I Can't Remember

April 5, 2011
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“I can’t breathe, why are you doing this to me?” “Don’t worry Allen, soon we will…to see…generation.” Those were the last words I heard from him. Every day I try to figure it out, and I can’t seem to remember. Maybe if I backtrack to two days ago I will remember exactly what occurred on May 27. May 25- It was a seemingly calm day, and I myself was calm and collective after performing my daily prayer. Although I never liked to, my mother always tried I didn’t have many friends, although I tried my hardest to talk to people. I was on a school bus heading to Ever Heights High school, otherwise known as “no man’s land” to me. I had known everyone around here for the past two years, although they never bothered to know me.

After I was dropped off in front of school along with everyone else, I noticed that there was a black Mercedes car with a license plate that read ‘052711’. I’ve never seen this car before, and I wondered why that was. At that moment, I saw a male that seemed to be distinguished from everyone else. His face looked uneven, although the rest of the body seemed properly proportioned. He had hair that he most likely dyed green, and had nothing but a spiral notebook and pencil. Obviously he was new to the school, and would have no one to talk to. Finally! I can make a new friend. No more will I have to go help my teachers out during lunch break because I have no one to talk to. I was going to approach him and introduce myself, only to come across a group of guys come up to him and started to talk. How could this be? How can a person whom I’ve never seen before have friends here, and I don’t have one?!

It was lunch period, and I was deciding whether or not I wanted to go upstairs to grade some papers my math teacher had. It was at that moment that I noticed the guy walking by himself. Surprisingly, he came up to me and said “Hey bro, don’t I know you from somewhere?” I was puzzled at the comment because I myself have never seen him. “Why are you just standing around looking down on the ground?” he said. Confused, I replied “well I’m not sure what I should be doing right now.” “Why don’t you come over and sit at our table, and don’t worry they’re cool.” Wait, did that just happen? I was actually asked to sit next to a person, a seemingly popular one at that. We walked up to the table where all of his friends were and sat down. One of his friends yelled “hey buddy!! Who’s your friend Danny?” “He replied “hey why don’t you introduce yourself to everyone, don’t want me to speak for you do you?” Anxious, I said “I’m Allen.” Danny, I believe his name was, spoke out to say “well Allen my name is Danny, this guy here with the scar is Alex, long haired skateboarder kid here is Don, and the blonde is Michael.” All of his friends began to laugh at his funny remarks, forcing me to join in the laughing. From then, everything was really fun. I had finally talked to someone, but best of all, I made great friends.

May 26- I came into school feeling confident and most of all excited to be there! As I walked out of the school bus, I saw Danny and his crew outside of the building. As I approached them, the blonde kid Michael shouted “hey Allen!! What is up my...” It was at that moment that the boy named Don slapped him really hard in the back of his head with extreme force telling him to shut up. I then observed that Danny started to glare at him with insane animosity. It was as if he was telling him that he knew better. I chuckled a little bit to try to break the tension, even though I’m sure it was just a friend thing. Danny looked at me and said “so Allen, Michael, Don, Alex and I are going to ditch school, you in?” I’ve never cut school before, but I was afraid that if I said no they would stop talking to me, so I said sure. From there we started to approach Danny’s black Mercedes, where we all jumped into the back seat. Danny didn’t put on his seatbelt, which is something that I was taught we were not supposed to do, and began driving at 90 mph. They were all screaming as if they were breathing in adrenaline, leaving me holding on to the handle praying that I wouldn’t fall out. When they finally stopped, I found myself outside of a seemingly abandoned house. “Get out you bums, I want to get messed up right now” said Danny, and everyone followed behind him as we were lead to the entrance. “What is this place” I asked. Alex replied “this is a place where the four of us chill and revitalize ourselves, if you get my meaning.” They were all cracking up, making me laugh as well, although I wasn’t too sure what that meant. Danny took out six duchesses, where he then demanded Michael to roll up what I believe was a sort of marijuana. Hesitantly, Michael asked to Danny “Danny do we really have to do this? I just don’t think this is right” Pausing him, Don walked up in front of him and punched him directly in the face, breaking his nose. He shouted “if you didn’t want to do this then you shouldn’t have come!” “Relax everybody, Michael get up and pass this to Allen” said Danny. As he approached me, blood all over his face, he continued “now remember Allen, the point of this is for us to get to know you better, and to see if you belong with us.” “But what do you mean if I belong with you guys, I thought we were friends” I asked. “Don’t get the wrong idea, by that I mean if you fit in, now smoke up”. Everyone began to take hits, leaving me to join in. I’ve never smoked before, but I heard it makes you really relaxed, which I was. I began to cough vigorously, while everyone began to nod their heads in agreement. As they all smiled at me, I began to drift out, and eventually I passed out.

May 27- It was 12:00AM, and before I could get a view of my surroundings, I realized that I was bound to the floor. I began to panic and shouted out “where am I?! Can somebody hear me?!” From behind, I saw Danny approach me with intense eyes. “Don’t fret; you are going to be at rest now. Everybody come out!” In a single file line, Alex, Don, and Michael came out from a hallway dressed in religious attire and from there, I spotted a knife with Michael. “Wait, I thought we were all friends?” “No Allen, you are nothing more than a sacrifice to be made on May 27, 2011. That of course, being today” I remember that date, and it was on Danny’s license plate. “What do you mean sacrifice?” “Every year, my friends and I need to revitalize ourselves by making a sacrifice to out Savior. You being here mean we have chosen you” said Danny. Taking the knife, Danny knelt down, and slowly began to cut my left arm. I screamed as loud as I could in pain, as Michael collected the blood shooting from my veins in a red colored glass. Afterwards, Michael was told to form a circle around me, which he did hesitantly. It was weird, all of a sudden their faces began to age rapidly, and I felt as if I wee in some sort of horror film. “In fear, Danny said “hurry! Impale him Michael so that we may once again roam this world!” Everyone began to chant some religious lines, except for Michael. I yelled in the confusion “I can’t breathe, why are you doing this to me?” Danny responded “Don’t worry Allen, soon we will live to see the next generation.” As Michael lifted the blade to impale my chest as I was screaming in horror, I was surprised to see that everything stopped, as well as their chants. I was shocked to find the knife in Danny’s chest. “Danny pleaded “why? Why have you done such a thing?” “Micheal replied he doesn’t deserve this!” Then, all I can remember is Danny beginning to yell as his voice got deeper and deeper, yet weaker, as well as everyone else. As this went on, their bodies began to turn to dust, and when I looked at Michael, I saw a sleight grin on his face. I believe he said something, but I can’t remember. I heard police sirens go off, all most likely due to Michael. As police came upstairs and began to release me from the ropes that bound me, I began to think, what is it that Michael was trying to say? What the heck were they, and perhaps most importantly, what the heck happened? As much as I would like to know, all I can say is I don’t remember.

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Gabriella said...
Apr. 17, 2011 at 6:37 pm
This was a great article... It totally left me wanting more.. You should start a series.... "The Odd Events of Allen" You got me hooked!!!!
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