nitro zinc

April 4, 2011
By , , NY
In the year 2015, a small farming town with a population of only 560 people would be changed forever. It was a normal day in the town until around noon the people realized that a military cargo plane was flying dangerously low and only a few hundred feet off the ground, the plane would crash into a swampy area of the town just minutes later. In the swamp there were two men fishing both men would barely escape the crash. As the plane started to sink more and more into the water of the swamp a chemical called nitro zinc released from the cargo of the plane was being released into the water, the people filtered this water and used it as their tap water since it was their only source of water. The people who drank the tap water would slowly start to lose their mind and started acting and becoming more violent and willing to use weapons to kill or hurt anyone including their closes friends and families. The Nitro zinc chemical from the plane spread like a wildfire in the tap water of the people of this town. Police authorities started noticing that there were a lot of people acting strange and were curious to find out why.

A couple of days later there was a baseball game between the local high schools, during the game something strange had happened The local farmer had interfered entering the field through the outfield and holding in both hands he had a shotgun, scared the players fled away as the crowd watched in fear luckily there was a police officer there who confronted the man peacefully but with his gun in hand ready the officer politely asked the farmer to put the gun down 3 times before the farmer raised it and pointed it at the officer but before he could pull the trigger the officer had pulled the trigger to his gun.
The officer now knew that something was very wrong in the town these kinds of situations would rarely ever occur since it was a small town where everyone was friends and knew each other. Things were quiet in the town for the next 3 days, everyone was still in shock of how the man was killed in front of them, little did the people know that this would only be the beginning of things to come.

Just one week later the chemical had gotten into the tap water of most of the people houses and most people were starting to lose their mind because of the nitro zinc.
It was now a state of emergency the chemical was spreading to many other towns and across the state due to this the military had to be called in to evacuate anyone who could make to evacuation spot and anyone outside of it would be accused of drinking the water and were shot and killed on sight. The officer who was the first person to notice that something was strange now had to find a safe way of making it to the evacuation spot while avoiding any one who had drank the water and avoiding the military because they knew they would be shot on sight. The officer and his family would only travel by day since the military would usually do night patrols on any houses or farms in the area. During their travel they ran into another family traveling to the same destination as them but this family had bad news for the officer and his family they told the officer that the evacuation zone was overrun by the people who had drank the tap water and the only safe zone was out of the town and the town was surrounded by miles and miles of forests buy they had no choice they would now have to keep on going and even travel night and day without food or water to get to safety.

Although the officer tried to get to safety they did not make it no one that was still inside the city would make it out due to the long journey they would have to take through miles of forest and the danger of the people who had lost their mind due to drinking the infected tap water.

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