Mongoose Celebration Week

April 15, 2011
By Harpz BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Harpz BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The Mongooses gather as they begin the annual Mongoose Celebration Week (June 6 through June 13). They start to build floats, put up streamers and other decorations. They start to create and put up the “No Snakes” signs, and spray the week long lasting “Good Riddance: Snakes” snake repellent. All of the mongooses are happy and carefree, and not worried about those bothersome snakes.

Mongoose Celebration Week begins happily. The first day is the happiest and most cheerful day because it is the first day of the break and all the mongooses are so happy to be off the job (defending their colony of invading snakes, and eating them for every single snack or meal). On this day they have parties at Mayor Mongoose’s mansion with all kinds of food and drinks to munch on instead of bland, tasteless snakes. They spend breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the mayor’s and really have a gas. Then, some mongooses hold big parties or dances until it is very late at night. When it’s time to go to sleep all of the mongooses head over to the Wild Cobra Adventure—a water park, amusement park, and hotel –to book a room for the whole week. Of course they aren’t paying for this, the Mayor’s captive snakes are.
The second day of Mongoose Celebration Week is much like the first day, but much more relaxed and laid back, since they really partied hard the night before. Today the Mongooses have the whole day to themselves, so they bounce around the indoor amusement park, splash and cannonball at the outdoor water park, and relax in the hotel with a 24 hour buffet running in the lobby. They also added a Hawaiian theme to the hotel this time with free alcoholic and non-alcoholic Piña coladas in the lobby!
The third day of Mongoose Celebration Week is the Kids Day and the kids get the hotel/fun park all to themselves. This day is also known to parents, adults, and senior mongooses as “party day.” The kids are off their hands, so they have non-stop parties, wherever a party can be held. The kids back at the fun park are having a great time too, though. The parks installed ceilings that rain candy and sweets of all sorts. There is also an arcade installed and a free ice cream/juice bar. As the day winds up, the adults return to the hotel and everyone goes to sleep to await the next day.

On the fourth day, the mongooses go on a wild adventure in their own version of the Rocky Mountains, sixteen medium sized boulders stacked up outside of town. The very small toddler mongooses have a lot of fun playing tag on these rocks, and the elders enjoy sitting on the rocks and watching the view from the highest point. This is only the morning, though. In the afternoon, the mongooses hitch a ride from the boulders and drive around their country, Morocco, in a deluxe safari Jeep and observe the thriving wildlife. After that tiring day, the Mongooses all go to sleep early at 7:00 P.M.

The fifth day of Mongoose Celebration Week is a day of complete relaxation. Free hammocks are given out, along with soft pillows, sheets, blankets, and water beds are supplied upon request. Nothing really happens on this day, everyone basically catches up on the sleep they’ve lost from the last few days.
The sixth day of Mongoose Celebration Week is the day of games. Events similar to the Olympics are held and a prize is given to the winner of each individual event: A year supply of Celebration Week food (only available to eat during the celebration week itself). The games include sprints, swimming, and professional rubber snake slashing. There are the kid Olympics, the adult Olympics, and the senior Olympics. That is the main all day event, so if mongooses do not wish to participate, they can stay at the hotel.

The last day of Mongoose Celebration Week is Parade Day. The big, long parade will be held in the dead center of Morocco, where they have placed a gold carpet for the floats and filled buckets with special Celebration Week candy for throwing. They will throw the candy, necklaces, trinkets, and other fun little items to the crowd (much like the human Mardi Gras). When the parade is over, every single mongoose heads to their own house to conclude Mongoose Celebration Week. Within the next few days the snakes will be back and the cycle moves on for years to come.

The End!

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Sometimes I just sit down to write something, and my imagination just carries me away. I write the most random things sometimes, and it really is fun.
I hope that people will start writing like I do, just sit down with an empty slate and think of the most wild things ever.

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