In Which A Hero Is A Born

April 7, 2011
By KingBudah BRONZE, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
KingBudah BRONZE, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
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"In order for one to reach the dawn, we must first pass through the night." - J.R.R Tolkien

What does it take to become a man? What must we accomplish to be known as a hero? How does a boy leave his home, and return as a man?
They say that when a 'hero' is born the world is silent for a minute. Not a single person will speak, not a single creature will stir, not a single bird will chirp. They say that when a 'hero' is born, he himself is aware of it. They say that when a 'hero' is born, he is born at the time when the sun it at it's highest, as if it were a sign for us to know that he will resemble light for all his life.
They say that when a villian is born, the world falls silent, no one speaks, no one stirs, nothing moves. They say that when a villain is born he is born at the darkest part of the night. As if it were a symbol of evil, to let the world know that he would be king of all darkness.
So, in a far away land, that most simply call 'Farland', two brothers were born. The first being the older of the two was born at night, while it took several hours for the younger to fight his way through the womb of his mother. The first born was named Iithimar and the younger was named Relamark. The two never got along.
Iithimar always liked to pick on the other children in the village why Relamark stood up for them, he was constantly beat by his older brother and always suffered from battle wounds such as a bloody nose, and black eyes. Relamark was also hated by his father, but loved by his mother.

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