World Dominance

April 8, 2011
By Tristan Gord BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
Tristan Gord BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Part 2

Wilson was captured by the machines. His whole family was killed and was forced to shovel the bodies. He met Flint, Jeff, and Alex in his cell. They launched a plan to escape and everyone escaped except for Wilson. He stays behind and fights the machines so the others could get away. He set up charges and blew up the whole factory.

“F***, where the h*ll am I?”
I try to move my head but a pain rips through me. Everything was engulfed with flames. I try to pull myself out, but everything was burning hot. I try to reach forward with my left arm but all that was there, was a bloody stump. I force myself over, and I realize my right leg was gone. Blood floods the ground. I see my limbs about twenty-five yards away. Everything had hurt like h*ll. My eyes burned as if someone sprayed me with pepper spray. I slowly dragged my limp body out of the rubble.

I found a piece of plywood, and I used it as a crutch. I limped for about a mile wobbling on my crutch, before I stumbled over. Lightning flashed, and rain began to pour. The water seeped into my wounds and the pain of a drill digging into my leg scorches me. Everything began to become hazy. My senses were disabled, and slowly the light faded away…

The world regains sense. I finally grab a hold of myself. A bright light shined on me, and above stood a man in a mask with a knife. I tried to jump him. I grabbed him by the throat with one hand, and I began to beat him in the face with the other. S***, my arm is back. I look at my legs and I realized that I had my legs, but they were made out of metal. I then understood that the man in the mask gave me prosthetic limbs. I let go of him. He stands up, and takes of his mask. His face was all distorted, he had to have burns.

“Where am I?”

“You’re in my safe house. My name is Doc.” The man said.

“How’d I get here?”

“I saw the explosion at the camp and I ran there. On the way, I found your body washed up in a river. The river was crimson red. You were almost dead.”

I felt guilt inside of me. I almost killed the man who saved my life. He gave me a small room with a bed and closet. The room wasn’t much, but it was better than the death camp.

One day he led me into a secret room. Inside were many people young and old. They had battle-hardened expressions, scars all over them, and I realized this Doc was starting a rebellion. He introduced me to everyone else and explained to me that we were going to raid an ammo truck. Doc showed me a rack with guns. There were MP5’s, G11’s, MP 40’s, FAL’s, but the best was the G-36C. I took that with an ACOG scope.

Later that night at about three a.m we started a stake out in an alley. It was a perfect place for crossfire. In about forty-five minutes a truck with ammo began to drive through the alley. Beside the truck were two machines. Immediately we opened fire. Gunfire went off. Bullets went flying. Metal ringed in my ears. The two machines tried to attack, but bullets tore them apart.

We jumped onto the truck and drove back to base. I was full of adrenalin. But when we reached the base, all that was there was a burned stump, with fire everywhere. And there were machines roaming around inspecting the area. One of them looked at us, and opened fire. People around me were blown to bits. Their blood and guts went flying. I dived for it behind a rock. I was still startled from he event. I took another look, and I saw that machine being hit by a charade of bullets. I turned around, and there stood Alex and Flint, with an army behind them…


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