The Adventure of Raai the Kyubii

April 8, 2011
In the land of Terra, there were many mundane creatures and humans. But, there is another forest, the Forest of Doku. Though, this area is different, in these woods, everything is magical or mythical. This is the story of a Kyubii, a magical fox with a demon body and personality, and his shocking adventure through the world of Terra.

A beautiful day has begun. A morning light has entered the Forest of Doku. All night creatures scurry into the darkness of their nests. The beasts of the morning wake from their slumber and get ready for the daily routine, which all beasts do. One of the animals waking up is Rai, the Kyubii. He would start his routine, the same as the previous days, the Kyubii would get out of his clump of leaves, making sure to keep it in a clump. Then, the demon fox would stretch, his tail, not being an exception. Finally, the protagonist would look out of his burrow, waiting for his morning meal to pass by. Today, Rai saw a Rabbun, a rabbit twice the size of normal ones, and the ability to run almost as fast as sound. He knew that Rabbuns are a delicacy. Catching one, also, showed great hunting skill.
“Hmm, now how should I go about catching such a rare Doku rabbit?” asked Rai. The rabbit saw Rai, and gave an evil glare. Rai announced, with a startled expression “That isn’t a Rabbuns, it’s a Doomy!” Doomy, a bunny that can burn anything that is unfortunate enough to get caught in its sight. Fox boy jumps up, very quickly, and lands in style. Then back flips, to dodge the rapid spontaneous combustion chasing him. The tip of the demon’s tail gets burnt. Which angers Rai. “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH” exclaimed Rai as he used his electric based powers. The Doomy was magnetized and had been pulled to the floor. It couldn’t get up, or move in the slightest. The angry fox started to surge with electrical power. Rai said before he attacked “this is quite a shocking experience” Rai chuckled, and then took aim. The Doomy couldn’t move. It didn’t have a chance in dodging. In an instant, the Doomy had 7 billion volts of pure electricity, running through its veins. Then it exploded, like the fourth of July on the planet Terra. Rai sighed, and picked up the remains. “Its well done, just the way I like it.” He ate the Doomy in one bite. Rai, then looked around, seeing all the destruction the fight had done. “Looks like I have to find a new home.” The trees were burning, the ground was ripped up, and Rai’s burrow had collapsed in its self.
Rai had started his new adventure, looking for a new home, and maybe a mate. Rai went to the closest berry bush, not scorched of course. He spent twenty mundane minutes looking and searching for berries. When Rai finally stopped, he found forty two berries. Each berry was the size of his own head, which meant it would be hard to carry it by paw. The fox, of the demonic variety, had walked three miles holding all the fruit, then paused and sat down. “Man this stuff is heavy and uncomfortable to hold, I need a bad.” He exclaimed. A bat flew past Rai. It swooped and lands it front of the adventurer. The winged mammal exploded and in its place, appeared a girl. She smiled showing her fangs and greeted Rai.
“Hi, I’m Burai. You seem tired, ya need help?” Rai replied. “I’m resting; I had to carry these heavy berries for over three miles. The main reason is that my home was burned down, so I need to find a new home.” “Hmm I see, I think you need a bag, to carry the berries.” She said while smiling innocently. Rai sighed and said. “Of course a bag would be the best option, but I lack the necessities to make one. Would you by chance have one?” Burai snickered. “No, I don’t have one. I can help you find one. On two conditions, of course.” He interrupted “You want me to be your mate?” She blushed furiously “NO! I was gonna say guess what I am. The other one you would have to wait to answer.” Foxy thought for a moment, then snapped his fingers. “I got it; you are a vampire…with a hint of fox blood.” She gasped. “How did you figure it out?!” Rai chuckled. “Simple. You popped in as a bat, you have a mundane form, and you smell like fox.” Bat girl replied. “Okay, time for the second question, will you take me with you on your adventure?” Startled, the demon kit fell on his back, then got up. “You wanna partner with me? I guess so, but that’s only because it helps having a partner when you go adventuring.”
Rai picked up his berries, and followed Burai. She was still in the human form, but Rai noticed she had a tail, similar to his own. Burai said. “Stop staring at my near and hurry up!” Rai stopped watching and speed up slightly. The fox boy and the vixen walked for about one mile before three imps jumped out of nowhere. They glared at the duo and then attacked. Burai grabbed the one closest to her and drained it completely of all its blood. The two remaining were trying to scratch and bite Rai as he jumped away from each physical assault, holding back because he was holding all those berries. One of the imps bit the demons tail, while the other did the same to the vamp. Rai let loose a small surge of electricity through his tail, blasting the imp to the wall. Burai flung the imp in front of herself, and stomped on it, multiple times, making sure it was dead. She said “I really hate imps.”
Burai had led Rai to a mountain. This mountain is called Sendo Yama. Rai asked. “What is this place? It seems slightly evil.” Before Burai could answer his question, a shadow appeared. The shadow then formed into the image of Rai. Shadow Rai said. “Welcome…to…Sendo…Yama…But…I…call…it…Death Mountain…The protagonist stepped back slightly, while the foxy bat stepped forward and remarked. “We meet again, Dark Soul.” Shadow Rai turned into a Dark Burai and replied. “Yes, but I welcomed the stronger of this team. This fox, has powers greater than you could ever hope to be. Let me demonstrate.” The Dark Burai jumped in the air and transformed into Shadow Rai. S.R. jumped in front of the Demon fox and pushed him; making Rai drop all the berries he was still carrying. Luckily the berries all landed in a bunch of bushes. The shoved got angry and grabbed the shover and fell to the floor. The elec furry started to surge with thunderous power, while grabbing the throat of the attacker. “Wanna see something awesome?!?!” Rai said with a creepy grin. A bright light filled the area where the fight was taking place, which shone greater than the mundane sun. All the darkness disappeared. No trace was left of the shadow, except a whisper in the wind. “You may have beaten me today, but remember one thing. Darkness grows stronger as light gets brighter.” Burai, still a little dizzy from the burst of light, went up to the berries, and gathered them all up for Rai. “Here ya go.” She said with a smile. He graciously accepted the berries and replied with a cute smirk. “Thanks Burai. What would I do without you?”
They both laughed at the male fox’s remark and started their adventure, in an uphill climb.
Burai had gotten tired of walking, and turned into a bat. Rai didn’t have that luxury and just jumped up each crevasse. They reached the top in 20 mundane minutes. The team was tired from climbing Sendo Yama. Atop the mountain was a spring. Around the spring was mountain nymphs, in the spring were water nymphs. When the duo looked up, a great fairy was floating above the heads of them all. She looked down at the foxes and said. “What troubles you my children?” The fox with elec powers replied. “I need a magic satchel to hold my berries. Can you help me on my tedious quest, my queen?” The Great Fairy smiled and made a bag appear in front of the fox boy. She added. “this is all I can offer you, my power is limited, but this bag can hold half of Doku in it.” She turned to Burai and continued. “What do you desire my child?” The vixen blushed and then looked back up “If you don’t mind, could you make me more brave? It took me a while to work up the nerve to come here… Those imps were one of the reasons I couldn’t believe in myself. But then I saw Rai, carrying all those berries. He looked tired but, he never gave up. Please grant my wish.” The Fairy of greatness smiled and replied. “Your wish is cute, but I can’t grant a wish that already exists. Look at your adventures young bat girl. You have traversed much with Rai, you have traversed much to reach your partner. You both have fought imps and beat the darkness inside of you.” The vixen was confused. “Uh, how did I beat my darkness? I didn’t get to fight.” The protagonist answered before the wish granter could. “That’s easy. You came to help me, without me asking, and you fought with me, physically and in spirit. I could feel your courageous soul, and great knowledge. Which I am grateful for.” He went and hugged Burai, and continued talking. “You were also my first friend, and someone who didn’t fear me because of my great powers.” She blushed a deep red, then hugged him back. “Thank you, Rai.” The nymphs all danced in joy around the two.
Rai, let go off Burai, as she let go of him. They both glanced at each other, turning slightly red. The nymphs looked at the duo and knew what desire the two were having, even if it wasn’t expressed. The mountain nymphs looked at the water nymphs and nodded their heads. Both sides walked toward each other, which caught the attention of team fox. Land and aqua, both pointed at them, and gestured to watch. They all kissed each other. The fox demon turned scarlet red, while the fox vampire turned crimson. The Great fairy chuckled and said. “The nymphs aren’t doing this for just pleasure. My children, they want you to do the same.” The Kyubii and the Vixen looked at each other, and leaned in slowly, closing their eyes as they got closer to one another. Their lips connected, and they both felt very hot. Nymphs, of both sides, started to cheer as the team kissed. The two lovers broke away from their kiss and blushed even more. At the same time, they said. “I love you.” Stuttering as they both said the same phrase. They thanked the great fairy and the nymphs and went down the mountain. Rai, with his magic bag, and Burai, with her new found confidence, both walking on a random path away from the mountain and holding hands. Both, wondering where to go next, in their new adventure to find a home and settle. If you ever go to the land of terra, be sure to be on the lookout for these two. For they will still be wandering they land, as immortal lovers, looking for a home that could withstand Rai’s great power, and the young that will come from the mating of these two foxy lovers.
The End

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