The true predator of the safari

March 31, 2011
By , N. Tonawanda, NY
“The African Safari, a place of majestic beauty and majesty. Here we see two giraffes eating off a tree.” Said the tour guide as the trolley went around the paths turn. It was a hot, dry day and today was even worse because the trolley was packed, and the AC was broken. “You can tell that these two are male and female because the males have shorter hair than the females. You can see how useful their necks are at retrieving the high up leaves on the tree. It is said that evolution allowed these creatures to evolve such huge necks just for this purpose.” Everyone could see the strain in the tour guides words as he spoke because of the heat. -BAM- “What was that?!?” asked the tour guide as the bus screeched to a halt.

“I’m not sure Jim” said the bus driver.

“Well go look! It’s what I pay you for!”

“Alright! Alright! I’m going!” yelled Tom. When Tom got out there he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A fully grown giraffe was lying on the ground, dead. He looked up ahead and saw a jeep swiftly coming up on the dead giraffe. Tom bent down to get a closer look and saw a bullet hole in the giraffe’s head.

“POACHERS!!” yelled Tom running back on the bus

“Dammit! Alright we trained for this, get this bus outta here!” Jim yelled to Tom. No sooner did Jim say it that Tom was already in the driver’s seat, starting up the engine.

“IT’S DEAD!” called Tom to Jim.

“F***…” (through the intercom) “Ladies and gentlemen don’t panic. Our engine is currently dead and we have called ahead to base and they are sending out another bus to put all of you on. I will be stepping off the bus to talk to the jeep coming up to see if they can help” Not that they will, damn poachers thought Jim. Right when the poachers pulled up Jim stepped out of the bus to talk to them. They immediately put a gun to his face when they saw him.

“Now, we don’t care about killing you, waste of ammo, but we will if you report us and don’t help us” said the first poacher

“Yea!” cheered on the second one. Just then Jim saw something he couldn’t believe. The giraffes from the tree earlier ran up and instantly crushed the two poachers. The then looked at each other, nodded, and killed Jim.

“HOLY F***!” Yelled Tom, who witnessed all of this from his driver’s seat. He then started to frantically try and start the bus, but it was too late. Five other giraffes came up from the south and joined the other 2 in trying to flip the bus.

“Harder men! Harder!” Cried one of the giraffes. “There, got it! Team Alpha take the back, Beta take the front. I’ll get the driver.” The following sounds were nothing but human after human being killed by giraffe hooves. Tom, petrified, was hiding under his dashboard, trying to live.

“Come here you little s***” Who can that be, Tom thought, is someone trying to save me? With that thought he dared to peak out of the bus, only to see a hoof come down and crush his head, instantly killing him.

“Good work everyone!” called out the leader of the giraffes “I think it’s finally time to start the end, too bad Tony had to die, he was a great fighter, but no more shall we suffer from poachers like all of these miserable people!” An explosion of cheers came from the gathered giraffes, all except Tony, who was dead on the road.

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