Rising Darkness

April 2, 2011
By , Massilon, OH
    The alarm had been sent. For the third time in one night we were on the run. I could hear the heavy footsteps of our pursuers behind us, the Masi. We don't know exactly what they are. We think they are somewhat human, but with keener senses, they are stronger, inhumanly agile, and worst of all, totally ruthless. But they aren't the only special ones. 
    We were orphaned by these malicious creatures, and are constantly threatened to end up like all of our parents. 
    Our chests heaved through our threadbare cloths. Azin, the leader of our little group, ran ahead, but did not hesitate when he came to the edge of a short cliff, and jumped to a higher ledge.
     Panic coursed through my veins as I realized I was at the back of the group. If the Masi did catch up, I would be the first one caught, and most likely killed.
    Leaping across the gap and landing on the smooth granite ledge, I saw Azin grab an old wooden crossbow from the ground ahead of us, and load it with an equally ancient arrow. 
    "Stay behind me," he said in his usual demanding voice. I know if I had said that, my voice wouldn't have been half as calm as his.
    "Showoff," I said under my breath.
    All six of us crouched on the rock behind him and I heard the footsteps of the Masi running towards us. 
    As the first of the creatures leapt towards us, I heard Frea gasp and in her head, I heard her scream. I also reached out to hear what Azin was thinking. Of course! I thought. He's thinking about Zanin again. I then used my mind to reach out to Zanin, and slightly smiled when I heard her thinking about the most comical ways she might die, but frowned again as she thought obsessively about how cute Azin looked holding the crossbow, and how great it would be to get her first kiss from him, and then I only had one screaming sentence in my head.
    "Ion! If you don't get out of my head in one second, I'm gonna feed you to the Masi!"
    I let go and returned to my own thoughts. When I slowly looked over at her, I saw a red, murderous face staring at me. 
    I whipped my head back around towards the Masi that was standing in front of us, when he let out a low growl. Azin didn't hesitate and shot the crossbow.
    The agile creature jumped into the air, dodging the deadly arrow, but as the arrow shot ahead, it hit another Masi that was following the first.
    A bone chilling cry erupted from the creature as it fell down the edge of the cliff. Zanin reached her hands into the air, towards the first Masi, as it flew towards us with a sharp dagger in it's hands.
    Immediately, the wind picked up and the Masi was flung against the cliff and then blown off the edge.
    "I need another arrow!" Azin ordered and Frea handed him another one she found on the ground.
    "Keep looking. We're going to need more!" 
    "There aren't any more!" Axon cried out as Azin shot the last arrow at an unsuspecting Masi. 
    "Run then! I'll hold them off as long as possible,"
    We jumped up, and did exactly what he told us. 
    What just because we have special powers, doesn't mean we don't  want to run from certain death.
I looked behind me and saw Azin clamber down to a lower ledge. Obviously a trap for the Masi. I knew they were too smart for that. As I looked towards the others, I saw Efurno jump with ease over a huge gap, because of his strength. When it was my turn I stopped. The drop was at least two hundred feet. 
    "One... Two... Three!" I said almost silently as I ran but then stopped a few inches from the edge. 
    I started nervously again, "One... Two... Thr-" I was cut off by a growl and a glint of metal flying through the air. Right towards me. I leapt across the gap just as four throwing knives came flying through where I was standing. As I was halfway across the gap, I looked behind me and saw the angry face of the Masi staring back at me. I turned my head back around to where I was supposed to land, and saw the hard, rocky ground rushing up to meet me.
    When I landed, a screaming pain shot up through my ankle. I collapsed onto my back, and looked at the hurting area. It was starting to swell. The pain was almost unbearable. 
"This is just great! Why couldn't this happen when were safe somewhere, away from the Masi!" I said grinding my teeth together.
    The pain seemed to disappear as my attention was diverted from my ankle to the Masi leaping through the air. It smiled as it pulled out a knife, ready to kill.

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