Night of the Living Standardized Tests!

April 5, 2011
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Every year, students take the G.E.E. When done and graded, they get crumpled up and thrown away. Until one particularly foreboding night, a Tuesday actually, the standardized tests rose from the dead to take revenge.

The high school students could hear the horrid moans from all the way down the hall! The moans sounded like they were even given a message. A message to the effect of, “Fill in the circle completely!” They tried their hardest to kill the undead test, they tried to mark in the booklet….but to no avail….

They attempted to answer ALL of the questions and not leave any blanks. The undead G.E.E. fed upon the brains of the sophomores with great ferocity. In every high school across the country, the standardized tests were coming to life, devouring the defenseless high school kids. The only way to defeat the tests, as discovered by some smart kid named Johnny, was to make an advanced.

Soon, the kids began to make advanced on the tests, in order to kill the never-ending stream of undead standardized attackers. The world was doomed from the start. The outbreak was a class four, it was too late to stop. The bodies of the poor high school children, with number two pencils in hand, lay strewn among the streets. From space, the Earth was covered in a white shroud. The shroud of swarms of the undead standardized tests.

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