April 15, 2011
By Paul Kim BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
Paul Kim BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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“Arthur: Normality? We can talk about normality until the cows come home.
Ford: What is normal?
Trillian: What is home?
Zaphod: What're cows?”
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Wallie was running as fast he can, cutting through a back alleyway of a bunch of stores hoping that they won’t lead to a dead end. “I can’t get caught again, they’ll find out this time,” he thought as he maneuvered into a fairly large man carrying the trash, which startled him causing trash to go everywhere. Wallie turned around and heard them closing in. It was now or never. Taking a deep breath, he concentrated hard on the task at hand. He then stepped into the body of the startled man.

Luckily the man was about 6’4” and bulky, which was more than enough room for Wallie to hide for the time being. He can connect to the nervous system allowing him to see, hear, smell, touch; basically be the man. Wallie saw the door that he came from but suddenly three men came out of the corner sprinting as fast as they can. The first man one looked like a hot shot with his hair slicked back and shades, the second one was short but had this menacing look, and the last one was a giant and seems to be in charge also all of them had the same suit with the same emblem, AES. Sensing danger, Wallie tried to act nonchalant by moving quickly back to the door. “Hey! Did you see a kid, he’s around 16, 5’7”, scrawny, brown hair, and he was wearing a hoodie?” the giant interrogated. Thinking quickly on his feet he responded, “Ummm ….. ummm… no I mean kids go by here all the time, but not umm.. recently but hey guys I need to get back to work.” Wallie turned and tried to go back into the doorway “Hey! Aren’t you going to clean your trash?” yelled the giant. Wallie just slams the door pretending not to hear him and locks the door. As he goes to the front, the giant pulls out his cellphone, “He fell for it.”

Wallie starts to get tired and knew his time is approaching. He learned that you can only stay in that phased state for a limited time before he returns to the solid shape. Though he does not know the consequence of reverting back to a solid state in a human, he imagine something with explosion and body parts just spraying all over. As he made it pass the front door, he concentrated and stepped out of the body, leaving the body helplessly collapsing on the floor. He reverted back into the solid state and starts running again

He runs and runs until he is about to collapse due to fatigue. He observes his surrounding and realizes he is completely lost. No one was on the street; in fact the whole block was empty. On his left was a shopping strip and on his left was a bar. Deciding that he needs to hide and rest, he goes into the bar. As he does so, he feels a small sting on his neck and then everything goes black.

Agent Tex was looking over a manila folder with a big red stamp that read “CONFIDENTIAL”. “Typical, what isn’t confidential these days?” he thought as he starts skim the file. There were multiple pictures of a teen and a file that read “Name: Wallie Gender: Male Height:5”7’ DOB: 4/7/53 Criminal record: Wanted for 10 counts of first degree murder, 20 counts of kidnapping, 40 robberies, etc…..” He looks up to his superiors, “Ok so we are trying to catch some old guy probably in a retirement home?” One of them replied, “Do you see those pictures?” “Yeah.” “Well they are recently taken 4 months ago.” “So are you trying to say he haven’t aged? That’s impossible!” “I know it is hard to accept but he pose a huge threat if you could, continue reading the files.” The next report filed was a police report that says “Name: Avery Marks Gender: Male Height: 6”0’ DOB 5/12/12 Crime: First-degree murder, 2 counts of kidnapping, armed robbery. Claims: The perpetrator claims that he have no recollection of what he did despite the evidence that proved him guilty.” Agent Tex questionably looks back, “So what does this have to do anything?” “Well Agent Tex, the next 6 are the exactly the same besides it changes from people to people. We were skeptical first and thought it was just up to chance but we were able to trace where the money ended up and it was a hidden account that we were able to access and get the information. Wallie’s name came up and it seems that he doesn’t exist. There are no records of him besides the bank account and few pictures of him taking some money out of the ATM.” “So what are you saying?” “Well Agent Tex, we caught him once, and realized he might be able to rearrange his very molecule and basically turn ghost-like. He has demonstrated that he could ghost into humans and somehow control their nervous system.” “So what does this have to do with me?” “Well, we need you to assemble a team and to retrieve him for testing and then put him up to trial.” “Shouldn’t he be just put on trial first, after all we are all at right to demand a trial.” “Well, we strongly believe that Wallis is not human” “And what is in it for me?” They start to discuss amongst themselves and replied, “Just to be able to complete this mission is a reward itself.”

Carrying his unconscious target, “How did it take that much effort trying to catch this kid?” thought Norman, the leader, as he threw him into back of his truck compartment. Kyle and Jake were waiting at the rendezvous point, while he and Tim were assigned to tranquilize the target. They’ve spent 2 weeks nonstop trying to track and bring him back to the house alive and they’ve decided to set a trap once they were finally able to track him. They tricked him into running towards the man or also known as Tim. Therefore provoking him to try to control the man and they had the whole block under their control. Now that they have him, they have to keep knocked out until they reach the house.

It was a quiet afternoon; Agent Tex was sitting in a café waiting for his acquaintance. Suddenly a large man sat across him. Without making eye contact, they’ve acknowledged each other’s presence and each goal.
“So how big is your team?”
The man replies, “4 sir, and we are the best at capturing and retrieving.”
“What’s your price?”
“It depends sir, it can range from 15 k to couple of millions.”
“Well that’s fair enough here” said Agent Tex as he passes Wallie’s folder, “Get him, everything you need to know is in that oh and also bring him to my house… alive”

Wallie wakes up seeing darkness also he is tied and tired. He realized that he’s been caught again in a container with limited space to room and is riding somewhere in a truck. “If they’ve learned from last time, they would’ve made the container thicker… so maybe it’s not a good idea to try this time.” As it seem that hours pass, Wallie becomes restless and feel himself coming back from the effects of the tranquilizer. Then suddenly he feels himself being lifted, “Are they lifting the whole truck? What’s going on?!” They were in fact lifting the truck not to take any risk of him escaping again.

“HEY! Be careful! His life is on our heads!” yelled Norman as the crane operators as they tried to drop the container in front of the door with renewed caution. They were able to drop it but not with grace. Agent Tex appears, “Congratulation Norman, I knew I made the correct choice in choosing you and your team” “Thank you sir, now for our payment” “Ahh yes your payment, please come inside to receive it” Norman and his team entered the house and was immediately gunned down by Agent Tex’s security system. Agent turns checks all of the carnage and nonchalantly continues to his room. He reaches for his phone and dials his superior officers,
“Sir, I was able to capture the target but I am afraid he was able to maim the rest of my team.”
“Good work Agent Tex, now I will send over a team to pick him up”
a brief pause
“Now about that, I am afraid that will not happen instead you will bring over 20 million dollars in cash instead from his account or else”
“Or else what?”
“I will release him back”
“Do it….”

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