No Time for Tears

March 24, 2011
Moonlight floods the room, as the stars fade into the black sky. Tonight they were robbed...robbed of their souls. Shivers raced up each of their spines, teeth chattered among the deadly silence. "We're going to be trapped here forever" a small child cried softly in a corner of the room. Padlocks held the doors shut all around and bars were placed on the outside and inside of the window that let fragments of light in. Each child, teenager, and young adult had been here for a week after their city had been destroyed. Aregon, the city of souls. Their city and home. Destroyed by Parthenon legions. The images of the invasion still burned in their minds like a scorching fire. They were the only survivors of Aregon left and now they were left in a dark and lonely room to suffer. Suffer the reminder of what had happened. Neither of them knew each other. Two weeks ago each child was playing games in the park, each teenager was roaming the halls at school and each young adult probed the college campus. Why this happened? They don't know. Two small children, a group of friends from the high school and three college students all had a story to tell. Two week ago their lives changed forever....

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