplies all around. Lina nodded. “Okay Luna, this will be our new place, and we will call it Shining Pond.”

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lyokofan1 BRONZE, Palmyra, New York
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