March 21, 2011
By NickGirl SILVER, Moscow, Other
NickGirl SILVER, Moscow, Other
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“What is that?” Said essay as a cloud of red clouds spread over the deep blue sky. Ryin and Axcentt looked out the fogged up window, Ryin lifted half of his body out the window to feel the fall wind and he looked up and saw glowing, red lighting strike the sand of the valley of the battle he was about to win. They stopped at the wide stretched sand and dirt pile, it was like a desert but colder and more darker then usual. The car stopped and every on slipped out. “This is it? How will the other vampires know where we are at?” Axcentt said while looking up at the red cloud. “He’ll be here soon, hopefully.” Ryin said while everyone else was wondering what he was talking about. Essay started shivering and Axcentt he looked back at her and walked over and hugged her to keep her warm. “At least someone cares about you.” Axcentt said as he looked at Ryin and he was looking down at him. Essay soon fell asleep at around what it seemed to be fighting time. Axcentt woke Essay up so she wouldn’t get bit or injured during the fight, she was an very easy target. She sat on the trunk of the car. “Stay here and do not make a sound and do not move. Ok?” Essay nodded as Axcentt kissed her cheek lightly and jumped down off the car. Essay smiled and blushed as he walked away. Axcentt walked off and in his mind he was yelling the word yes over and over again. After that some other vampires showed up, the ones who were always last were Carlie, Erick, and Manson. “Why is there a human here and who brought them here?” Manson announced. Everyone looked around and no one spoke. Manson smelled the air and he turned his head over to Essay. Of course he didn’t remember her at all because of Ryin’s evil master-mind plans. Manson said, “Never mind guys.” Axcentt gave out a sigh of relief when Manson walked away from Essay. Everyone was murmuring all about until a roll of thunder ran across the sky and the whole army of vampires grew silent. Two of the most unhappy looking vampires appeared out of thin air, Ryin’s “ New Girl Friend” and the leader of the other army of special vampires. The prince Aryin walked through the crowd like e was stalking the army. And no one saw he appear in the crowd, “Why have you want all of us here? We haven’t done anything to your kind, why do you have to disturb us from a beautiful day for this?’ The prince asked with his eyes black. “We have been disturbed by your kind. We have to settle this. Like the real vampires we are, after killing your father it won’t be that hard.” The other vampire leader said. Axcentt looked over at Essay and he gulped and promised himself he would keep and close eye on her. He kept thinking of a way to get her to actually kiss him, he couldn’t be distracted anymore Then Aryin took a lucky shot at the guy with his claws. There were heads being torn off and thrown into the fire pit, blood flying everywhere, and fangs being ripped out one by one. Axcentt was one of the not-so-lucky ones. His whole mouth was bleeding and he was screaming at the top of his lungs from the pain of no weapons. The prince rushed over to him and helped him up over to his car. His whole mouth was bleeding and gushing out blood. When he got it all washed out he stood by Essay and watched the rest of the big ugly battle he could’ve won. Instead he watched it and watched his friend Ryin beat the living soul out of the leader of the other pack of vampires.


The author's comments:
My obsession with vampires......and Tokio Hotel.....

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