A World Without OIl

March 27, 2011
By Mikecity1234 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mikecity1234 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Hi my name is Mike it is the year 2060 and the world is completely without oil. Well that’s what the government wants us to think I heard stories of old government workers who worked in the white house in a year called 2011. He told me that President Obama was talking about the oil reserve and stuff. This guy who told me this was a cabinet member he was in charge of natural recourses. He said that we looked at the natural recourses he looked at the graphs. He told the president that if we don’t start going green and start saving oil. That we would be completely out by 2030 but the president did not listen. He screamed at him and said FORGET YOU WHEN THE ENTIRE WORLD RUNS OUT OF OIL AND THERE IS NONE LEFT DON’T CONE RUNNING TO ME!!! He stormed out of the oval office he threw his government lab coat on the floor. He packed up his stuff and he left a note on his desk saying he quit. So you’re telling me you let this happen? Well I had no control over it or I would of stared going green and conserving oil. The president controls everything I just gave advice but I was sick of being ignored. Did he hire a new guy to replace you? Oh yeah but he did not have much experience as me. I had my Doctoral degree in ecology and science. He only had a bachelor’s degree in science. So it’s his fault we have no oil? Well him and the other president’s I tried to protest with other people. But that did not work so by the time we stopped protesting to go green it was too late. On the news it said no more oil on earth. He pulled out a news paper and showed me a headline from 2030 see I was right. My dad walked over Walter what are you telling him? Oh I was telling him the story on how we ran out of oil. ARE YOU CRAZY!!! I think he’s old enough to know. He’s 10 and last time I checked I was the parent. See Walter is my dad’s brother there twins but very different. My dad he went to engineering school while his brother went to science and ecology school. Walter just go gee Allen calm down. Allen is my dad’s name Michael I’m sorry its ok I get it really you do? Told Yaw! My dad told me stories of when he was a engineer for GE he tried to invent new things to save the environment. But his boss’s turned him down. Weird I know they both tried to save the environment something in common. My dad said they used to have this thing called Facebook and YouTube and cell phones when he was growing up they all went away when all the oil disappeared. My mom walked over and said what are telling him now nothing. My mom Theresa said its true what my dad told me my mom told me stories of when she was a doctor for university hospital in downtown Cincinnati. She said that when the power went out from no more oil and when the backup generators died out. That people on ventilators died in an instant she tried to save them but it was no use. When there were no medical supplies left she was laid off. All of them told me stories of riots and grocery stores running out of food and the United States economy collapsed. Money became worthless Billion airs became poor and the poor poorer. I asked why the government didn’t kick in. They all laughed Water said what government the entire system failed 2 years after oil. So we are not protected we protect ourselves in our colony. We live in a colony yep just us sometimes strangers walk by and we help them out. That’s when I was 10 when they told me all that. The same year my little brother was born surprisingly healthy without medical technology and he lived. I taught him everything I know from hunting to farming and self defense from weird strangers. Yeah I kicked a guys butt in front of him what he tried to hurt me first. That was then now I’m 17 and my little brother is 7 one day we found a old pickup truck me and him pushed it back to our colony. My dad and Walter took a look at it Dad hotwired it and it wouldn’t start. Walter says it needs gas I made bio fuel Dad said would it work only 1 way to find out. He poured it in and it started up. Oh my god it worked now we can drive it around. Do you know how to drive son? No I’ll teach you so he taught me how to drive it. It works grate and grate for hunting. So I took my little brother along we drove along the collapsed city windows shattered. Debris everywhere burnt down buildings my mom said this used to be Cincinnati. She showed me the old hospital where she worked and my dad showed me the old GE building where we worked. This place was tore up Walter said since there’s no more pollution the Ohio River is safe to drink. I asked Walter is there anyone else on this planter alive? Oh yeah there all over the place just scattered all over the planet. How come we did not go into nuclear war over oil? Well because if we did everyone would be dead and plus since the people could access there bombs. So wait there are still bombs Yep the radiation probable died out by now depending. So Walter was busy making bio fuel he said he could sell it to others. But no one walked by are colony lately for some reason. One day a satellite crashed into the old American insurance building which I heard was brand new in 2011.We all drove over WHAT THE HECK! How did this happen. Well we had no more control over it since there was no more electricity on earth so it fell we could use these solar panels for power. We took the solar panels off the satellite back home we took the solar panels off. Walter took out a old power saving light bulb and connected the wires to it and it lit up. Whoa we haven’t had electricity power for years so this it dad. Yep mom said others might see it and attack us. Nah I haven’t seen a big crowd ever since 2040. Ok then wow finally got electricity. So you’re probably wondering what the colony jobs are well Mom is a doctor/farmer. Dad is inventor/ Builder. Walter is researcher/inventor also. Me and my little brother are hunters/gatherers. One day we went out hunting and we found a deer he ran into an abandoned building me and my little brother went in we found the deer I grabbed my spear and stabbed it. Well looks like we got dinner then I heard something. Then a big group of people came out. Oh grate another colony get back little brother take the dear to the truck. Just as I was about to take out my spear a person said wait. The colony leader came out why are you here. Well I was hunting and the deer ran in here. Listen if I ever see you here again I’m going to. Dad wait let him go peacefully fine sorry my dad can get a little crazy sometimes I’m Kathy I said I’m mike and my little brother Mac. Well apparently you met my dad and all the other colony members. Well nice to meet you so we shook hands. Well if your colony ever needs anything just let me know ok well our colony isn’t too far from here. Ok so then she walked off I went back to the truck. My little brother asked what happened in there. I said I met another person and her colony. So were not the only people in the world? I said oh no there just scattered all over the world like my uncle Walter said when I was 10. Yes I do remember that it was a big thing for me to discover that. The weird thing is I never traveled more than 10 miles away from home. My dad told me when I was younger that in history class his teacher Mr. Armstrong. He told the whole class that people never traveled more than 10 miles away from their home. I asked why we don’t travel more than 10 miles away from home. Because when all the oil in earth ran out. That transportation went down a lot. I was surprised he said there used to be these things called air planes, boats, trains, and cars. But no more ever since no more oil on earth. When night hit we had deer and plants. We had are light on I heard something again a big group of people came. Walter said ATTACK GET YOUR WEAPONS!!! We all grabbed our weapons and it was the other colony I met today. What the heck??? Whoa I just met you today my dad asked. You met these people? Yeah today a deer went into an abandoned building and I met them. Kathy walked up sorry my dad again. My dad and her dad walked up to each other. Kathy’s dad said give me the electricity. No we found it I looked at Kathy. Kathy said leave them alone. Her dad said stay out of this go back to the colony. No and she kicked him and he fell to the floor. All the other colony members ran away her dad said how dare you dis obey me and hurt me. Listen why do you have to scare and attack all the other colonies. Wait there is more than us 2 colonies? Oh yeah there all over the place the reason they hide is because of him and his army. Oh my god this whole time people have been hiding. Can you show us the other colonies? Shure if there still there. So we all hopped in the truck we met lots of other colonies around our area we met lots of different leaders and people. All the colonies met up at the old American insurance building every colony discussed different ideas and trade and stuff. They all decided to connect all the colonies and form a new country and government called New America after the old country that used to stay here called United States of America and the new government was born. There was less violence thanks to the new system and order came to be. With police, fire and a new Hospital and Walter started to research a new type of a way to bring electricity back to the people for light. Who was our new leader you might ask well people voted and my dad won. People thought he was the leader type and Kathy’s dad became head of the new army which he built strong. After 5 months of the old system something happened I heard something I looked out my window and I saw 2 black cars across the Ohio river I ran to get my dad and I showed him. He said Oh my god it’s the fed. What’s the fed? Its people from the old government Of the United States. Why are they here I thought they disappeared after all the oil in the world disappeared. We all thought that apparently there still there. Hey Bill whose Bill? Kathy’s dad oh he never told you his name right. What we got attackers. Who the old united States government. Dang!!! Thought they disappeared a long time ago. We all thought that I’ll get the troops. So Bill got all the troops all the snipers aimed and they waited for order to fire. As soon as the Fed walked across the bridge to our border Walter walked to meet them. Why is Walter there? My dad said because he knows the old government system I don’t. Walter said oh what do you want. One of the fed officers said we herd of a new government system you guys set up. You can’t do that. Of course we can your government system failed a long time ago. You let me and all of your other citizens go hungry and made us put up with riots and looting. But still this is America and we control it. You don’t even have a president. Oh but we do the president steeped out of the limo people gasp. But how? The president said the system didn’t fail we just sat back and watched all of America collapsed. You evil things how dare you let America fall. You guys were supposed to bring order not mass cause. Walter made a fist and punched the president so hard it knocked him out. The fed officer said you can’t do that. Says who there are no cops or FBI. Bill said fire at the feds and everyone fired their weapons and the feds drove off. Walter are you crazy!!!! Walter said what there is no order or stable government. So I can do whatever I want and besides our government is way beater than whatever their government could ever be. So Walter went back to researching and people resumed their business. After about a year later Walter did it he came up with a clean reusable power source he made it out of plants. He calls it Allege electricity. He showed the whole entire new country the power plant he fired it up and it lit up the entire new country. Wow Walter this time you really did it. Yep you’re welcome to all of New America from this day forward we will have clean electricity. People cheered and clapped and Walter smiled. Walter hooked up all the buildings with the new electricity. Mom went inside the old university hospital and found old hospital equipment that still worked. So she plugged them in and reopened the hospital. Dad reopened the old GE plant and started making parts for planes and other stuff. Walter stared making new electronics for everyone to use. He even showed me what a TV was and he told me he was going to make more of them and computers. Thanks to The new electricity we could see at night and we could finally rebuild. We tore down old buildings to put up new ones. We started a new educational system so the younger people could learn to read and write. People were every happy with the new electricity and Walter gave everyone a new TV and computer. Also the internet came back and everyone got back on it. So this is everyone’s new life in New America. No more suffering or poverty and everyone are equal. No rich or poor no I’m beater than you or now high power. Just equal everyone likes the new government system I wonder whatever happened to the old government. Oh and my little brother is now 8 and now I’m 18. Welcome to the new world with true happiness and a clean environment I hope you like it to.

The End

The author's comments:
This is a story about a world without oil.

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on Apr. 15 2011 at 8:29 am
Connor13 SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"The sky is the limit"

Great Job! I loved reading that story. 

There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but if you fix those up, you might possibly be able to make a book with this story. 

I suggest pasting this story to microst word and the spell check should correct most (if not all) spelling mistakes.  

Any reason why you wrote this particular story? 

Anyway great job, very original. 


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