April 7, 2011
By gurlLOL101 BRONZE, Export, Pennsylvania
gurlLOL101 BRONZE, Export, Pennsylvania
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How YOU Doin'?

My name is Cassidy but Cassie for short. Okay, so there is this girl I know named Macey. She was my best friend till one day she stopped coming to school. I always wondered if she wanted to drop out or if something happened. One day, I went to the park we used to play football. I, I was walking across the small football field and then Macey came. She came out of nowhere. I think. I said ‘hi’ and so then she came over. I asked her how she was and all she said was ‘good’. I didn’t understand. She was always so talkative.
Then I asked her the question I have wanted to know for years. I said it and she got all mad for some reason like she knew I was going to ask that question. Then all of a sudden, she turned violent on me. She was trying to bite me! Then I noticed that her eyes were red! I then figured out that she was a vampire. I think she know that I found out and stopped.
“It’s a long story. But I will tell it anyway.” She sighed. “It was the night before I stopped coming to school. I was walking home from school and met this guy. His name is, Coltin and he is our age and we got to know each other very well in a matter of fifteen minuets. We went to his house. When we got in the door he bit me on my neck. I started freaking out. I didn’t know what was happening to me. He explained after I was done freaking out and he said ‘I have turned you into a vampire like me.’ I can run super fast. I sparkle like diamonds in the sun. He and I are soul mates now. So now you know why I stopped coming to school.” I was so shocked. I wanted to say more but I couldn’t get any words to come to me. Then Macey said, “I am also a mind reader.”

The author's comments:
This is the mildest peice of vampire love stories... This was my first one!!!

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