Felidas - Creation

April 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Millennia ago when there existed only Nothing, a little bit of the Nothing happened to coalesce. It began to think, and know itself. Presently it looked at the rest of the Nothing and thought, “Perhaps, because I was once this, I may now manipulate it.” It tried, and found that this was possible. So it called more of the formless Nothing to itself, and made a form out of it. The first little bit added itself, and declared itself a man. He gave himself the name Coyian, for he had created himself. Coyian decided to build a world. It wouldn't be much, he thought, but it would survive upon itself. So he gathered a great ball of Nothing, and formed it to his liking. He called this new world Felidas, for he liked its sound. Coyian then created a person like himself, but made this person a woman. The woman was named Erna, and as she looked at the world, Coyian said, "You shall rule the earth of this new world, and all that shall find peace on it. It shall grow old and change, but you may manipulate your part as you wish." Erna looked at the creator and said, "I shall do so. And should any brothers or sisters fight me, I shall fight back how I may." Coyian affirmed this, and set about forming a new part to the world, while Erna created plans for the ground's design, and that of what would live on the earth. When Coyian was finished, there was a new piece of the world in place. He called it sky, and created a new man to rule it. This man's name was Ferner. Coyian now gave the sky over to Ferner, to rule it as he saw fit. Ferner repeated his sister's words, and set out to plan what his piece of the world would hold. Now Coyian felt tired. He had created things for a time now. He also felt a sensation in his mouth. When Coyian felt it with his fingers, it was very dry. He thought, "I must create water. Then this shall be appeased." So he warned Erna of his plan, and she found good places for the water to lay. Then Coyian created water in such quantity that it surely could not stay on the earth without soaking into the ground. Coyian brought forth another man to rule the seas, just as he had done for the earth and sky. This man's name was to be Gastion. He spoke the same words as his siblings, and set off to plan. Coyian appeased his thirst, then thought of more pieces for the world. He decided to create light, for Nothing has no light of its own. So Coyian worked hard, and at last created Una, the sun. But a part of Una refused to stay, and tore itself away from the sun. Coyian demanded to know what it wished. It replied, "I wish to be fire, and give warmth to the world you are creating." Coyian consented and named the new fire Klain, and said it would rule all that had peace in its flames. But because of the painful separation from Una, the sun now had to lie down periodically, to ease the pain. So Coyian created a beautiful sphere around Felidas in which Una could lay. He created stars to attend to her and then created Asren, the moon, to rule them. Asren asked to rule all the heavens, where some might like to be, and Coyian consented. Coyian also noticed that all the other pieces had its opposite in another, and so he must balance the heavens out as well. A piece of Nothing separated out, drawn by the light and warmth emanating from the world. Coyian asked of it would become a balance to the light and warmth. The Nothing replied, "I will be a balance, but only so long as I have something to rule myself, as those others have." Coyian nodded, and, pointing, said, "You may have that region where Erna, nor many others, can reach, and take in those who would find peace in your realm." The Nothing was delighted, and went immediately, giving itself the name Raisnen. After a while, the gods approached Coyian with plans for what could live in their realms. Coyian said that he would create some of them himself, while they could carry out the rest. He brought forth all the different spirits and sent them to their rulers: the nain, for the sea; the felna, for the air; the kas, for the fire; the sen, for the earth; the aspara, for the heavens; and the renka, for the underworld. But some had other wishes. Half of these wanted to become in-betweens for the different realms. The other half wanted to be like the gods. With the second half, Coyian said they would be human, and could die and return to this state. Within the first half, however, they had differing opinions, so Coyian divided them accordingly. Some became the Taina, those that bear messages between the different realms and escort those traveling to realms and worlds different from their own. The rest became shanka, wandering spirits free to explore, help or cause mischief as they desired. These shanka cast a vote as to their leader and ruler; and so Shain became the presiding god of the spirits. The Taina divided themselves to the different gods and began to make note of the spirits. Those of Erna were the sen; those of Ferner were the felna; those of Gastion were the nain; those of Klain were the kas; those of Asren were the aspara; and those of Raisnen were the Renka. And so the Taina became the patrons of all forms of communication and speech and writing, and the patrons of travelers. The humans populated the new world, which was covered in plants and animals, while the oceans and seas teemed with fish. The gods made homes for themselves and set about making sure that humanity would not forget their origin, or how fragile they were.

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